I'm Quitting Minecraft Forever..


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    1. Denis Travis

      Nick nack toe who are you?

    2. Fritz Jabat

      Pweds didn't see the woodlands mansion lmao 🤣

    3. Seamless Gaming

      everyone ignored the tobuscus reverence, huh...

    4. سجاد موری

      دمتم گرم عالی

    5. Ramblin Red Girlie

      Pews: I'm quitting Minecraft forever (two weeks later) Are you sure about that

    6. Cole Dinwoodie

      dododododododododo subs die

    7. Hamza Rizwan

      Pew diepie why are you left the world play the old world of Minecraft

    8. MA4K

      pewdiepie thinking of how to get the game: should i order the game online or i'll drive to the fucking gamestop

    9. gamecraft gamer

      now thats what i call clutch

    10. Brayan Serrano

      Let’s go to the mountains we might find brouno Mars

    11. LUCY WORLD

      Your Minecraft is more beautiful than real world 😍

    12. Kerrie Heslop

      When you said you quit Minecraft I was so sad

    13. Ben Kenobi

      “Red diamonds”

    14. Alpha Ghost

      23:44 when bffft gets 100 child

    15. among us fan gamers

      Is redstone

    16. EmerYT

      Pewds: getting mending. And says ok

    17. Uncle Mikey

      U yodafy the sweet home Alabama song?

    18. Nghi Phạm Võ Phương

      What about Sven:(

    19. Clavesson MASCARENHAS

      flixe said piggy kill them pepepopo :(

    20. Eve Swayze500

      Omg I almost had a fucking heart attack watching this 😖😩

    21. Adittiaacan 021

      Kasih sub Indo

    22. Where my money??

      He needs to make a montage with clips of Creepers exploding in his face💥💥💥💥💥

    23. Where my money??

      Why does he keep on forgetting to write which part it is!

    24. people unknown me 54

      Pewdiepie when you make a portal get the obsidian from the edge's

    25. Fhyht Day NBC dh

      Pewds: There’s like no enimes in here Also pewds: gets hit by a skeleton Again pewds: 🏳️

    26. Sirevix

      "i haven't died my entire life"

    27. pakidsuniverse original

      Good PAprom video

    28. fernando henrique

      Those golden piglins don't like when you mine gold

    29. Xin Rou

      ur a noob, i dont know how you get so many followers but u are not that good at minecraft at all

      1. AngelBracano

        So if you are not that good at a game you are not allowed to have fun and share what you like to do with your subscribers... _u are a wise man_

      2. Xin Rou

        the piglins in the nether were attacking you because you mined the gold ore bruh, ya noob!

      3. Xin Rou


      4. Xin Rou

        i ahte you pewdiepie, your rude to us, we know minecraft more than you do, dummy

      5. Xin Rou

        btw your the dummy, everyone makes auto smelting furnaces and ur just putting 7 or 8 furnaces together and call us dummy? fffffffff

    30. Arry Opes

      Nice work!

    31. Trevor Stuart

      never mind u did

    32. Trevor Stuart


    33. Almostoriginal9yearold

      His gasp at 19:22 reminded me of that salad fingers guy

    34. ToastedDuck

      I see

    35. Sacha Rose

      Play the most dead game FORNITE I dare u or else u a coward Sven would despise u do it or else

    36. Karan Raj

      Pewdiepie is the PApromr who has millions of subscribers and very famous but still uses clickbait

    37. L&M Gamez

      Hmmm... Forever huh...

    38. serge_tabZ

      Love the intro pewds

    39. yeetmaster69lol A_gamer

      19:12. What is that sound

    40. Eric Ciso

      "me gets wool" "Nah I'll get it later"

    41. Alice'Z world

      Title: I'm Quitting Minecraft Forever.. *Literally 1 video later:* *MOINCRAFT*

    42. Elang Gaming


    43. Elang Gaming


    44. kurt blue

      2:37 *pfffffffffff*

    45. Aiden

      He didn’t grab the wool off their ‘shed’

    46. GSAT and Reading Techno Teacher JA

      well well well look like pew dont know the rules of piglins . the piglins attack you beacause you take their gold.

    47. Edward Hulten

      pewds: I come from the trees! me: i spawn in a tree in like, every world.


      i thought this was a rickroll XD

    49. YouritheKing

      6:50 Love the Yogscast reference

    50. IGUANA

      *Sorry, children. Try not to be as useless as your parents* Pewds went full Cartman mode there.

    51. PewDiePie Sucks Ass


      1. IGUANA

        @PewDiePie Sucks Ass so YOU can shit on him instantly. learn to recognize a clickbait, bruh.

