I'm The Greatest At Lying - Among Us #5


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    1. Possibly Gamer

      Why does the ghost on his shirt sorta look like napstaplook from undertale

    2. Lauren Correa

      You. Wanna play your Mario games

    3. Gloria S

      Day 1 of finally starting to watch PewDiePie

    4. Marlin Somers

      Sub to pewds

    5. NANI?!

      I saw light. I knew shit was about to go down.

    6. DaniLikesMilk

      Title: I'm The Greatest At Lying. Me: "And that's a lie right there!"

    7. chimkenboi yolo

      we are the best liers

    8. Cilix

      Felix, I knew it. I knew it You piece of sh... Hilarious

    9. X1 W Key’s

      Ur the beat

    10. I like games and stuff

      So uh, does anybody else other than me recognize ya boi Light in the thumbnail?

    11. Secondairy Gaming

      Michael needs to upload I need some Michael right now not in a weird way

    12. Geminus

      7:37 - 9:45 What is the title of the song?

    13. Gabe Good

      Well being the greatest at lieing is bad you should be a shame

    14. Paige’s Makeup

      Pews elbow do be kinda smexy though Lmaohsidndkbd

    15. Khairul Afham Muhazar

      hahahhaah jack i hope you winmner


      Pewdiepie how you have to be imposter every time



    18. bob nectar

      Why is charlie like L from death note

    19. Persephone

      Is that Light Yagami at the thumbnail?

      1. Laika


    20. hyper wave

      It ends in 3:48l7

    21. Rolfsen535 YT

      Pewds: i need an aliby Finds alibi Pewds: kills alibi

    22. B3NJA YT


    23. Chloe Smith

      13:42 THE DOG OMFG-

    24. غاية الحمادي


    25. unni krishnan

      I think sive doesn't recognize people play with pewds by sound when lily was talking he showed Rae and when sykkuno was talking he showed toast

    26. ItstheFox_x

      Why is pewdiepie among us comments on THIS video of all vids?? Thats fucked up


      Love the new intro

    28. Soulscape Fine Art

      Thats so beautiful

    29. MayaBun Bun

      I wasn’t even watching the game play, I was more focused on the edga cam (〃ω〃)

    30. rebbecca visscher

      is that light in the thumb nail

    31. Dan E

      So he turned into light-

    32. E021 P S Adhithya

      Who watched death note and plays among us?✋🙋

    33. Tracy Taka

      To much coco melon pewdie to much

    34. an apple

      Adults sound like cartoon characters

    35. TheAlivePerce


    36. Qtip Banks

      Gamer: You voted every rou- Pewds: ConVince Me

    37. Joeshmoe Films

      Corpse when he's a kid speaking first time Corpse: ma ma ma ma Mother

    38. Max Minichiello

      Sive keeps zooming in on the wrong people when they talk lmao

    39. Christopher

      CORPSE sounds like Patrick Warburton.

    40. Sarcasm

      Lol light in the thumbnail

    41. curiouslycuriousxx

      After all these years of watching Pewdiepie he doesn’t seem to age. He’s forever bae 😍😍😍

    42. Thomas Moore

      God Lilly’s voice is so obnoxious why tf does she talk like that

      1. Effing Cool

        It sound similar to Marzia tbh

    43. GamerFox

      Gay gay gay

    44. Kaung Khant

      Me want the *PUMBA* proof

    45. Esabella Karas

      Pewds: I need an alibi Also pewds: kills

    46. Bolvond Staker

      your pug is cute

    47. CsabaTOn [̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅є̲]

      Who is this enber? you are

    48. Armstrong Turner

      Logs are ez to read

    49. B I N O D S Q U A D

      Did u see how sive edit that one part when lily was talking it was zoomed in on valkyrae's name

    50. Kerim Memic

      Claim your before 10M views ticket here!

    51. Aaisha Jadwat

      Don’t think I didn’t notice light in the thumbnail

    52. Tahira Haider

      Corpse is like substitute of *Dream* They both are equally smart in this XD

    53. Susanna Hof

      pumkins or cool

    54. Lexe

      The little camera is hiding the game..

