I lost my best friend... - Minecraft Hardcore #7


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    1. LilGhosty's Tales


    2. N o m a n


    3. Robin Petelin

      Can we get an o7 chain for bfffppt?

    4. Shinji

      didnt pewds say he will end his hardcore series if pbfffffff dies

    5. gamer girl

      Me: what happend to you Pew: i lost my bestfriend

    6. Khải Nguyễn Quang

      bee love chicken ok ok i am fine

    7. Cj Batapa

      I have a survival world and my pet died my poor doggo

    8. Chan Woo


    9. Arin Srivastava

      Its funny how the intro is him chassing pfffsdfsfdsfdsfdsfsdt

    10. Panos k

      The bee died like my ears when i hear Felix playing flute...

    11. Sivankutty B

      That song was amazing RIP bffffffffffff.

    12. snapie boi

      Marzia: *having a good day, minding her own buisness, playing animal crossing *Pewds starts playing flute thing*

    13. Devansha Dhakal

      RIP Bffftttt i did some research felix and he died from the ADMINS AND NOTCH You see if mobs dont have a name tag to their name they despawn

    14. Reuben Davies

      F in the chat for bpffffff

    15. Yuri

      The one time he tried to be a good petkeeper...

    16. Aprendi Inglês

      Jurgen:died in a portal to literal hell Jurgen2:died in a train accident Rolf:died from a zombie attack Peepeepoopoo: died by falling off the highest place in minecraft Watersheep:died by a torture machine Bernie: died while fighting an entire raid of weapond enemies Bbbbbbbfff: dies by drowning in a kid pool

    17. Kxng

      I feel so bad for laughing at pbthhffs death, but it was so dumb xD

    18. Owen Gaines

      Pbffft was not just a bee he was a brother

    19. TROY RYAN NEOH Moe

      I miss minecraft survival series

    20. Kaellan Zeke Torzar

      This is the first time in minecraft history (I think) That someone felix loves in minecraft dies but with no rain

    21. kechupanimationsYT

      claims if BFFFFFFFF dies play trough over BFFFFFFFFFFF dies: continues playing everyone: yay more minecraft

    22. kechupanimationsYT

      10 years ago: 9 year olds now: 19 year olds at least he knows how to count

    23. Olasumbo Odukoya

      It's just like the first yourgan but different animal and death

    24. Vedant Kumar

      "You can't shoot me, I'm a fish" -Pewds 2021

    25. Click Me Now!

      You suck, get him a frivking hive

    26. Gamer BryceDtv

      Bzzzzt died cuz he was gonna drink water then his wings got wet and he could not fly out so he drowned

      1. Click Me Now!

        He is pff

    27. Filip Stefaniak

      [*] bfff


      Can someone tell me what shader pewd used his hardcore world pls pls😔😔😔😳


        @Click Me Now! Hey i found what shader is that its BSL shader bro


        @Click Me Now! ok ok sure bro ypu too tell me if you find it pls😌

      3. Click Me Now!

        Please tell me too if you find

    29. Arwa Ibrahim

      pewds: now i dont have anybody jouragen: am i a joke to you pewdiepie???

    30. Eyt Gaming

      Pewds Sound Like Mr. Crab

    31. Eyt Gaming

      I just realize that how many Times Sven Survive In a Dangerous thing like Surviving in a Creeper and survive,trapped in A ocean and survive or Almost To struck by Lightning How Lucky Sven are? Hope all minecraft gamers Have lucky pet like Pewds

    32. Pico Lico hico

      Damn all the comments spoiled it :(

    33. rach

      Where's his hive :(

    34. August Tiusanen


    35. Princess Clearwater

      Maybe he’s short that’s why he drowned??

    36. Dylan Hellyer

      What texture pack is that ?

      1. Dylan Hellyer

        And R.I.P bffft

    37. Daniel Salazar

      what graphics do you have for minecraft pewdiepie? :)

    38. Horuz Gamez

      Guys I need to know how to get ray tracing please help

    39. Owen Drake

      Pbfffft noooo

    40. Stick Battler.

      pffffft was suidicidal

    41. DELTA25 gaming


    42. Allen Ezekiel

      i actualy shed tears


      11:14 *Pewdiepie why did you stabbed the PIG ??*

    44. Rence


    45. Lucas Gaming

      He just I got down of being trapped so he decided to end it all

    46. Alec Kramer

      "He was my father" 🤣🤣

    47. Siddhartha Singh

      "Who drowns in a kids pool" 😭😭😭☠️

    48. Ιορδανης Σιαπερδας

      Felixe's father watching this video be like: bzzzzzzzzzzbzzzzzzzzz ( with anger )

