I'm a Hypocrite... #exposed


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    1. OPscorpi0n

      PewDiePie: *Posts a 19 year olds proposal on youtube to 108 Million people* Also PewDiePie: "Bro don't get married at 19 that's too young"

    2. disturbadAngel1

      I'm really hating his self realization. I love his personality and commentary in his games. I'm going to be 29 and I look forward to all of his videos. :c I love you Felix. You make me feel normal and welcomed.

    3. Midnight girl

      I feel like his suit looks likes Draco or is that me ???? (Omg I feel like I watch to much Harry pottah)

    4. Joshua Thomas

      14:46 how many of you are willing to bet this is the turning point? He is going to reinvent himself/the channel.

    5. Uncle Sam

      When pewdiepie gets a tourette tick 11:05

    6. Caitlin Fifer

      Bring back 5 weird things on line

    7. IGUANA

      2:09 "Ghost Of PewDiePie" confirmed

    8. Ayaan Fahad

      fun fact: baby shark is the most viewed video on youtube with 7.6b views

    9. Emily van der Schilden

      You're not too old for PAprom

    10. SKYE LOVER 2003

      When are you continuing with subnoutica

    11. Tarana Kapur

      10:10 me laughing at pewds laughing at kid laughing at pewds 😂😂

    12. Inxstyy

      I love how felixes new pfp is a discord mod

    13. Todd Howard


    14. Bobelsey11

      I’ve had to stop watching for many months because of the persistent, casual, sexist comments. Hearing someone with such an enormous platform normalize speaking about women in that way was really hurtful. I let it slide for a while because I feel, on the whole, Felix is a good person. But he rejects any notion that these jokes and comments are even sexist, let alone that he may be doing damage (I’d guess because his understanding of sexism is incomplete). Time to give him another chance I suppose.

    15. Kunsh Puranik


    16. idk relly

      the kid laughing put a smile on my face for soem reason

    17. Ju Ju

      dude, the bunny :C

    18. balltillifall88


    19. Noxiria Mairollo

      I thought I am in a wrong channel

    20. Lieutenant bruhify

      Me: nice intr- Felix: *CO CO MELON* me: this new intro is messing with my mind

    21. Lieutenant bruhify

      This new intro is banging

      1. Lieutenant bruhify

        @Marvelle Api Pecinta KA 1 yes

      2. Marvelle Api Pecinta KA 1

        Ayyy, we are friend

    22. theTurbanMan

      9:37 I started to have bridge flashbacks

    23. SupraDeluxx

      why do i feel dead inside whenever i watch your content?


      bro it's so trippy for me watching felix grow dude, i subscribed to him in the amnesia and happy wheels days, i was like, 4? with an account i forgot the password of, and subscribed with the next.... and the next.... and the next, and now with this one, i don't think he'll read this, but if he does. hey poods, thanks for making my life way better than if i hadn't found your channel, i have no idea how you managed to stay funny through out the years, but you do

    25. Nyameer James

      Make a song with your recorder please

    26. Dj apos


    27. N3ssy, o famoso gado

      Aprendendo ingles pra assistor o video do pew normalmente

    28. Caroline Aguilera

      Play more games 😩😩

    29. GamingWithUzair

      Subscribe to my channel for gaming walkthroughs and reviews soon

    30. Eli Hamza

      bring back among us streams

    31. Burn in Hell

      Don't get married at all, it just complicates things when the relationship dies. Why would you need papers and signatures to love someone anyway? We humans do a lot of dumb shit to waste our time, then time is up and we stop existing.

    32. Diana Bayon

      Bring back your horror gameplays I miss those💯

    33. Nikia Henninger-Mancuso

      That cake maker in the tik tok defiled the pewds cake and turned it into a fortnite cake:((

    34. howtolife678

      2 weeks later and she changed the pewds cake to Fortnite

    35. Bunny

      i thought it was sushi....

    36. तारका

      i keep cracking up when i hear LOOK AT THE GRAPH! xD

    37. Mariah Thompson

      so y’all just gonna ignore the perry picture huh

    38. Keto Momma

      omg the kid laughing lol

    39. Louis Mertens

      The pewdiepie cake was made into a fortnite cake!!!! (The video was on tiktok)

    40. Gio Alavi

      This is Pfftfft : 🐝 Keep him at the top of the comments to save him from drowning!!!

    41. Svetlio Doychinov

      I also don't see the custom upvote buttons. Anyone know how to turn it on?

    42. Victoria Sanchez

      Love you forever pewds! Do you! Lookin forward to the book reviews!

    43. egroeG


    44. Frendze

      0:57 She said yes :)

    45. ThatGuyBlah

      Some of us get annoyed at things we love, and that's just the way they express it. The name was and still is PAprom. We just want you.