    55. Grandmaster 5183

      Did anyone else apart from me notice Yagami Light in the thumbnail ?

    56. Komaru Naegi

      Me seeing light yagami on the cover : yessss

    57. Malvin A.C

      IDK if i am stupod but is lily marzia ?

    58. Jenna Ramos

      I’m curious what are the rules for them ? Like they are on discord but don’t talk during gameplay or when they are dead and they aren’t supposed to look at the chat ?

    59. Jenna Ramos

      14:17 - 15:00 is cracking me up lol that back and forth between Valkyrae and pewds is hilarious

    60. HomeMade Hollywood

      Everybody thx go to my channel it is HomeMade Hollywood

      1. jim him

        no thanks :)

    61. Lautaro Del Prete


    62. Alex Alex

      Does sive edit the zoom ins on the wrong people on purpose?

    63. Alex Jones

      The scary nut ultrastructually reflect because father topologically mend amidst a awake handle. spectacular, impossible family

    64. _Lulubud_

      Im too distracted by Edgar 🤣🤣

    65. Elijah Terry

      Can anyone see that when he looked at the logs he read it bottom-up but didn't bother to go all the way to the top of the logs? Cause technically, the way to properly read is top to bottom.

    66. David Dobrik's flamethrower

      I love how they’re fighting with the logs and edgar is just sitting there

    67. The Mighty Ruler


    68. Misiaczek

      I invite you to the Misiek channel

    69. Zahra

      the thumbnail is light yagami right?

    70. Mariana W

      Why does lily sound like that... like it’s not cute

    71. jena

      okay but i never thought the impos were lily and rae like daMN *GO GURLS*

    72. Andres Lopera

      Corpse’s voice is deepthroating my ears

    73. Game Works

      Everyone accuses each other when pewds is imposter so I literally forget that pewds is an imposter and I’m like who’s the impostor

    74. CocoaHedgehog

      *zooms in on Toast when Sykkuno is talking* I don't think Sive knows these people

    75. Shadow XDemonX

      Light yagami

    76. sarah the snake

      did anyone notice it zoomed in on toast instead of sykkuno at 1:28 lol

    77. Gio


    78. Jamillah Long

      did anyone else see that :I 11:11 at the bottom just saw it didnt mean to

    79. Cacie Jade

      Me and my lil black pug watching pewds and his lil black pug 🥺

    80. greg lialios

      It’s scary how often Pewds is right with wrong evidence.

    81. Michael arslan

      Bruh light got caught

    82. Jose III Maloloy-on

      The logs check the logs the logs the logs

    83. Joel Denning


      1. Annabella Askins

        B r u h ✨S H A M E L E S S✨

    84. Nicole Bugay

      Lily's voice is really irritated me😭😭😭

    85. fusion 45

      Everyone : Trying to solve the mystery of the killer Felix : SPEED RUN!

    86. Jeprox

      Corpse sounds like corpse

    87. Ronald Chirinos

      Lily’s the new big brain

    88. Sarah Morales

      CORPSE'S parents when he spoke for the first time : He's kinda sus

    89. Pärinä Mopo

      Ootko suomalainen?

    90. Jennesa Darling

      Lily and Corpse have opposite voices, it’s so funny to hear them together

    91. M RZ

      did pewdiepie confuse valkyrae's voice with lily's at 0:49

    92. Julian Johansen

      Lillys voice dpunds so fake

    93. Stephen Mo



      Right after the pewdiepie channel it really works my channel It's the same thing about the hickey, too If you're content I'm really useful at the subscribe and like I'm just running 1000 subs and airtime

    95. Simon Segerfelt


    96. Simon Segerfelt


    97. West Coast

      Lily has such an annoying voice

    98. Гориллыч Горыныч

      Русские вы где?

    99. ra ven

      Lily is like a lolli in an anime hahaha then corpse was like the adunno haha

    100. Zak Stella

      Voting Begins: PewDiePie: Votes immediately