Kids Are Very Dumb /r/Kidsarefingstupid REDDIT REVIEW #85


4.6 ਮਿਲੀਅਨ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼425

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    1. WestArcher

      The real secret is we never get any smarter

    2. Kristian Johansen

      my little sister used up all the soap in 1 day and it was 10 dollars

    3. София Черногорцева

      3:27 pewdiepie became normal for a second 🌝

    4. Maroki

      nice outro

    5. Nathan Denton

      y u say lm ow its lmao

    6. FoxSinBan43

      RIP Coco 2021-2021 He was like a father to me

    7. Dark Wolf

      That intro was so amazing.

    8. Kelly Alfonse Ornillo

      well you were a kid so you were also dumb

      1. Sepehr Hashemi

        hes joking ok

    9. Timoha

      Everyone hate babe!!😠😠😠😠

    10. Stopper Frye

      me looking at the thumbnail: who the fuck is this kid and when did i fucking subscribed to him?

    11. Tahsan Zahid

      0:29 that hurts now 😢

    12. juhi Emberman


    13. juhi Emberman

      Looks like 9 year old Tom Hollqnd

    14. Demonic SaberZ

      I type Michael Jackson anime and the first thing came was muzan Kibutsuji from demon Slayer kimetsu no yaiba

    15. Allo Lady

      Truly the most genius parenting hack I’ve ever heard of. Getting your kids to nap on their own by making them believe that the television cannot be understood unless you’ve had enough sleep.

    16. Luna

      rip cocomelon distrack

    17. Luna

      rip cocomelon distrack

    18. Elliott Smoove08

      I’m 13 years old And I don’t trust Cocomelon

    19. Joseph Grasley

      I'm a kid but dang these kids are so dumb like why.

    20. Pietro Alberto Furione

      Boo pewdipie

    21. Pietro Alberto Furione

      Wat The hell man I hate u i'm a kid

    22. Insipid Red

      never understood the type of parents that get frustrated or even mad when their child doesnt know something. they must really hate their kids...

    23. Carnidge o_o


    24. Sara Cecchinelli

      So i was watching this and an ad from T Series popped out. Tho I liked the song and wanted to comment on it, when I saw the name of the insertionist i said "No, I'm with pewdiepie. Always."

    25. Velocity

      0:29 o7

    26. Keller Passaro

      The best intro

    27. Konspiracy

      Pause at 0:16 and he looks like Neil Patrick Harris xD

    28. Connor Healy

      Rip CoCoMelon distrack, forever in our hearts

    29. Daniel Rogan


    30. Brayden Buelow

      69 likes for good luck

    31. 돌리 칼리Dolly Kalli

      “Trippie reed”

    32. Whyte Tea

      Japan's doing it right, and bro Felix stop, I will pull up with my nerf gun right now

    33. Maher Ibn Masum

      Pewds: Kids are dumb. Blue shirt kid from India: I think you have forgotten me. :3

    34. Galazy Starlight

      The most dumb thing I did as a kid according to my mom was when my grandma threatened to throw me out of the window (we lived on 12/F) , and I believe it and start crying Tbh why they acting they aren’t doing it if there were no child protection policy

    35. Saprogeist

      I hate this filter so much, it's straight up uncanny valley from start to finish

    36. Vishnu

      Felix looks like a buff 12-year-old with arm tattoos.

    37. Denis Baiguskarov

      5:45 You can see the childs progress in height

    38. Alexis Wambui Swao

      Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg! WHYYY

    39. Funny Bunny

      The 3 year old biting the drywall reminds me of that lady who’s addicted to eating drywall

    40. Funny Bunny

      “My cocomelon disstrack being released next week” PAprom: about that

    41. Aryan Rathore

      3:26 real pewdiepie

    42. BlueNinjaKid

      I'm 8 your hurting my feelings😭

    43. Boognish1890

      ...kid vented

    44. Karen Sharp

      This face changer makes felix look like him in his teenager form.

    45. Kerberus Comics

      COCOMELON la pesadilla de PewDiepie se repite

    46. Zigmond Bonez

      3:56 something similar happened as I was a kid, my mom also went to grab her camera before trying to remove me from a vent

    47. Jack Goet

      At my previous school they had chairs with a gap behind them so i got stuck in them

    48. Nathan Cho

      TURN OFF THE FILTER!!!!!!!!

