JOJO REFERENCE / Cyberpunk Full Playthrough Gameplay Part 2


2.2 ਮਿਲੀਅਨ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼450

    we play the new cyberpunk 2070 game
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    1. Muhammad Fathurrahman

      dont play the game if you really dont like it and cant appreciate it

    2. ulteemo

      dioporco e dammi i soldi

    3. A. Schloppez

      why the flute man ? so annyoing... Talk about cringe. sending love thou

    4. nombre flash

      Solo lo beo por la jojo refernce

    5. Taiga

      Damn he's really treating everything like a joke, not a good person to watch for reaction playthrus, for this game at least

    6. JohnSnowPokemonShow


      1. JohnSnowPokemonShow

        Smash loke

    7. Coding With Sudhan


    8. Griffin Wilkins


    9. Night Panther Minecraft

      I can't wait for you to release the Cocomelon disstrack.

    10. Another Random

      This game literally is all about story

    11. Groupe Halawa

      Peace be upon you. I am a content maker with my friends. I hope that Biodebay subscribers subscribe to my channel. Thank you.

    12. Bendykop82

      Can someone pls reply the timestamp pewds showed the sneakpeak of the cocomelon diss track?

    13. Someone Oop

      In night city you can be a sausage

    14. Your Info Guy

      Alright fellas let’s get cocomelon to #1 on netflix

    15. music & lyrics

      ...This flute is gonna be the death of me!!! I'm trying to hear Felixx!! Pleaseeee...

    16. ikbal does stuff

      The thumbnail is doing the the jonathan challenge

    17. 김한민TV


    18. captaindropkik

      Burn that flute holy shit that was some ADHD cringe

    19. Baicus_IL

      Does night city take place in like los vegas or something

    20. Cheyanne Fitzpatrick

      Is anyone going to talk about how at 43:03 PewDiePie ran someone over and didn’t even acknowledge it??

    21. Jackson Bmx


    22. nad erica

      Omagah if i play as female v then they call me mrs. v means me vajayna

    23. SkyTzy!!!

      God is good all the time Jesus is king amen!!!

    24. Justin Kingsley

      I think people sometimes mix Yiddish into their English, too... if they have the chutzpah.

    25. Michael Lombard

      Felix moving the camera to the music is nauseating.

    26. Pola & Tiger

      When you realize that editing videos is boring, it's the moment you stop being awesome. No ambition.

      1. Pola & Tiger

        @GoonLeader Transfer what I said to your best talent. Then you should understand. If you don't then I'm sorry for you not being awesome or special in any way.

      2. GoonLeader

        What does this even mean? Y'know Pewds doesn't even edit his own videos, right?

    27. Louis Azrael

      DEADASS, I cried when Jackie died, who else?

    28. Lemon Sheep

      To be fair, he spoke before about how he likes to enjoy games when doing his GoW play through. He said he’s more interested in having fun rather than immersing himself in the story/world, which is obviously what many people want. You just have to respect this is how he wants to play games and not watch it if it’s not your style. That said, I did find it annoying how he complained about the story (which is surprisingly great in not so great game) despite not paying attention to the story and so missing out on everything that happens. I agree that it’s dumb to criticise a game off something you haven’t even given a chance.

    29. Bosley

      If I was living pewds life I wouldn’t care about “immersing myself in games” either. A beautiful wife, large stable income. What else could you ask for?

    30. Konrad Paczek

      we needed an eye tracker on this stream

    31. egroeG


    32. Лукинишна Лукинишна

      Ну ты ,реально,больной на головуууу!!!!

    33. King Obsidian

      Why didn't people tell him to change the driving camera? Kinda easier 3rd person

    34. black guy

      i hate those glitches

    35. HamaDon

      This is the most frustrating playthrough I have ever watched istg

      1. Taiga

        Same here, it feels like he's trying to speedrun without reading or listening just for the views, he's treating Jackie's death like a joke and running around with ADHD

      2. Ruben Kemp

        If you haven't seen it yet, Shroud has a really good one on twitch. He really focuses on the story and cares for the characters. Unlike Felix... maybe he just needs a long break.

