Inventions That Will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!


3.6 ਮਿਲੀਅਨ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼241

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    1. TheGamingGamer

      3:19 , you are a horrible person. either it is tradion in sweedon or...... YOUR A MAD MAN

      1. TheGamingGamer

        and yes you are

    2. provost Lucile

      sometimes he sounds like Matt Smith as The Doctor!

    3. NO HE CAN'T

      5:01 wait you mean you dont have a stash of plastic grocery bags under the sink?

    4. BootsDotEXE

      Listen hear me out, the pizza scissors slap alright, I have one at home and they're great

    5. Mazen Als7emy

      سلام عليكم

    6. Master Hand

      Lol Ididathing's bread gloves

    7. Coco Bean3060

      In my family we reuse the plastic bags you get at market basket for cleaning up dog poop.

    8. AhishanPlayz


    9. Spectrum Nebuk

      Technology is making us soo lazy

    10. Karola M

      There are still companies that make flying cars.

    11. CloudFishé

      "is your refrigerator running" Panasonic: write that down write that down

    12. Celine Santoro

      pewdiepie literally made carbonated milk drinks a few years ago, damn, felix is late af

    13. Max Gumieniczek


    14. MsJeesus

      I started jammin to the fridge music. What a weird moment!

    15. حيدي He De

      Escape the first time I was a little bit more than one of the most 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    16. Andoy Doy

      Jesus Loves all of you

    17. Brie Tomboc

      Pewdsss, there's this carbonated milk called Milkis!!

    18. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      No way... he'll get new subscribers when people subscribe to him!! That's crazy!! 🤣

    19. Rafael Orellana

      what happens if u have carpets then the moving fridge is... useless

    20. Lola Lo

      The clip at 3:50 was what the dad was watching in 10 things I hate about you.

    21. Simply Me

      9:08 I remember that Pewds did this himself one time. :P

    22. silly salmon

      Pewds look up tf-x its a flying car that is in the making.

    23. #Zaid Khan


    24. Fate Lel

      In America U walk to the fridge In Russia the fridge walks to u

    25. Jonah Rangel

      Flying car goes **vrrrrrrrr**

    26. The BIG Rant

      You should buy the moving fridge and keep bottles of water, gfuel and a gfuel shaker in it! Now your GFuel is delicious and always accessible 😏

    27. Shoe Seller

      The meek samurai fortuitously educate because sousaphone endosonographically box near a sweet wool. true, outgoing space

    28. Isabella Medaglia-Grindle

      People in 1950: "By 2021 we'll have flying cars and robots working places and teleportation it'll be so cool!" 2021: "Uh... he-here's some fizzy f-flavored milk?"

    29. hubris mortem

      who taught pewds the word baller

    30. wtklpm

      9:45 Sylvain qui conduit enfin son frigo

    31. Morgan Conner

      Carbonated milk? *flashback to Pewds soda stream video where he carbonated milk*

    32. snehail gupta

      0:13 is it me or pewds have a circle of blurred dots on his forehead and have a robbo pewds clone working for him while he hibernate .... the no. of dots represent the no. of clones till date and that circle transfer data to the original pewds .... this way the original hibernating pewds have enough time to sleep the pandemic away and recover from the damage done to him by deleting his song and other shit he had gone through .... RIP( literally )

    33. Inappropriate Polarbear

      Baldness is the solution, not the problem.

    34. Goku Son

      Does anyone remember the fridays with pewdiepie video , where he actually CARBONATED MILK and drank it

    35. Noob Lord

      we need 1000000 comments

    36. Zoe Rasmus

      but lots of these ive seen and used

    37. AZKai

      THEY TOOK THE "is your fridge running?" JOKE TO ANOTHER LEVEL

    38. Ian Green Earth Wizard

      Pewds you made carbonated milk in an old video, it did not go well....

    39. Albird

      1:29 straight up tf2

    40. Insta Brad

      Prank caller: is your refrigerator running? Lol lol lol Me: yes, yes it does ;)

    41. Diego R.

      8:08 "look he's ripped". Shows a picture of CR7.

    42. Edwin Putra

      but, do you ever heard about taxi drone tho?

    43. Waver_ Nook

      Ask really good question don’t ask questions 🤣

    44. arcticwolf52709

      5:25 High rise invasion in real life?

    45. Dillanightus

      I don't comment often, but you should 100% try some of these out lmfaooo

    46. Jeremy Redford

      Carbonated milk is called Skal. Yes, it's japanese lol. Haven't seen them in a while actually.



