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    1. Zerel

      Я русский

    2. Hunter a.k.


    3. Aryan Dandale

      Science : Shadow Pewds : Reflection

    4. Matrix Man

      Is the music video at the end actually Felix?

    5. Myles Fishel

      much respect to the chocolate pudding man

    6. Salty Wizard Flying on a Fish

      14:37 so according to pewds, shadows are reflections now 😂

    7. fortnova _

      felix: this is the fastest you can mine in the game me: no your using a haste 1 beacon, you still have haste 2 to go.

    8. fortnova _

      felix: uses arrows of harming me: no that heals him, you to use arrows of instant health to damage him. you unnecessarily made the fight harder

    9. Smalltaco430

      Ya know whats kinda funny? While im watching Pewdiepie im playing my own hardcore world

    10. Shivaani M

      what shader is he using

    11. GatzyBoi105

      Congrats on 110mil love your content you deserve it man

    12. Sairah Leysel Lopez

      Me When You Say Bad Words Nahhhh Bro I Dont Watch People That Say Bad Words Im All Ways Language


      When your in nether remove rtx

    14. Dog Man

      mom said it was my turn to get a pin!!

    15. Kit TheKitten


    16. Yes Sir

      As a Mexican.. I am offended... I am offended that you didn’t call him burro

    17. Katelyn Bananas

      You saw bonkys shadow not reflection

    18. Hector Ballesteros

      Ey he mentioned dream

    19. Hamburger,CheeseBurger,Bigmac,Whopper

      menemmenenemenemen!!! ,mememmenemnemnenene is what u did wrong bro

    20. حسين علي للتحشيش

      انا العراقي الوحيد😂😂😎

    21. Verlin Stamper


    22. Juan Pedraw

      Pewds: I see the reflection of Bonky. *Looks at Bonky's shadow.*

    23. Mitch

      Guys, this guy saved Minecraft

    24. The Tramp Bros


    25. Shaswat Shukla

      U are quite good I am going to subscribe you

    26. Esau Hernandez

      Do youtubers talk to themselves becuse they think that they are recording

    27. Declan W Murphy

      bruh pewds has such a bad memory he doesnt even remember the time he beat the wither with an army of PeePeePoooPoo

    28. Mike Mike

      I just can’t with the intro it so good I love it

    29. Noah Streeter

      U can just trap the wither under the bedrock in the end and he can’t do anything. Then just use a smite 5 sword

    30. William Immel

      felix are you ok

    31. Luke Steadman

      Pewdiepie: I am the richest gamer in history Wadzee: I'm abouta ruin this man's whole career

    32. bojo Natada

      1:59 Wheres Alabama!?!?!

    33. M.T.S Muhammed Taha

      Everyone:the wither in java is so strong Bedrock wither:hold my wither skull i will teach them who’s strong

    34. nana sim

      It soul block pew

    35. the_edsiton

      Buen video aunque no entiendo nada xd igual me suscribí ojala respondas si tienes amigos de habla ispano

    36. Joshua Reyes

      "Dont shoot me im swedish" took me off😆😆😆

    37. Vitalij Evdokimov

      He cant Break badrock

    38. Vitalij Evdokimov

      A seord is stronger then a Aex


      Its just Felix's gollum voice 0--------0

    40. YeetCraft

      I trap wither in obsidian but I made that mistake too pewds

    41. Hyptek096

      What are these shaders

    42. Cece Rose

      pewds looks fuckin fried

    43. Roosty

      First Wither fight I ever did, I was so hyped and the dumbass spawned inside of a wall and slowly killed himself

    44. Jaques

      haste 2 homie

    45. Hexoz

      The wither heals when he does damage Felix btw i love ur name

    46. Clane Joy Digma

      Pewds: im doing this because im rich WadZee: *did a netherite beacon all in hardcore for 6 months*

    47. Kahar Ambok Lalek

      Kill the ender dragon fish and you're the window below the Ender Dragon egg audio poodle and blue and dragon portal and she said she'd be stuck I hear this from DanTDM The Diamond Minecart

    48. Sanjay.p

      Add Revenue is poring in. i have seen this video like 2 times and there has been atleast 17 adds in here

    49. ㄒ山ㄖ乙乇尺ㄖ

      How did Felix even ate that pudding LMAO

    50. Noel19years

      Me at the end: who puts fortune on an iron pick

    51. Двемакушка

      Кто русский

    52. Nina Enriquez

      I miss Water sheep

    53. Oskiboi Here i com

      If the skellys gonna spawn you need to be in the same chunk

    54. Fischer Morgan

      i didnt know he could break obsidian

    55. Melissa Smith

      Coca Melan bad

      1. Melissa Smith


    56. Braiedon Emmanuel

      Pewds btw he can't break through obsidian with the black skull but the blue skulls can.

