Minecraft Hardcore Woodland Mansion Is Awful.. - Minecraft Hardcore #15


4.5 ਮਿਲੀਅਨ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼224

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    1. Himavanth G S

      Pewds minecraft is devolving but forwards.

    2. Sampriti Mandal

      15:49 👁️👄👁️

    3. kechupanimationsYT

      nice furnece head

    4. Nadia Farook

      You missed a room with a diamond block😓

    5. Rasmitha Mahunta

      That's my mansion I made in my sister's house

    6. Nancy Highfield

      The intros are getting great

    7. Muhammad Randi Ramadani

      I love the editing

    8. Reister Webb

      did he just leave totems on the floor?

    9. The Anime Dude

      the saddest thing was him leaving totems

    10. Dark Wolf

      Minecraft the game that has jumpscares.

    11. AdamyongGamerz 25


    12. Elias Harper

      Are we not going to talk about the fact that he calls the evokers, “wraths” and he also missed like 5 totems.

    13. Evan Brown

      PewDiePie: I didn’t think I’d be speed running this thing Also PewDiePie: spends 20 minutes killing vexs 😂

    14. melted acid

      I played Giornos theme 1 hour for this entire episode LOL

    15. Tai Saichan

      to be honest, that's epic.

    16. DFL Gaming

      I cant stop laughing when i see a house of furnace

    17. Febrian Arul

      16:51 epic scene start

    18. Jandro Brizuela

      Pfffft ...is in the intro...

    19. Biljana Vujaklija

      can you please stop saying shit

    20. Biljana Vujaklija

      i got kill by then in the same armor as you and i had enchanted golden apples

    21. Biljana Vujaklija

      oa glich

    22. Biljana Vujaklija

      the one that were hiting you where vexs they come from evfocers

    23. Prince Juliegh Sarnicula

      best clutch gamer I've ever seen

    24. Everlyn R. Alvera

      Frick! I rewatching this, and 2:24 still got me everytimes lol goshh XD

    25. Deeptesh Das

      u have the best possible mansion like 7 totems and notch apple

    26. The Raven

      Bro this proof that I am so trash at building a house literally pillagers can build a better house then me I can’t even build a villagers tiny house

    27. Runda Kambale

      you realize axes do more damage than swords in minecraft

    28. Runda Kambale

      i literally hit my hand on my desk

    29. Mr Dinosaur

      You can make an easy self killing wither farm underneath the endportal in the end. JC plays has made a really good tutorial

    30. Wade Eros YT

      i ben jumped scared

    31. Jayne Grainger

      They do so much damage looses half a heart

    32. SeasickSolid73

      Harder Then The Wither. I swear it looks harder then Wither.

    33. Kevin Romero

      Bro did he grab the diamonds in the diamond room?

    34. CJ POWERS

      Pewdiepie singing bloodhound gang 😍

    35. MarkToast

      Felix: *Uploads a video* Comment section: *uses this exact boring and tired comment format almost exclusively and ruins any comment originality*

    36. United States Official

      Yea yea

      1. GamerOP

        You should turn into a convertible

    37. nugroho ariwibowo

      Help kawan🤙

    38. Marius Henriksen (2022)

      14:15 lets go

    39. Jarom Edwards

      Good music choices Sive

    40. Jarom Edwards

      Wow I can't believe how close he was to dying. The series would have never went on

    41. Milán Csontos

      If you crit them instead of spam clicking you would 1-hit kill them.

    42. John Philip Openiano

      Good intro, good background sound. Welpp

    43. Eckstasy

      Best Minecraft video of all time

    44. Blu Scout

      Imagine if his playthrough got ruined due to a glitch.

