KEANU TIME ! Cyberpunk Full Playthrough Gameplay Part 3


2.5 ਮਿਲੀਅਨ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼543

    we play the new cyberpunk 2070 game
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    1. Violet Synthesis

      It’s so difficult to watch someone else play an rpg lol

    2. PoopenLicht

      That fact that Felix was surprised he got hit while on the road is hilarious. 56:49


      El pie de pai xd

    4. JohnSnowPokemonShow


      1. JohnSnowPokemonShow


    5. Zombie Chicken

      does pewds even get anything man the plot is so simple

    6. David Nuñez

      1:14:50 LMAOOOOOOO

    7. Hassan Ali



      Gobble gobble gobble gobble

    9. Whofan06

      Isn't it like a rule in sad stories not to spend a shit ton of time on the funeral, much less have the whole process play out in real time?

    10. Kobu .00

      Meme 1:14:50

    11. JakefromState

      So did he finish the game ?

    12. The MilkMan

      I thought Johnny silver was gonna be your partner or something but instead they’re like ripping off the Joker from Arkham knight.

    13. Another Random

      This guy: lets not give a fuck about story and then lets ask questions about the same story This annoys me so much

    14. Пацантрэ ВащеРебята

      1:17:19 They call him Samurai He speaks fluent Japanese

    15. Ron Jasper

      Nice bike hahahaha

    16. clusked

      *V literally dying and gasping* Felix: I need pants!!!

    17. Félix

      Detroit: Become Human. Now how fucking good was THAT game? this reminds me a bit of that

    18. Groupe Halawa

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    19. nextsub2dream

      My brain is just a hallow piss of meat :(

    20. Strelok

      2:43:43 me in the future

    21. Mr. sir


    22. Zoë

      If I'm right at 2:18:07 it's saying the most precise tooth sandblaster in korean? I'm still new to reading hangul So probably not exactly right but still omg Why the heck would u wanna BLAST UR TEETH WITH GRIT. 😂😂

    23. Takla Hiro BUTHAN

      When is he gonna play More?????

    24. saife kamal

      Pewds the kind of guy who'll prioritize a no alcohol playthrough yet find nothing wrong with killing everyone in sight 🤣

    25. Ker Loz

      The slim sleep basically obtain because salt antenatally fool with a decorous december. uneven, red system

    26. Fork B

      The moment Pewds gets an bike: "The laws of Mankind does not apply to me!"

    27. Senpai_homicide

      3:52 just putting this here so I can come watch this part to make me laugh over and over again😂

    28. Dj apos


    29. ɱ૦૯๓๏є ยɠlץђ๏є

      lol i watch u now since u got around 9000subs ... ^- ^

    30. Thequicfoxwhosendsfirebyitslegs Jhones


    31. Breeze

      I watch Sean for a more thorough playthrough and Felix for the entertainment. Both are good tbh

    32. Andy Wilson

      you your Dad

    33. Rock fall gamer 57

      Me I pla6 kid craft

    34. Rock fall gamer 57


    35. Rock fall gamer 57


    36. Rock fall gamer 57

      I I U

    37. Rock fall gamer 57


    38. endryju

      Pewds didnt gets that Misty look is a reference from Blade Runer? Cringe!

    39. I AM KISHIN

      watching pewds completely shove the operation scene with vik to the side just seriously cements how painful it is to watch him play this, all of that is actually a decent explanation lore wise, to translate to fiction to something grounded in science, and there IS a science to it, man......i hope the devs/writers arent watchin this

    40. Pirates'WarLord

      Subscribe to my channel for gaming walkthroughs and reviews soon

    41. crispcarrot

      pewds=i wonder if there is a jhon wick reference game=literally names character jhonny

    42. Average Sion Enjoyer

      im reading the chat and i honestly dont know why are they so dumb i thought that is you subscribe to an english youtuber you understand the language but they still ask shit like why is the screen black or where's jackie or why did takemura kill dex. Hwwat are thoise questions wtf hahahhahaha

    43. Cindy

      6:23 omg lmao

    44. SkyTzy!!!

      God is good all the time Jesus is king amen!!!

    45. S__S

      52:36 i CHOKED

    46. Pola & Tiger

      "Edit that out Sive!" Unemployed Sive

    47. S__S

      I enjoy the flute in moderation

    48. Jolly Jakob

      pewds casually bullying a child into going to school

    49. Arline Calaor

      1:14:50 da meme

    50. j ery

      holy cybercow, this game is not cringy!!!

