I'm Done With Minecraft Now..


4.3 ਮਿਲੀਅਨ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼244

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    1. Connor Cozart

      17:34: Wanna hear the most annoying noise in the world?

    2. SimpleKing.

      Pewdiepie: I’m done with minecraft *1 month later* Pewdiepie: my Minecraft addiction needs to be stopped!

    3. Jamie Biggadike

      You could put shroom lights under the water

    4. Матвей Варянов


    5. Shereena Sajith

      make more plz

    6. Shereena Sajith


    7. IgetITnowLOL

      (brewing stand showed up infront of pewds) Pewds: :o Enchanting Table!

    8. Sᴛᴏᴘ ɪᴛ

      loud = funny

    9. Bruno Olivaes

      react to a video from the maicon kuster channel

    10. __Prasenjit_Datta__

      You are playing minecraft hardcore???

    11. Kyle Capasso


    12. Kyle Capasso

      RIP DanTDM :)

    13. -ғᴇʟʟ ғʀɪsᴋ-

      Man we salute to this legend we protect him from hate and danger

    14. Gussy Craigey

      Take the fucken shaders off

    15. Godly Shadow

      U can craft end rods with blaze rod and popped Chorus fruit.

    16. s s

      13:55 enchantment table! :0

    17. NotEclipz

      Pewds: *has a mental breakdown because of his villagers* 20 seconds later: I love this minecraft world

    18. Haseenathul Bhaheeral

      No way hes gonna end cuz hes pewdiepie

    19. jokerXalpha

      Wait u got netherite before an elytra xD

    20. Carol Nalda

      add a publick Comments

    21. Escher Seo

      Can we just talk about how he didn't craft a single smoker the entire game?

    22. Ninja x poke

      how fo you build this

    23. Gabriel ML

      i watched this vid in 4am i the morning and the no scream throwed my frickin phonr

    24. muhammed inzamam


    25. Liam Fredgren

      Kan du bara prata svenska i en video

    26. Jaxson

      Im trying to play minecraft in real life not sure how it’s going

    27. Cyrus

      Hope one day my gameplay will be recognised

    28. Riley S

      Pewds: I can’t think of anything that would excite me anymore “suffering from success” Also pewds: 15:12

    29. Chance Briggs

      I’ll be the one to say it but we thumbs down this video not because we didn’t like it but because you stop the series..

    30. Gloveman

      Legit, the best Minecraft Series. Thanks Pewds :)


      NO ! Game is finished after all achievements r over

    32. Jocke

      Beautiful ending, salute

    33. Possessed Hoodie

      Where Sven?

    34. COD

      His reaction to the villager turning into a witch had me dying

    35. Leonel Eduardo Suazo Montalvan

      Wait what happened tp pzzzz The bee 🐝

    36. Juan Pablo

      I am not crying, YOU ARE!!!

    37. MintyDrago

      13:55 brewing stand .-.

    38. IT'S Wes 2.0

      I love how felix has full netherite armor and stuff and still surprised by a knockback || daimond sword😂😂😂😂


      when will you continue your minecraft letz play?

    40. TechnicalFaisalIqbal

      Minecraft 🎉🎉🎉🎉

    41. Krizel Velasquez

      pweds annoyed me in 17:35 cringe

    42. Леонид Форостов


    43. Octavio Moreno

      I hate you

    44. Diamond

      You can craft end rods with popped chorus fruit and blaze rods (you can also craft purpur blocks with popped chorus fruit)

    45. R-Reel

      At 17:30, if you just cut it there 17:35 it’ll be a *hilariously cut scream* 😂

    46. ishan gupta

      19:23 "you know how much money its gonna cost?" *literally holding 64 emeralds in his hand*

    47. I'm A Fan

      All these progress, yet still no doug.

    48. Coll

      Swedish man flexes on old hardcore man (karma)

    49. I dont know what to change my name to

      So... chiquita bonita is dead ... 😪

    50. PURPOSE

      13:55 "Ahh EnChAntMent TaBLe!!!!!" 😂

    51. Nemanja Stojic

      17:34 R.I.P headphones

    52. Michael

      Warlocks using heat rises be like @7:20

    53. FoneyHunny

      Wait how did the villagers turn into witches LMAO

      1. Sunnyd824

        That’s what happened then they get struck by lighting

    54. FoneyHunny


    55. The Lego Stop Motion Noob

      You dont have to build a roof, build a lighting rod out of copper to save your villagers

    56. Sophia Salazar

      Felix truly manifested becoming a Minecraft veteran

    57. Anwar 408

      People succed

    58. 2:48 AM

      what up with his energy lol are y'all forcing him to play this game or what? look like he not enjoying it at all

    59. Migi Mob

      You should do a fiver video!



    61. Fynn McAusland

      you can make end rods

    62. Nakano

      I think we all know what he gonna do with them rods

    63. codenameayanYT

      did he really call the brewing stand an enchantment table?

    64. Quentin Quentin

      What shader do you use?

    65. Mico James

      Pewdiepie your not really beat minecraft.

    66. Aurélie Burger

      13:55 Enchantment table

    67. Behold Nonsense

      I got whiplash when he mentioned philza and then said he died in the end by falling off a ledge

    68. _ dior

      I smell cap.

    69. A M

      Bro the chance of you stop playing Minecraft doesn’t exist lol

    70. Hasten Howard

      Is so op that he enters the nether already on fire

    71. Itsyaboyscott

      Use the slow falling potions in the end to counter the shoulder effect ending

    72. Sir GlazedDonut

      I feel like he's gonna be flying but the elytra suddenly breaks and he falls to his death.

    73. Imran Roszaide

      the comment is full of bunch of kids

    74. Meg B

      you can craft end rods btw

    75. Thái Fan

      I don’t see Steve. What happened with him

    76. meet Jimmy

      Pewdiepie pro

    77. meet Jimmy

      Bro hard core

    78. Campos M

      Always makes me go back to Minecraft every time I see him play it

    79. fuck it

      Bruh dosent have enough storage and dosent use sholker box lmao

    80. David Anaya

      What happened with his old world?

    81. The Gaming Lord

      Cocomelon will prevail

    82. Waffle Road와플로드

      a video of spam cooking on a waffle machine

    83. Andrew Jones

      17:34 my self satisfaction

    84. Milkman

      Looking very handsome today my guy

    85. Robert Bilotta


    86. Corrado Olivieri


    87. umair Khan

      We need some more 💖💖

    88. Gv Rondolos

      you can use water on the end portal to end city just swim on it

    89. Brieen

      your base actually looks insane lol

    90. Maria Isabel Sousa


    91. emily scolaro

      "idk it's something about the shape of [endrods]...I like it." - ... sus

    92. Ian

      CaptainSparklez: The Silverfish Incident Pewdiepie: The Witch Invasion

    93. Siebe Luijken

      get the 10 mill subs

    94. Sike Not me

      I was about to fall asleep when 17:33

    95. deadpool 5567

      you now must do crazy craft or some other modded world

    96. Victoria Padilla

      My favorite part is “calm down, stoic brother” as a stoic sister I am proud 😂🌝

    97. Mythicx shadow

      Lets see how many subs we can get from 1 commen Current:21

    98. gaming world


    99. Achyut Revo

      Well that was a fucking lie

    100. Rockmaru ._.

      Pewdiepie: i don't know what would make me exited because i have everything Me: a dog