    49. Ur Mom

      Im a chiiiild tho

    50. nana sim

      8:30 it happen to me to 😂😂😂

    51. Chris Pirillo Is Eboola

      Trippy Reed lmao

    52. TealT

      5:36 omg it's the kid from TLC weird obsessions. Eating Dry wall

    53. Kirill Danilov

      I love your Minecraft song, please, do more of these

    54. Dave

      We all start out talk to her about 50 years old

    55. Rakshat Sharma

      0:52 Blastoise used Rain Dance! (x5) Blastoise used Hydro Pump! Blastoise's attack missed!

    56. Rakshat Sharma

      3:25 Charmander is evolving! What? Charmander stopped evolving.

    57. Deer Pea

      3:26 He was so mad that his True Final Form showed up

    58. Dalty

      “Trippie reed” smfh mannn

    59. Light

      How beautiful, two un-skippable ads to start the video

    60. derefew

      3:25 transformation

    61. mCreecher91

      I don’t like kids and I have one

    62. Érika Joyal

      He said bébé the french way! Hon-hon!

    63. Sarah C

      Like that's not even funny

    64. Sarah C

      You will Never havw children. I hope to God.

    65. jackson paker

      he looks like my sweetish friend

    66. LongDong Silver

      Felix looks hilarious. A kids face with a full tattooed body. Wait isn't it illegal?

    67. Radu Zaharia

      3:25 FACE REVEAL OMG

    68. Deti the Yeti

      It’s a shame his diss track got deleted

    69. Kris Fire

      The guy playing movies in Spanish gotta be the dad of the year! Love it 😂

    70. Crystal Denee

      That wasn’t Michael Jackson, that was A GHOST!🤯

    71. Max Clips

      My dad would just switch to the spanish channel if he got bored of watching cartoons and I usually ended up continuing to watch and just read the subtitles with him.

    72. Whatever Dude

      He looks so cute tho 😂💖

    73. MorbidGazelle41

      Therapist: child pewds isn’t real Child pewds:

    74. It’s_Bill

      My brother when he was younger did the 50 meter run then stopped in front of it to kick it.

    75. Emma Hueber

      Me watching this after coco diss was take down : (

    76. Pablo Velasquez

      When he says mister child

    77. Pablo Velasquez

      Did someone notice someone in the back ground

    78. Rohan Swarts

      Your 9 year old PAprom name is Pewbiebye

    79. Shimuf

      stop stepping on mr floor

    80. Thebeasts4

      the kid in thumbnail kinda sus...

    81. Major OwO

      how tf on earth i missed this video

    82. ValTV

      bring coco back :(

    83. ValTV

      IMAGINE : you are going through the sort by ''newest first'' section

    84. Gaming tEa Repeat

      That kid that missed the ball: yare yare

    85. Activocado

      You look like Joel because Joel looks like a baby

      1. Lotta Pitchy

        Baby is a strong word. More like 13 and never age again

    86. Alan SMG

      Video title:kids are very dumb Felix in the thumbnail:kid

    87. Samantha

      Filter making him look like elijah wood

    88. Yumna Rizwan

      As a kid, we don't own anyone in this video other than Pewdipie

    89. morris jacson

      i am almost old enough to be 9 uwu i'm 8.4 years old

    90. Mr. Rice

      I actually remember doing this as a kid tho king I was smart 8:58

    91. The Proanimator

      How did you get this filter?Pewds

    92. Kara Douglas

      PewDs looks like a nine year old with tattoos

    93. Shannon Seuss.

      But but I’m a kid 🧒 I sub

    94. Zhai Mu Zi

      I'm a big fan of Mr. Beast, You (pewdiepie) and snipperwolf

    95. Zhai Mu Zi

      is it a filter? or real you?

    96. divinelotus19

      A fetus hating a fetus. Dude has to much time on your hands. Stupid channel.

    97. BubbleBot

      YOU USED LEGO! That’s sickkk! I love lego

    98. Mitchell Farina


    99. Jeremy Costley-White

      my god that filter is so disturbing on felix

    100. Tuppence Jackson-Kew