    36. yailyn .b

      If I cant finish a video, I like it anyways and watch the last minute so it shows that I watched all his vids😳

    37. Aydan Baker

      for your real dumps, contact DUMPSGURU on telegram, he's the right plug, got my working virtual from him today which I used in purchasing my iPhone 12..

    38. Prod by I MVRTIN I

      Can u just stop the flute you suck at it and it is already a noisy instrument

    39. Márk Bolyo

      Your fucking flute...

    40. Roș-albastru FCSB Steaua București

      27:45 😂

    41. Agung R

      "SUPPORT ME" Please 💖

    42. Oleksandr Zelentsov

      PEWDIE PLEEEASE MIX IN SOME SWEEDISH PLEEASE ive been asking for more Swedish before it was cool

    43. Koreno

      "Put it in me, thanks bro." Felix Kjellberg, 2020

    44. Muhammad Ghazy Arhab

      1:35:59 my heart stop a sec

    45. Prince Ereia

      I'll murder that flute, tho-


      Pewds if you want story play some Far Cry 5, lots to learn in that game :)

    47. Dakota Wolf

      Everytime pewds plays his flute i just gotta do a lil belly dance!

    48. Jackie

      damn people are so mad about that flute while I'm still upset about Jackie

    49. onlypessimism

      I can’t wait for pewds to get over his recorder phase

    50. Three Kings

      nice well done good job

    51. Алексей Петрыкин

      That fucking flute is annoying almost as pewdiepie himself

    52. Intheclouds 4319

      Did he not stream it again?

    53. Ashvir Hiralal

      1:18:22 is that Sims language? xD

    54. Lily Lily

      I am your fan since 8-9 years and it's obvious you don't like to play games anymore but please don't be so clueless doing it cause you annoy your fans...

    55. Khadija Khan

      The most annoying gameplay ever.

      1. zhaikira arcilla


    56. Flameroller, Pale Cislord

      Problem and Problema (Problemo) both come from the same root language. English and Spanish are closely related langauges.

    57. The Nickname

      Not to rip on pewds but I find it funny how mad he got when takimura didn't eat the food in a video game but then he wouldn't drink coffee because it had milk in it.

    58. Hello Me Hello me

      They should added, the scene where keanu reeves fighr the people on Pool. Want to see that on this game.

    59. weasel world

      i was talking to my boyfriend about how pewds was playing the game. and how he wasn’t listening and this was genuinely hard to watch. and he told me to let him get used to the game. it got to the point i had to come to the comments to see if anyone else felt the same and like 90% of you did 💀

    60. Hassan Ali

      17:49 Complete

    61. Shubham Mittal

      felix is so annoying with inturrupting the story dialogues and fluting intense moments, gotdammit 😂

    62. GHXST XCVI

      pewds- puts tooth pick in mouth. "it's not a toothpick, it's a pewds stick"

    63. Crazy Gaming

      Jackie sometimes sounds like Chrisjen Avasarala when he is swearing.

    64. \/

      The bugs r so funny u right but the trees legit glitch through the walls all of the fkn trees

    65. Matte

      you should be able to choose your story, if you want to be a street kid you go bang bang, if you go corpo you can listen more of the story. I think the story also is boring, its like a movie.

    66. TheCanadian Gamer

      Even though I have seen Jacky die 3 times, it still makes me sad

    67. Crazy Gaming

      And as is tradition with all CD Projekt Red games you can steal all the shit from peoples houses without them ever caring lol

    68. CrazyGaming

      How did pewds not think the braindance editing was freaking awesome, he just thought it was boring af.

    69. Alayna Solly

      Hispanic people not Spanish people lol 😂

    70. dbzMASTER HUGHES

      The game has a slow start unlike witcher 3 when u fight a griffin and look for yennefer at the beginning.

    71. Neil Paulo Buan

      You need to upgrade your cool pewds to increase the critical strike

    72. N E S S I ネシ

      Kinda wish he would just play it normally bc he’s missing out on all the depth of the game from the distractions -_- plus it’s annoying when he strays

    73. Ahmed Nader

      Felix: this is weird Evelyn: i know 33:15

    74. Sammy Kropf

      1:31:00 the way the father and son refer to each other as "anta" and "kisama"... goosebumps man.