    49. KegPtroX

      Bfywfsgduwhdhwushfiwbzuwqihdwievcjwuzdiwiduiwuxbwuhxdvdnxxdzynwhdjedwwsjwisbdiwnxiwbsirji2ahiejwisud287dbiwnwnxuejnwyfi2wmdnfjjejwudjfieduen2wbdifjebw8fbbeiwiwhdjfjkfjfjtjrkrjrrwwdi2j2hrhthtjtjtjtjjejweejejeiebwosdh393hr8fbeuffffffttttttttttttttftttfc dead

    50. Sheldon Forgette

      cool man

    51. Drawing with Parrots shorts


    52. Magnus Lindberg


    53. Zach Bobik

      your pc is good enough you shouldnt have frame drops i have a 1070 gpu and a 5900x cpu (12core) i have a little more cpu but way worse gpu and i get 160 fps with out shaders or anything

    54. Heinrich Matthias

      Just find a bee

    55. Apø11ö~

      Why did pewds exchange the golden horse armour for the other thing? I mean, he had rotten flesh in his inventory

    56. Ash Erz

      Pbfft committed suicide

    57. Apø11ö~

      Damn it. PPBFFFFT died with a** rash

    58. แก้ว ศรี

      Goodbye PFFFT

    59. Sang

      Pewdiepie kill his friend again

    60. Makayla Allen

      felix , i know this is hard to hear but pbffffffft would have lived if you let him go ........... so keeping him actually killed him *sorry*

    61. Z Art

      The game who made you famous Pewds:this game sucks

    62. Gannon Redding

      it’s enough to make a grown man cry

    63. Tor Bergqvist

      Pretty sure the hole in the ceiling was made by lightning igniting his roof, he's lucky his house didn't burn down.

    64. milo mack.x

      i would like watching house keeping in normal speed actually

    65. Anam Kashif


    66. Ezra Morris

      "Rest in peace dude..." pewds 2020 RIP bffffff

    67. Ace 135

      Nooo not bffffff

    68. Annelise VW

      crisis adverted you guys

    69. Max Venning

      Does it bother anyone else that his door has been the wrong way since the first episode

    70. Dark Wolf

      Rip Bfffft 😢😢.

    71. Y G

      Rip bff


      Bbbbff had been forced live in pewdiepies house and then he had enough had to suicide in kid pool he was a realy hero hero tried escape hero making felix happy

    73. ZORD redknight

      Who else Lowey teared up

    74. Cunning Fox

      Pewds: *NOW DONT LEAVE! NO HOLES!* Bpfft: _it looks like my time has come_

    75. Abdallah Antonio Banna Abdulmesih

      When pfffffttt dies and pewd started playing his favorite song it made me cry😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    76. SquirrelTheGamer

      R.I.P pfbtttt ✊

    77. N̴e̴c̴r̴o̴m̴a̴n̴c̴e̴r̴ 147

      I guess the bee was tired of the torture

    78. ezand jem

      Pfft must have been severely depressed

    79. Peter Deutschmann

      You coulda got SOOOOO much netherite with 32 tnt

    80. Steve Sting Gaming


    81. Seth Travis

      FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF RIP PFFFFFT. You were a kinda good bee. :(



    83. Mister Master

      Umm isn’t the series supposed to be done because of pfffff

    84. SpicyFish

      I guess you that means you lost ppppp the bee

    85. Uw Wizard

      Remember how he said if pbfffff died the series was over

    86. Umar Husni

      I did not know Felix could sing the flute

    87. Angel De Jesus

      F for the bee

    88. lord freezey

      Rip brffffff

    89. blazerio

      F for pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

    90. SmilednathanplayzGamez

      Don't worry I liked the video to make you feel better

    91. Kelly Finch

      "is this dangerous I can't tell" lmaaooooo

    92. A Bit Of Everything

      You say light as "lit"

    93. Joshua Mussasa

      Who drowns in a kid pool tho

    94. Joshua Mussasa

      Why do I feel so sad about BFFFBBBBDFFRTFFFFF

    95. Anton Sabroe

      "Let's kill the lava" Felix Kjellberg 2020

    96. Pao AE

      Pfftt never had a beehive

    97. Irtaza Azhar

      "Theres Diamond Underneath" proceeds to mine TNT

    98. Tiger X

      its your fault she died

    99. Jordy

      My uncle is a farmer and he set himself on fire once

    100. MikeDindu

      He was our hero, our father, our son.