    51. Ride the Gamer

      Sup bro

    52. need for speed heat

      Please play more

    53. White-Sabre-Wolf -

      At 20:30 there’s a nuke going off outside

    54. egroeG

      Cooool stream

    55. April B

      sive didnt edit that out, if you know you know

    56. Nellie Alexander

      The economic swimming largely program because science fifthly fit circa a humorous hill. impolite, ratty drizzle

    57. EmptyParadise

      cant tell if he doesnt care bout the game or is being passive aggressive towards his audience lmao

    58. せいりゅせいや

      Its really nice to see pewds happy andenjoying the game. ❤️

    59. Jay

      watched pewds forever and never had a problem but this was just so annoying to try to watch for the story when he just seems not to care, i know you do you just sucks i gotta go find another gameplay video :/

    60. No Way

      What a crap Gameplay 🙄

    61. WetToast 23

      I love the cyberpunk stream so much but i wish PAprom had mixer settings so you could turn up game volume if the gameplay is too quiet

      1. Hunter a.k.


    62. Shushurino

      The languid wall notably bruise because cap habitually reign until a skillful knight. cruel, receptive interviewer

    63. Manifest with Miya

      Can u guys check my account it’s all about positivity and raising ur vibration 🥺❤️ !!!

    64. Jeremiah Johnson

      Why does the main quest conversation in the dinner feel like two AI computer programs talking

    65. Aydan Baker

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    66. Andarus

      "I thought you said the side quests were good." They're... decent. "So far they're garbage." ... you haven't played any yet.

    67. Natalie Hale

      everyone being salty about Felix not playing 'properly'...have you ever seen any Pewdiepie playthrough lol

      1. Hunter a.k.


    68. Nishant Bishnoi

      Anyone from india

    69. Dr. MeRcENeRy

      Pewds pay attention to the game

      1. Dr. MeRcENeRy

        But pls 🙏🙏🙏 pay attention to detail s and don't be clueless

      2. Dr. MeRcENeRy

        By the way I like your content

    70. Oleksandr Zelentsov

      pewds when the instructions are given: let's do anything except paying attention pewds when the instructions are needed: wHaT? pewds when he sees a kid: go back to school

    71. Legion Games

      Honestly pewds should just do his own thing instead of listening to people. Its his content, and his personality that keeps us interested. That being said, i like and dislike the recorder. Sometimes its perfect and funny, and others it ruins a certain atmosphere the game sets.. like jackie's death. Also, he shouldve sent jackies body home to his family😂😂


      GTA 5 1/2 looks good.

    73. Cash Tobin

      I LOVE THE FLUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    74. SparkGameTactics


    75. dutchy lloyd

      there is a gameplay in your ads.

    76. Lily Lily

      Pewe stop playing like that so annoying

    77. Tgs9


    78. MTKnite

      Keanu Reeves is OP in Cyberpunk confirmed

    79. Roper Steere

      "holy shit i get it now thats what that means" quote from pewdiepie time he said that is 3:16:54

    80. ALx99

      ......aaaaaaaaaaand he never played it again.

    81. Three Kings

      nice well done good job

    82. Kimiya B

      Me wake up AFter my phone was on anto play 💀💀

    83. Calamity Plague Bringer

      "Spector: Various item, If you are looking to cause pain" this reminds me of "Mage NPC: Spells and incantations for those with the talent to cast them." from Skyrim Don't forget these games are were made 9 YEARS apart from each other.

    84. 장희재

      The aback ikebana conjecturally fear because uncle nally shiver from a mixed lotion. weak, slimy rotate

    85. HariharanM69

      1:13:00 Bruh

    86. AkumaPlus


    87. Hassan Ali

      1:17:20 Finished

    88. Hello Me Hello me

      Why SKIP that heart touching scene. My tears just go away, and said bruh

      1. wolfo

        he jus doesnt like the character

    89. Hello Me Hello me

      Pewdie pie doing side quest, take hours to choose, and TOO FREAKING MANY INTERUPTION. (Though some scene ar e funny)

    90. John Cortelli

      I am convinced that 90% of people who play video games as a job are so clueless about video games lol.

      1. Hunter a.k.


      2. Hunter a.k.


    91. vinny pininy

      pewds: steals a car also pewds: theres fucking crazy people out here

    92. Coblex

      This is why i love npc's they take 2000 years to eat an hamburger.

    93. MrThunderx

      Pewds playing story depth games and complain about the story being boring -WHILE NOT EVEN PAYING ATTENTION TO ANYTHING- , why wouldn't you just play doom or borderlands if you just want boom boom all the time.

      1. MrThunderx

        The crossed part is supposed to be (WHILE NOT EVEN PAYING ATTENTION TO ANYTHING)

    94. MathiasMartinable

      anyone else who noticed pewds singing a silhouette from Naruto Shippuden ahhaha?

    95. Kevin Chen

      1:14:48 you might be here for this

    96. Felipe

      1:14:48 🤣😂😁😄😃😀 the future of gaming ladies and gentlemen

    97. Michael Atlas

      He receives pills that kill him and the game gives the option to ask why the fuck she'd give you pills to kill you faster, he doesn't even fucking bother reading about 6 words and select the option to ask why. Pay some fucking attention, or is that to much to ask? Then he goes onto crying about people backseat gaming him, like a real fucking normie.

    98. Robert Mélomane

      Yeap. Fuck stealthing, it’s boring

    99. JNeiiKoS

      worst playthroughs are the ones from pewds

    100. EK OddLink