      2. PewDiePie Sucks Ass


      3. IGUANA

        just like putting a minecraft screenshot over the black hole picture: you've just been trolololololed

    52. Trotto 2010


    53. Maralyn Glendenning

      I know reaction to what I experienced to your Channel but I would never subscribe and do anything about it because I would never become a PApromr but I would because I I would be a PApromr okay I'm just going to end my Senate since this is getting too long on my speaker hit wife who is hated

      1. Maralyn Glendenning

        Also if you have the other block that can make another portal but don't try to make into another photo because Herobrine respond coming out of that portal you made this is like a nether portal but it's different

      2. Maralyn Glendenning

        2 videos yes to videos on his iPad you can go check it out I'll tell you my name but I don't know why I would tell you that

      3. Maralyn Glendenning

        You know what's going to PApromr like this I know PApromr you can just going to subscribe to my son's to videos

      4. Maralyn Glendenning

        You think there's a bigger chance I will do something but I was talking to my comments

      5. Maralyn Glendenning

        Your name is nunny

    54. Jarred McMerrick

      I hate bridges *Always has been*

    55. Икс ТволтиК

      Пожалуйста очень прошу подпишитесь на меня мне нужен 1подпишчык

    56. Raphazack


    57. Yahia Games

      تبادل اشتراكات/ دعم exchange subscriptions / support

    58. con.all.rytp

      Wotafak, wheya ur vieuwers?

    59. Blueberry Sans

      Pewds:THERES NOTHING HERE Me who see’s a pillager outpost: bruh

    60. Kemari Plummer

      I LOOOOOOVVVVEEEEE YOUR VIDS BTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    61. Kemari Plummer

      dont mine gold in front of them

    62. Kemari Plummer

      You mined gold in front of a piglin pewdiepie

    63. Nonwibb

      5:25 A Tobuscus reference... in 2020. Interesting... 6:49 wOW and an old Yogscast reference. I feel like a youtube boomer.

    64. tom rabbani

      "HOW DOES DEAD FEEL, DUMBASS?" -Pewdiepie 20201

    65. tom rabbani

      I loved the yogscast Diggy Diggy Hole reference

    66. dIF3rZ Dips

      Sense when is pewds anikin skywalker

    67. Infernape

      This is one of his best minecraft videos , I almost died laughing 😂

    68. TOCT AAM

      Umm what happened to pewds original world?

    69. InfinusPlayZz

      Yes.... You were telling Right.... Quitting Minecraft forever.... Streamed live 3 minutes ago

    70. The Guy By CVS

      8:07 new ore confirmed?👀🤔

    71. Eppe

      24:44 what...?

    72. Teo Kenety

      did he say "Sadel" ??

    73. Thelma Lingman

      Pewdiepies Voice: aaaaaaaa😧😨😰 His face: 🙂

      1. Thelma Lingman

        I- Yes, exactly

      2. IGUANA

        a man who can hide his emotions. looks like it's not even human

    74. Chrisander0912

      has anybody noticed that joeregan is basically Joe Regan

    75. Aa O da Kim

      👍 you can browse my channel

      1. Sterloog

        No I don’t think I will

    76. Morgan Sullivan

      Can you please make a playlist with all of the hardcore videos!

    77. BRIGGO

      Diggy diggy hole took me back...

    78. jacob zubkowski

      luckiest man alive

    79. S h i n i

      6:49 The Yogcast!

    80. Swaggy F

      it took him 4 episodes to make a bed

    81. Taylor West

      6:49 every yogscast reference to me is jarring

    82. SSAshton

      I created the GOOLD compilation of Pewds

    83. UndeadTwigz

      why did sive use the sh*t version off I'm digging a hole?

    84. Morgan Alverson


    85. Ryan Clayton

      He was about to say dododododododo subscrube

    86. Ryzhack Luther Quirit

      Piglins protect nether gold thats why a piglin is going to kill you dumb ass just kiding im a flipin dippin number 1 fan like dude

    87. Rayan Laraki

      I love you pewds

    88. Brayden MacDougall

      How does dead feel? -pewdiepie

    89. karen heronstairs

      played it in 1.5 speed and it was the most intense video ever

    90. Kristy LANGENHOVEN

      That’s a lot of creepers

    91. Jor Graham

      duuude! don't waste diamond pick axe on cobble :,(((

    92. Roopali Neeraj


    93. WEILKII VE

      Can someone please tell me the name of the sound at 19:25

    94. gen fagan

      Felix gets hurt Everyone: EAT!!! ( sorry if I copied anyone)

    95. Slasher


    96. WAviator 1

      felix: that's it, im gonna leave... literally 0.00000002 seconds later: *THAT'S WHAT A COWARD WOULD SAY*

    97. Rouge


    98. Stuv

      are you the dream??

    99. Smile

      Does he not know that he can’t mine gold in front of them lol

    100. Johnny hilly Billy bo

      "do I need there magma smegma?"