      1. WeirdoGavin

        *philza flashbacks*

    45. stamamin

      WHAT THE HECK omg pillagers vs piwdiepie wowo

    46. Leo Buckley

      DIAMOND HOWE YESS Felix 2020

    47. Mattèo Devos

      He just finds a house, then he kills everybody in that house and then he just burns it down

    48. Triija

      pewds burned like 10 totems forgot about the diamond blocks and the rest of the chests to get mfing books

    49. jr animations

      I can’t believe I watch the full seris

    50. ringdingdingdindingdingding

      Damn he started crying

    51. mohammad abdul

      this vid is like pweds killing vex's

    52. Elvis Cash

      Bruh...raided a woodland mansion a year ago episode 15. Raids a woodland mansion in 2021: also episode 15

    53. Adam Ewko


    54. Santiago Pena

      Pewds: “I think i saw one drop a baby” The other 7 babies: 🙂

    55. Kingy MaBrah

      *Looses half a heart* “That was so close”

    56. HH Hydra

      the ender dragon was invinsble in my hardcore world Evan when I logged out and logged it back in it was invisible

    57. Cody Ammerman

      What was the music when he went back into the mansion after the glitched mob at 3:52

    58. Choccy Milk

      Pewdiepie raided a woodland mansion on episode 15 in both his first minecraft series and hardcore series.

    59. Sarah Amin

      “I saw one of them drop a baby and I think I would like it”

    60. Kenneth Lehrman

      Pillagers for team trees

    61. Life Is Unpoised

      He got like 5 totems and didn't use any


      can someone please tell him about critical hits

    63. Rosie Blevins

      10:27 so anoying

    64. Farmboyspence

      He closed and reopened his game in 4 seconds My console takes 45

    65. the bear god but better


    66. Radioactive Squirl

      there is a hiden chest in the roof inside

    67. Water Niger

      *_Alexander in Persepolis: _**_15:30_**_ - _**_16:30_*

    68. TotaNator2000

      Omg 2:23 Scared me af

    69. dragon 808

      Pweds said "it's dark now" like he said it's stark now at 6:29

    70. dragon 808

      You pronounce invisible like invizible. Just saying😊

    71. subzzgaming

      epic intro

    72. Manisha Devi

      He didn't picked totems

    73. Loïc

      20:33 Pewds learnt us something really important. "Know berfore hoes"

    74. Epic


    75. BlackWarrior

      Felix: Did I bring a shield.. Ad: Hello there

    76. Melissa Ann Wood-Searcy

      You just burner your DNAs heaven.

    77. lightstone 3GD

      18:15 lava?

    78. Cure Machine

      3:12 zombie breath

    79. Spidey909

      pewdies vids are BAD

    80. Ja Crispy


    81. Alix Vega

      Who else was hoping he'd realize there is a diamond block hidden in the cat?

    82. Lam4ThePlan

      Why does the MC intro Pewds have legs?

      1. Naresh Kumar


    83. Kindred

      Pewds: I might actually die here Also Pewds: misses all the totems of undying

    84. louie pollak pinto

      17:28 DIOO! JONATHAN!!!

    85. Aristotolos

      This episode was epic

    86. Saladin Al-Mahi

      Pewds should really use Jump Strikes

    87. Spicy_M4rcy

      How can we get this resource pack?

    88. Wings Of Fire Dragon

      I love the background music, it sounds like an intense superhero movie.

    89. ScreenSteel

      Lol increíble la intro

    90. x citric x

      17:46 POV: You accidentally walk into the special ed classroom

    91. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      This one was one of my favorites.

    92. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      Woah... great job lighting up the place! It's looks very nice. 👌🏼

    93. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      What's the name of those white winged treasures?

    94. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      It's so creepy and odd that they're invisible.

      1. Marylee Witham

        It's a bug with the mod OptiFine

      2. Hezekiah Rodriguez

        @Callahan Schultz I know, right? That might be the case, but who knows? 🤷🏻‍♂️

      3. Callahan Schultz

        I wonder if its because of the shader pack he's using. Maybe its bugging and caused random mobs to go invis?

    95. Suldee Gamer

      Who’s hiting him???

    96. BaumBanane

      Did he actually just change the title?

    97. WEeb_ Boi

      stop spam clicking

    98. ahmad khadushov

      there was an totem of undying

    99. Jordan Deysel

      When he got hit I almost dropped my phone 😱😱😱😱😱

    100. D2nnu

      Felix actually needs to learn about fight mechanics. It will do him so much better if he doesn't just spam the fuck out of his sword

      1. sen3.14

        Well?.... We're waiting