    75. tuiso

      Damn, it frustrates me so much when Pewds can't figure how to make use of BD at around 30 mins, and also when he couldn't read the quest guidelines on the side.

    76. Dark Soul

      That’s what she said 5:25

    77. Eugene Molo

      Pewds seriously stop with the flute!

    78. Ari Miller

      i really dont like the flute/recorder the tamborine was better at least

    79. Irodoku Puzzle

      1:36:42 CARAJO!

    80. Anasyub

      jokes aside i cant belie some ppl r actually mad, like let the man play the game the way he wants to? stop being angry at him geez m glad he's playing it

    81. Dec-action

      Me: How many video’s of cyber punk did you make Pewds: how many bread have you eaten in your life

    82. Aniket Desai

      Pewds please react to some famous "Indian PApromrs"😂✌🏻

    83. invasive void

      I really like watching pewdiepie but can you please stop playing the fucking recorder like holy shit I'm tryna watch the game

    84. Eagle75 Norway


    85. Keiko Abigael Owada

      it’s kinda sad how felix didn’t give a shit about the game, the equipment or do a research about the plot or story so he knows what he was doing and people know about the game too, and i kinda hate it when he just looking, wandering or jumping at some place that is not important at all makes me feel so dizzy and nauseous not gonna lie. i think he’s getting bored since the brain dance or the “video editing” part. hope he can finish the game and do better or take this seriously... so sad 😞 and in my opinion since he played detroit become human, he started to not give a shit about the game he’s playing, he’s not even choosing the right choice or just walking around on missions, i think he’s kinda starting to lose interest on playing games, but that’s ok life goes on... (and i think he’s waiting for the keanu reeves scene and then just stop playing it)

      1. Keiko Abigael Owada

        @Aimirul same! so sad that was like years ago, but i always keep playing that play through every year (also with the bully one, he kinda put his sweat and tears into it bc he’s dying to get that motorcycle on the circus) and probably the last play through he play seriously was until dawn...

      2. Aimirul

        The last playthough he did that i really really enjoyed was when he playing Uncharted 4

      3. MrThunderx

        100% agree, his play through was so annoying he didnt even pay attention to anything he was doing, not knowing what he chose, just wanting to shoot stuff, not looking at his health or his ammo stack, i don't know how people enjoyed any of that, guess those fanbois would suck on anything as long as it's their favourite celeb

    86. Ashley Mann

      The character basically just does the Michael Jackson Thriller pose whenever his hands are up 😅😆

    87. Matthew Thompson

      That fucking flute, every stream "What instrument will I annoy my fans with this time"

    88. Cheerier Nexis

      We all knew Jackie died before the game Came out he died in the trailer

    89. Eveolution

      pewdiepie is afraid of tence/emotional moments. thats why he has to act especially "goofy" when things get good. why would you ruin the best climax of the game by playing that dumb ass flute? i wanted to pewds to play more games, but he is just to old now. he caint seem to understand the basics of basic things.

    90. Eveolution

      watching pewdiepie play a game is like watching a grandpa play a video game.

    91. Rivest CR

      This games so boring

    92. Matias Lozano

      It made me so happy to hear felix say "carajo" 🤣

    93. The2dStuart

      put down that fucking flute for christs sake

    94. white marble

      desperately trying to make that fucking recorder funny

    95. Young Naughty

      Ready to pop a cherry? 😏

    96. wiktor ismail

      wtf is going on with this flute , thats so cringe

    97. Nicole A.

      It feels like you're just waiting for your channel to die out so you can stop making vids. Your personality feels so detached now, and it ruins the gameplay.

    98. alenelabanela

      -...did he say METAL IN HIS EYELID bro get that checked out 😳

    99. pescadorCardoso

      The amount of busywork scenes, mumbo jumbo jargon and usually FILLER SHIT is annoying as hell, ngl

    100. Dostav

      You just ruin every important moment in the game with your flute, wtf, how can anyone watch it