I'm Back With A Huge Announcement! LWIAY #00148


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    Reverse facereveal, never done before gamers
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    1. TheAwesomeAlfonso • AlfonsoRebong

      Pewdiepie is Bald

    2. Gaming682Playz

      Me customizing my avatar in roblox and gets distracted by pewds: Jesus christ I guess pewds is more powerful than roblox **Bows on the video**

    3. yaha

      this is the video where the cocomelon intro ends guys peace

    4. Jay Jain


    5. Kirill Danilov

      2021 PewDiePie is the best

    6. Dark Wolf

      That intro was amazing.

    7. Shambhavi Pandey


    8. Elisabeth Strømdahl

      Actually got scared this was true, sadness

    9. xXDan_The_Man22 The sentinel


    10. سمير جيمنج

      اول فيديو لي PewDiePie

    11. Crystal OO

      Pewds looks like one of the Green brothers here.

    12. Roosty

      Printed his face out and taped it onto my screen

    13. Diana Martinez

      I really want to see more gaming videos 🙏🏽🙏🏽 please and also your face in the thumbnail looks like a young Santa Claus 🎅🏼

    14. 니들연구소

      형 나는 2년동안 미친듯이 노력했는데 구독자 10만도 못들었어.. 나도 골드버튼 받고싶어 ㅠ ㅠ

    15. Leon Smith

      He looks like Jan from lilyhammer in the thumbnail

    16. AZ Abdullah

      Start at 5:55

    17. AZ Abdullah

      Start at 5:55

    18. first name

      Hey vsauce here

    19. Jenna Thompson

      I’m just slowly forgetting what he actually looks like through this video.

    20. They only iced creeper

      I missed yah papa

    21. d4yys

      nooooooooooooooooo face cam ;w; XD uwu

    22. SwiftBlade4

      The animation with Jaden didn't have the ending scene. Why?

    23. Raditya Rifki


    24. Jelly Klaire


    25. Josh daddy

      When he used the bts picture for the corpse husband joke, omg

    26. Bryce Pirie

      i wonder if felix's beard will ever grow an extra beard of its own, ( supreme alpha manly powers )? - anything can happen.

    27. 8alakai8

      ask a local youtube pc guy to help you fix the linus pc linus put a lot of time in it

    28. Amino


    29. Genta Argani Wicaksono


    30. Baraa Mohammad

      I'm bream

    31. JayNstein

      PewDiePie is nice

    32. SunTheoDie

      i watched this 👍

    33. Draxido

      10:30 LMAO

    34. Ilya Nikiforov

      8:26 Producer Ivanov

    35. Mr dem

      3:33 she,s looking at my soul

    36. mike_HVAC

      PAprom stopped giving notifications for your videos after the break...having to catch up on videos now.

    37. asroid boss


    38. asroid boss


    39. Figh Ter

      I like his Streams thats why i want to support him but i have no money so maybe u could support him Twitch: ZeppyLive

    40. Aidan Nguyen


    41. Muzffar Ali zafar

      You didn't deserve it

    42. Draconid

      wanna try a japanese instrument ?

    43. RSI GAMING

      That total gaming from india no face reveal massively popular

    44. kinley .-.

      I miss 2017 pewdiepie too he was hot and savage

    45. ShmackCityEvan

      Okay double adds no skip button ima click away from the video now I’ll watch it another time

    46. Nathan Quimby

      Are you going to finish Doom 3

    47. tHesyrilAnImaTion


    48. SamTube007

      Wait BUT AMONG US IS DE-

    49. Tester 316278

      8:26 Pewds has already reinvented himself more than once, lest we forget the dark ages.

    50. Mrd0402

      No way

    51. Die


    52. enriched macaroni product

      they said whilst lol

    53. Lukas Reimer


    54. UnsealedWings

      I wonder how many girls flick the bean to PewDiePie?

    55. Games WOW NOW

      way better without your face

    56. IGUANA

      Same energy: "Everytime I'm on break, you guys just f*ck it all up, don't you? What the hell is wrong with you?" - Felix Kjelberg vs. "Jeez, I'm gone for one day, the whole house goes to hell." - Red Forman

    57. Pixelhurricane

      Mark: I am a man who owns FIVE OVENS Pewds: 5:40

    58. maddie Parry

      his your gay

      1. maddie Parry


    59. Shahd

      yall this was the first video i watched by pewdiepie- i was so confused lmfao

    60. CSLGSKS


    61. Jack Smith

      Pewdiepie face reviled *parents called*

    62. Andrés Roque

      Ah man... Pewds + Sive = the best thing that happened here

    63. Dario Bermudez

      5:55 Feels good

    64. yes

      Aha aha that clap

    65. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      That manga inspired fanart was quite dark. And imagine if it was official to the story. 😂😬

    66. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      Interesting face reveal reverse thing. 😅

    67. Nuutele Vaeena

      I don't

    68. Raul Homei Telcean

      Alo ți-am dat bip , dar sa stii , nuti cer nimic

    69. blade

      Pewds reverse face reveal I reverse the subscribe

    70. John Titor

      Hello I am comment

    71. Pranav Batra


    72. 何昊 GAMING


    73. Лайм


      1. Jm Morales Geron Quililan.


    74. C Y


    75. José Miguel

      All trust in napxterr on Instagram he hacked my account with unlimited stripchat tokens 💯

    76. Dre Frankenstein

      Seth Rogsn type skinny

    77. Izabella Zukowska

      What happened to book review ? Anyone else wondering?

    78. Hassan Ali


    79. Alex Brouse

      Pewdiepie: I love getting to interact with you guys Also Pewdiepie: if you see me in public leave me alone I understand the reasoning behind both of these and I am not calling him out I just find it a little funny

      1. Sam UwU

        Prob his introvert side

    80. Owen Krage


    81. Sobble With A Gun


    82. Parnitha Vlogs


    83. Visionary

      the people who say jaiden *animation* instead of jaiden *animations* are the cheese grater of my sanity

    84. Mr. animator


    85. bilan


    86. humyra yesmin

      Rasel sir at science care the panda

    87. Nico _

      In an alternate universe this is how pewdiepie would look like if he didn’t hit the gym

    88. matteo plays


    89. the fatass skeleton that befriended your mom

      A Turk: shows up in LWIAY Every Turkish Hearing This From 1000 Miles: *AS BAYRAKLARI AS AS AS AS CCC*

    90. Matte

      isnt that simon from the yogscast

    91. Saudi Mapper محمدXXالدوسري


    92. محمد رفيق

      He looks like happycairek

    93. Fathia Medina

      Ain't anyone gonna talk about the bts part he talking about?

    94. alliyathe whitecat


    95. Bon Bon


    96. Table

      i don’t like this stupid reverse face reviel because it’s not fun anymore

    97. Wendy Marvel

      Yes, we missed you.

    98. Taylor Ladouceur

      Pewds should totally let fans design avatars for him like he did with cocomelon intros. Anyone else think so?

    99. Alperen

      Burdurland'e söven türk topluluğu bee

    100. Beshr ALHAJ IBRAHIM