Minecraft But I regret Everything.. - Minecraft Hardcore #1


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    Minecraft harcore part 1 epic
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      why doesn't he play on dream SMP

    2. Sam SWFC


    3. nathan magbitang

      Pewdiepie: can you mine gold with iron pick *proceeds to mine with stone * Pewdipie: *sighs*

    4. serge_tabZ

      Good bye Broland

      1. XXmoonwolfieXD


    5. Nooblador

      0:45 ladies and gentlemen, we got em’, youtuber with 100 million subs but a potato pc

    6. Aron Man


    7. Gummy Tummy

      I already said I started a new minecraft series

    8. Muffinfudgepotatodunder Muffinfrick

      1:27 Pewds:ikea bird Does he not remeber ikea bird died

    9. HARMANE

      The day has come again

    10. ono paolo johnstone hehe

      and it hurts. and it hurts sometimes

    11. TheDonut

      Pewdiepie can you pinned me because I Subscribe and Subscribe to your girlfriend so good luck

    12. Wholesome Vlogs

      Pewds: You are being rescued Literally every animal in Minecraft: Pewds: *Please do not resist*

    13. Daeng Faris

      omg he kill sheep dont kill water sheep

    14. AyeItsMike

      I was born in 2002 Meanwhile PewDiePie was playing Minecraft

    15. Gaming with Ava

      Pewdiepie. I have a feeling I can’t mine gold with a iron pickaxe Me at home. You aren’t Using a iron pickaxe you are using a stone pickaxe🤣

    16. Jackie Wakefield 〈3

      My puppy was sleeping then he did the recorder thing in the beginning and he tried to howl for the first time, he approved the song

    17. Sleeper

      I was laughing my ass off at 0:41

    18. The Inevitable Guardian

      BOBOBOBO lol

    19. James Andrei Ebron

      6:14 pewds: he is so cute and stupid *pfft escapes pewds: he is so smart

    20. James Andrei Ebron

      what a legendary episode...

    21. SkaterHayder

      the new world name was almost the bridge pt2

      1. XXmoonwolfieXD


    22. Katherine Ahn


    23. Jack Gatehouse

      felix you b**** why did you make 2 diamond picks?

      1. XXmoonwolfieXD

        Lmao 😂

    24. MrColz


      1. XXmoonwolfieXD

        “What the fk was that damge my guy? OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”

    25. Paul Nguyen

      Now for a new minecraft seed to be found

    26. Booga Gaming

      I hate how you did this :( All that history gone to the Soptunna

    27. OrbbKlesk

      I love Pewdiepie so much. He increases my pride of being Swedish, and that pride was already gargantuan.

      1. OrbbKlesk

        @XXmoonwolfieXD :3

      2. XXmoonwolfieXD

        @OrbbKlesk :3

      3. OrbbKlesk

        @XXmoonwolfieXD Isn't it such a privilege to understand the Swedish parts as well? Not to mention his charming Göteborska!

      4. XXmoonwolfieXD

        same (::


      if u die in minecraft hardcore u die in inecraft hardcore didnt dantdm say that in his harcore letsplay

    29. twixzyn

      19:02 everyone: hoping pewds doesn't die Me:secretly wanting him to die

    30. Billy Smith

      Felix: "who need joergen when you have pfft" audience: "everyone"

    31. Nilou Tambour

      Yes very original...

      1. XXmoonwolfieXD

        B- But it is

    32. boop vito

      12:04 for a second I thought he has done a stone pants

    33. Greentan Plays

      Pewdiepie: Uses all the diamond buy making 2 dia pickaxes Me: Why

    34. Greentan Plays

      This video has been copyright claimed by Felix Kjellberg from the Mine All Day content used.

    35. hope angela sanico

      Pewdiepie fru also play hardcore but he never died

    36. Jovi Joestar

      Pewds somehow recreated "what the hell was that damage my guy"

    37. Anjas viggj 17

      Aing nyasar bro...

    38. Bugi


    39. Zombie khan

      12:30 Pewdiepe:I can't defend myself against tall uh man Past pewdiepie: What a f*cking "n word"

    40. *insira um nome bom aqui*

      PewDiePie: when I die in Minecraft I die in real life.(2 seconds later) :0 one bee,this is my First frendship in hardcore,I need flower (Sorry for my english:( im Brasilian)

    41. Liam Miller

      19:03 anxiety!!!!!!!

    42. Gopi D

      I am da worlds fastest speed runner dream I am abouta end this mans whole carrer

    43. Amr Fwws

      Why I haven't seen Pewds on the recommendation at all for years!? I'm subbed, And when I see on his channel there's so many new vids, that's strange.. 3:26 I know the Matrix..

    44. Saiyan Animation

      My baby brother's first word was BFFFFF I'm PROUD.

    45. taijah arce

      pewdiepie: “God he’s easily distracted. he’s like a child” also pewdiepie: *continues to build a house for a bee*

    46. Jo Me

      At least you didn't spawn in an island in the middle of the fucking ocean with just 3 other small islands around your island.