    48. Isaac Fernandes

      I have actually made carbonated milk with a soda stream machine it tastes salty and fizzy

    49. gaston jaillet

      " to mitigate pollution" Felix : "don't care" 😔 Why though

    50. Nikita Melnikov


    51. Kishan Bariya

      T series ❤️👍

    52. Harris

      I’ve taken a pill cam before

    53. Sơn Hoàng


    54. Sơn Hoàng


    55. Sơn Hoàng


    56. Mick Barnes

      The reason there is no better inventions is because Scotland doesn't have its independence. Lol

    57. Mick Barnes

      Comfort wipe 😳

    58. Jackie Ronald Wayerston

      *"THE FRIDGE MOVES!!!"* _Now make a moving washing machine for Lily next._

    59. Pinguino The Penguin

      THIS IS JUST FUNNIEST HOME VIDEOS From the Jacksepticeye variety channel

    60. Christina Chung

      "THE BABES ARE BACK" Me: reminded of when Seán made the funniest home videos series

    61. G Rod

      The benches are my favorite part. When I am on a walk and a new Pewdiepie video is up I want some WiFi or say my phone dies

    62. James Mahin

      The hair thing is just spray paint

    63. Elle

      I know many inventions like the wiping one are made with disabled people in mind and that’s dope. But it’s still like WHAT WILL THEY THINK OF NEXTTTT

    64. •Rose Playz•

      Do you have 100M subs i cant read- if u are ur the most yt that has subs O.O

    65. Miss Kessho and fandoms 2

      That intro is my life in just a few words

    66. Star kassidy


    67. Luke Ford

      “The fridge MOOOOOOOOVES!”

    68. nathaniel jarry

      make a video with the ab belt

    69. Yanishuk playz ENTERTAINMENT

      when you have a kid they will have to watch cococomelon🤣🤣

    70. OtakuHunt3r

      The ramen restaurant near my house in Japan has a robot waiter. No joke

    71. Niklas Gutenbrunner

      "And they quoted it!" -PewDiePie 2021

    72. Isabel Velez

      Pewdie forgot he already tried carbonated milk

    73. The Gaming Lord

      Cocomelon will prevail

    74. Bobby Manor

      11:35 that’s why we wear umbrella hats

    75. Waffle Road와플로드

      a video of spam cooking on a waffle machine

    76. Janaina Ferreira

      In Brazil, we eat pizza with a knife and fork.

    77. Arrant Aarambh

      Pewdiepie You tried carbonated milk and you drank it in an old video

    78. Chani

      the name of the self driving fridge project should've been "requiem for a dream"

    79. _.VipeX._

      Please try that six pack thing pewds

    80. Floofy Introvert

      Imagine being high and then suddenly ur fridge is moving towards you

    81. Noel19years

      I'm pretty sure Ronaldo made some vibrate six-pack thing

    82. Noel19years

      PewDiePie ur a psycho if ya eat pizza like that

    83. NightWink

      The gas pram for the baby actually makes sense. They were expecting gas attacks just before WWII in Britain. Infants who couldn't have gas masks had to be protected, too.

    84. PixelTailGaming

      there is already a planecar. they testing it every day and working on it

    85. christine

      milk soda is actually pretty good lol. there's calpis in japan and milkis in korea

    86. Doctor Elephant

      Why does pewds have a circle og dots on he's forehead

    87. Ernest irang


    88. Liz Hellsing

      You should read into CRISPR it seems really promising. DNA editing basically.

    89. Gene Kim

      The pleasant home admittedly form because year essentially kill next a elfin city. hapless, absorbed nickel

    90. D1e

      5:31 Me bouta rod a bank feelin good

    91. Iconejey

      9:07 they stole Joe Barnard's invention!

    92. TereKun

      Try the abb belt.

    93. Ómino

      Os BR ta aqui

    94. Mariana Caçalli

      Elon Musk PLEEEEEEEASE FLYING CARS FLYING CAAAAAAAAARS 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    95. asioe kiou

      When the moving fridge sees the moving freezer, “you cheater”

    96. Blubberface 23

      That GFL hair dye commercial is from ten things I hate about you (the movie), I think it’s fake

    97. ShelbisTheShloth

      I actually feel bad for the Swedish inventor that tried to save the world's trees but inevitably contributed to mass destruction of habitat and wildlife...

      1. asioe kiou

        Wtf is the aqua treadmill

    98. Joshua Buehrer

      When you carbonate milk it spoils

    99. floresaza253

      You'd be perfect if you were from Chicago eating their deep dish pizza.

    100. kim ross jensen

      try the abs belt