    57. すべた

      ok so the wither was healing because you had harmin on your bow, harming the potion that takes damage from players actually heals the wither, and the opposite *healing potion* does damage to the wither

    58. YoItsIan

      PUT HASTE 2 not haste one you mine a whole lot faster

    59. SteppedCoyote


    60. Prathmesh Kale

      Hell of a OUTROOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    61. subzzgaming

      u can get even even even faster with commands just type /effect @s haste 2000 255

      1. Ömer Asaf Doğan


    62. Kanna Kamui


    63. JDXSY

      you have one sweater and you are Rich its that Right?? okey

    64. Epic


    65. President Jerry

      Bruh when everyone else fights the wither underground it looks easy. When I do it he breaks an extremely huge area and goes too high for me to hit it in stage two.

    66. Rey Leomo

      I really miss sven he cannot even let go of sven but now he does not car anymore

    67. kayla hamilton

      The hoc sort concomitantly desert because pencil independently smoke like a sour back. disturbed, upset fog

    68. TRIPKXLL

      9:00 new meme format?

    69. SS Gaming

      Funny story : once when I was in creative I tried doing wither vs all mobs and I trapped him in obsidian and bedrock but he broke out and won

    70. The Channel Of Random!

      I Hope everyone in the comment section has a great day!!

    71. Melissa Ann Wood-Searcy

      I hate you

    72. Leo Axel

      Pewdiepie fights the wither Me all the time:eat the golden apples!

    73. KRISHNA FF


    74. rozeta oriku

      Also what happened do BFF the bee

    75. rozeta oriku

      Why don't you do a wither skeleton farm. You can use a piglin

    76. Alice Yadav

      Bonkey is a Mule not a Donkey

    77. Royce Li

      Beginning: just don't die. Now: OMG IMA DIE!!!

    78. Nate Knight

      Dont, dont google kids.

    79. dragon Slayer 9

      Rip sven

      1. dragon Slayer 9

        🎃 🏁

    80. رفل محمد

      Life ❤❤❤❤💓💓💓💓💟💟💟💟💟💗💗💗💗💖💖💖💖

    81. shaunamariexo

      How is watching you play this game the greatest thing ever.

      1. maximino camacho

        it is very wholesome and people seem to really like that

    82. morgan white

      this was just felix acknowledges dream exists episode

    83. gerald ph gamer hortaleza

      I have see in your world a white enderman 😰😰

      1. maximino camacho

        Hey wow mods?

    84. Hayden

      Stop goin into creative to build things smh You can tell when u press f3

      1. maximino camacho

        hey not cool he is not Hollywood

    85. Colin Hy Tran

      lol his brain is so small he just decreased the spawn rate of wither boys

      1. maximino camacho

        Very racist 😳📸

    86. Ja Crispy


      1. maximino camacho

        no I think its terraria

    87. Cactus

      mobs cannot spawn within 24 blocks of the player so try going away and then back

      1. maximino camacho

        well if you say so

    88. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      Awesome beacon! It's about time you make another one! 😁

      1. Hezekiah Rodriguez

        @maximino camacho Yes.

      2. maximino camacho

        pigs or wah

    89. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      What an odd place to put a bed on. 😂

      1. Hezekiah Rodriguez

        @maximino camacho Yep, you're right. He has a pass. 🤣

      2. maximino camacho

        hey he's a veteran so

    90. Conan Otoole

      First 30 seconds of this video pretty much sums Felix up perfectly

      1. maximino camacho

        no more like the first ten when he says hey what's up guys its pewdiepie

    91. d4yys

      chocolate puuuudddiiing

      1. maximino camacho


    92. Karepku Karepmu

      Mantappppol boss kuuu

      1. maximino camacho

        king fu panda?

    93. Gunthor749

      20000 comment

      1. maximino camacho

        he's got a mighty touch

    94. toastyguac

      Shit chest!?!?!?!?

      1. maximino camacho

        well if you want to say that then yes

    95. dawit fasil

      idk about you guys but pdp is a pro

      1. maximino camacho

        he is totally a veteran

    96. Isaac

      Use bed rock 15:39

      1. maximino camacho

        for what

    97. TheAdvertisement

      9:55 I love how Pewds gets jumpscared by a Piglin and goes to scared Swedish noises mode. xD

      1. maximino camacho


    98. HubbaGaming

      Felix talking about his base like it's a mess when I've never built a base as good as his ever

      1. maximino camacho

        He is totally at his prime

    99. Lgirl CorgiDoggo

      This is probably the craziest he's ever been in this series. He was really losing it-

      1. maximino camacho

        He's always losing it you just don't notice

    100. Grover II

      eey pewds we lisp bros

      1. maximino camacho

        ew 😳📸