    47. Трамп Дональд

      I'm Russian you Russian yes-like

    48. Pika Shadow

      Pewds and IGP made an easter egg for each other in the title or am I going crazy XD, btw thanks for the video Felix

    49. Pak Man Tong


    50. Urte Virsilaite

      Actually ur not the first one luke the notable started the trend his vid is 1 yr ago and urs 1mont ago xD

    51. Aryan Chaure

      The music makes it sound like pewds is in a dream manhunt

    52. DoggerMan Barkz

      The thing what I see that there's a lava on him.I think the lava glitched🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    53. DoggerMan Barkz

      More minecraft tips but N O M O R E tips :( pls sub or you don't have B I G 🅿️🅿️

    54. Mr Sheldon

      Pewdiepie: "I'm a Minecraft veteran." Also Pewdiepie: "Can you mine gold with an iron pickaxe?" *mines it with a stone pickaxe*

    55. The 4 Space Constants Tetraquad

      IDC How Many Subscribers T-Series Has.

    56. The 4 Space Constants Tetraquad

      I Think What You're Saying Is That Death In Hardcore Is Like Death IRL, Except You Can Start Again From Nothing

    57. Hyperspeed

      Can someone explain to me when he talks Ed to Alabama the second image turned around my PAprom crashed

    58. Genny Xp.93


      1. XXmoonwolfieXD

        you good bro?

    59. Mariah Marie

      Yeeessss a new map!!!

    60. En tiiä

      19:25 If you remember This meme, Add an enderman chasing him.

    61. Joker StopMotion films

      Unpro move should’ve made a diamond pick one diamond sword and then a enchanting table

    62. SSAshton

      For those who don’t know, I created the GOOOLD!! video of Pewds.

    63. درنكس DRNX

      منو عربي مثلي

    64. BR33ZY


    65. BeastMaster64

      POV: Your Rewatching the series since he's on his break

      1. XXmoonwolfieXD


      2. tomás rodríguez


    66. Ansh Kumar

      Bruhhhhh he used a stone pick instead of an iron pick at that time 16:42

    67. Minty

      Just found out pewds plays in windowed minecraft

    68. امیر حسین پاکدامن


    69. jvitesh datta Juluru

      He started digging for diamomds on the top of a mountain.

    70. driphella

      Felix: 13:59 Me: Not again... Also me: Yeesssssss

    71. Smile

      Pewdiepie is now a MINECRAFT VETERAN and A BIG PEE PEE and BIG WRINKLE

    72. Lukeacrey

      When he made two wooden pickaxes 😭😭😭

    73. Shruti sen


    74. Kulibob CZ

      "But I regret everything" should be copyrightable by IGP...

    75. •justine •

      Don't subscribe to pewdiepie Subscribe to NEGLJABLE

      1. XXmoonwolfieXD

        yes sub 2 NEGLABLE

    76. Shrey Patel

      Pewds could have beaten the ender dragon but he was distracted by bhfffff

    77. Oliver Dahl

      4:44 A legend was born

    78. Meghraj Gharti

      I just lost my job because of the pandemic , as a hotel cook , so i started a youtbube channel .wish me good luck guys .🙏🙏..

    79. who am i

      Pewds running up the stairs with half heart reminds me of *"WTF was that damage my guy"*

    80. Yashraj Sarkate

      4:41 is that the second pfffft.. If he is, then he is original, as pewds wanted him to come with him but the one who died in kid pool came with him instead!!!!!

    81. Matt Shultz

      17:04 me checking my bank account

    82. Jonas Januška

      He actualy left one diamond behind

    83. Kyle Stelling

      The poggers

    84. Diamond p

      1:09 . Is there an ending to minecraft????

    85. What Gaming

      jeah he is right about being a vetaren

    86. Dark Arrow

      Sees endermen: “I cannot defend myself against tall uh...man”

      1. Rhayron Jochem

        this made me

    87. Ed Pokémon and nerf Coolness

      When he was naming the world I thought we were about to repeat the bridge incident

    88. MGspace600

      0:52 still finding out what music is that in the background, someone help me please? 🙏

      1. TaeTae's inner child

        @MGspace600 You Can Use Shazam

      2. TaeTae's inner child

        @MGspace600 Shazam

      3. MGspace600

        @TaeTae's inner child rip

      4. TaeTae's inner child

        Idk either.. Sorry

    89. WR 245G

      18:18 makes me choke

    90. Saifullah taj

      lol he started this world when i was in year 9 now Imin year 11

    91. Kshitij Sharma

      He never thaught that pffffft will die in a kid's pool

    92. Mixy

      SAO reference?!?!?!

    93. Godzilla

      The rising of Pffft.

    94. Malakai owo

      Anyone know the seed of the world?

    95. Aurora Mayor

      Nothing will ever beat Pewds playing Minecraft before it was cool

    96. Larry Cruz

      But is there a “javla fita” moment in this video???

    97. Joji Black3


    98. Joji Black3

      I love u pewds lol

    99. KaRvID 9iNeTeEn


    100. kinkranke 1010

      my bud it is i galay dream your friend