    46. MattyG27

      Seeing that kid laughing tells me Pewds could be a great father. So Marzia, What will be the name of the seed? 😂

    47. Daniel Leo

      9:38 careful there pewd's we wouldnt want another adpocalypse

    48. El mastaba -Mo Aref

      Please support me by subscribing,clicking like and watching videos 😘❤🌹

    49. lina

      where does pewds livestream

    50. Enna Ojala

      16:16 me who got her first child and married at 19 😬 (That was 2011. We got another child 2014. We’ve been together since 12/2009 🤗 we were fast I know but we knew we belong together so why wait 💕)

    51. Jaces World

      Pog champ

    52. Emil Nilsson

      9:43 probably the funniest and cutest thing in this video

    53. Shiwani Tiwary


    54. CC W

      Didn’t know pewdiepie’s bee didn’t die yet

    55. Deguzzie

      Okay but I deadass loved watching him build in his livestream 😭

    56. Edwin Chinchilla

      "All I got is pfffft", the good times before the disaster.

    57. Lukas Reimer


    58. Mr Floaty

      I am here from the feature (bpffffffs) is dead :,(

    59. Le'ona Perry

      Yeeeees watch pewds instead of cocomelon

    60. Miku666

      On a serious note, can we appreciate how much felix does for us, just for our happiness. Not to mention he’s been on PAprom for 10 years now, almost 11, and he ISNT bored. He’s a literal legend! We love you Felix, no matter how much I hate this community sometimes because it’s filled with white straight pubescent boys that are raicst homophobic and sexist, I still love you. You’re also such a good person. You deserve the world!❤️

      1. Varia XI

        very nice that last bit was about as hypocritical as it gets grow up and learn who the bad guys really are

    61. Cara

      The recorder just looks upside-down?

    62. Sven #1

      in the intro I thought it was gonna say peediepie not cocomelon

    63. DerJägerhalt

      can you do some anime videos where you talk about your favourite anime?

    64. ScotInTheDot

      Dude... If you're too old for YT, wtf am I? 😲😒

    65. Aydan Baker

      for your real dumps, contact DUMPSGURU on telegram, he's the right plug, got my working virtual from him today which I used in purchasing my iPhone 12.

    66. MM Alé

      “Don’t get married at 19” Me who got married at 17:👁💧👄💧👁

    67. DanielTheGamer

      PewdiePie gave up on editing his intro so he just used Cocomelons

    68. Jungkook’s Iron Man socks

      9:21 “f*cking sucks, all i got is pffft”.....well....not anymore

    69. Mubeen Dewan

      Pewds: All I have it bfft dammit! ...

    70. Dee Dee

      "All i've got is pfft" Well that didn't age well.

    71. Mr. Pelican

      ooooo this didnt age well

    72. Agung R

      "SUPPORT ME" Please 💖

    73. Kristian123 Balao

      I thought it was pewdiepie in the intri

    74. [M-H] Enterprise

      Thanks my dear friends so much

    75. I'm VirginBotham

      17:27 it's been like this since 2016 bro ,don't worry about it

    76. Toast T

      I got both tamboweens

    77. Aukkhor Mujahid

      I showed this to my baby cousin... He cried after the intro

    78. Saraiki Dunya

      I wish there was a good servant of God who would also subscribe to my channel. I wish there was such a good man

    79. Elisa G

      Yes! Bring back Book Review!

    80. I have a goldfish obsession • 10 pp ago

      “dad where did you propose to mom” my parents bathroom

    81. syrphex

      malls but with a b

    82. Three Kings

      nice well done good job

    83. 森林ヴィンセント


    84. Sean Hochburger


    85. Po Po

      I like your playtroughs. It would be nice of they would be a little shorter (not streamed)

    86. Jummar Dirchi


    87. Half Girl

      I really love his new hardcore world and I don’t get why people don’t like it

    88. lil younboikev

      My baby brother was mad soooo when it wasn't actually Cocomelon 😂

    89. Kaitlyn Mittler

      we stan tired pewdiepie

    90. bossdergamer

      you gotta use commands in csgo so the bullets stay

    91. Owls n' stuff

      Man, just do what you want to and love. You don't have to be on youtube for a specific reason for our sakes, just do it if you like it. You're never gonna please everyone, and anyways, I know your fans are important to you, but it is still YOUR channel. Also, one of the big reasons why I've kept on watching you for almost ten years, is because of the fact that you are just being yourself, doing what it is that you want to do.

    92. D0S81

      drawing pics with bullets is one of those things i love to do, and i guarantee every person that can draw, and loves games has done it to. making art with shit that wasn't really made for making art is just one of those things artists do........i mean have you seen the shit they have in galleries?


      SUBSCRIBE (BLACKPINK)(^~^)plsss💖


      SUBSCRIBE (BLACKPINK)(^~^)plsss


      SUBSCRIBE (BLACKPINK)(^~^)plsss

    96. Maria Ashour

      مين اجى من التيك توك 😂😂✌🏻

    97. Techn0 for life

      9:55 The side of pewds' work the media doesn't want you to see.

    98. Kang download Proo

      Bang coba toxis

    99. Clintzie Andromeda

      Why's your intro Cocomelon?

    100. Kota

      Hey uh, I still really like the playthroughs