I Hate Kids - - LWIAY #00150


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    1. TheRobloxGamerHD


    2. dancercoffin

      Kids ruin every fandom they see Change my mind

    3. veild life

      Marzia sees baby Felix and then wants baby felix

    4. mobmessi

      i also hate kids.

    5. Noel Almeida

      The legacy and story of PewDiePie will be told for years to come.

    6. Moo Moo

      I agree

    7. Darshana Kaur

      Its really uncomfortable that Pewds looks like Joffery in the Thumbnail

    8. Christopher _

      WTF I did not expect that 4:44 😂👍

    9. XT Gabriel 2

      So you hate me

    10. Chandraditya Prakoso

      I can feel that felix is trying his best to not be awkward

    11. Dark Wolf

      We else sings the intro?

    12. SKAVE

      Female PewDiePie is, kind of pretty...

      1. さASHISH


    13. Fabliha Rafa

      In that women filter and pink wig filter, he literally looked like jefferry star.

    14. Prem Lata Gaur

      let. me just say it......HE LOOKS FREAKING BEAUTIFUL AS A FEMALE OMG !!!! and think about it, in some other multiverse, she is the original pewdiepie and she is using a male filter that makes her look like this pewdiepie.

      1. さASHISH


    15. Skeletor

      How does Pewdiepie look like me with the kid filter on? wtf

    16. Chelsea s coming!

      Ur beautiful just trans

    17. shubhan gamer

      But pewdiepie I am 10 years old

    18. josh green

      Baby pewds is Neil Patrick Harris... js

    19. T vs S magic vlogs

      Legendary gfuel

    20. Moonlit Productions

      You look soooo good as a woman hahaha

    21. toasty toes

      I have the same toad at my house

    22. Brass Man


    23. Whitey The White Guy Show

      i don't watch this channel or have anything to say. just trying to draw attention to my own channel.

    24. Your anus

      Every one has been a "kid", so I don't know what older people are complaining about since they've been the same in the past.

    25. Jess

      *sigh* At least half of me is completely gay, and I have a vagina. As to why I'm being the straight man on this one I'm sure goes w/o saying, but I'll say this ad nauseum: content speaks, and speaks for itself. The heart, and soul of yours does not get lost in the fray unless you choose to lose it. you will not. Which is not a challenge to try, which is not a challenge to try, which is not...a challenge to try. =P If you're looking for something to develop a complex over, try receiving that you're crazy when reporting that your data is being trafficked despite having incontrovertible evidence of your credit card being stolen twice, and large numbers of accounts created by others using your e-mail. That said, keep speaking truth to mob mentality. It rarely breaks through, but the job needs doing.

    26. Rosalie Delgado

      Why did he not say covid ?

    27. jake marshina

      Why does it look like pewds is packing an upper decker pouch tf😂

    28. gangsta spongebob

      rip slippy

    29. Natalia Rivera

      that toad tho is lowk asmr

    30. adventuregamingvital

      Revive adventuregamingvital ♥️

    31. FAT BOI

      If pewds actually comes to g fuel mans wedding that whould be the most wholesome thing ever

    32. JoeOnYT

      One day pewds is gonna chew the shit out of that mic

    33. Klick Klecks

      im glad shaker man will be marrying in spooktober...wait a src... WHAT IF HR DORS IT ON MAH CAKE DAY

    34. Matthew Gounder

      We need blue shirt kid next

    35. Z- w u t

      im a kid and i get it hes talking about the 7 year ols lmaoo

    36. Dumblsnape

      Happy 19 year old noises

    37. Adrian Dahlstedt

      lowkey looks like my ex

    38. The Proanimator

      Where did you get these filters?

    39. Rylie Lynch

      When he started tapping the frog to the t series diss, I was coughing from a bong hit to the same rhythm as his taps. I don't have anything else to add but I thought it was interesting. Don't do drugs fellow 19 year olds

      1. Lillian Best

        but, fellow 19 year olds, if you’re gonna do drugs, go big AND go home. fat rips and dabs 10/10

    40. PoWeRlI4e

      Child pews looks like Freddie Benson from iCarly

    41. Amirreza Amini

      I can’t believe I missed this episode It’s probably the most wholesome lwiay

    42. MILK BOBA


    43. Lucky Ducky


    44. channel afriza03

      Pov: lu kesini gara gara tik tok

    45. Shwoozy

      Ya im ten

    46. Chris The Personal Assistant

      Please don’t hate me

    47. MightyAlmas

      I have 11 years

    48. carol vieira

      Pewds chemistry with Lizard Lava is so nice!!!!!! PLS HOST MEME REVIEW LIZARD LAVA SAN ☺👉👈

    49. inksanek_TT

      Пов: Я единственный русскмй

    50. Brandy Isadora

      With the woman filter, He looks like Jeffrey star! Lmfao 😭

    51. RDAI _

      Absolute legend proposing during a LWAIY such a genius

    52. Tetsuo Shima

      It's coming it's coming. finally comes, INSTANT BAN, jokes aside though I still cant believe that they banned it.

    53. Cwazy_Coquitlamdd

      if u ignore these comments ... your addicted to kids now boiii

    54. Cwazy_Coquitlamdd

      u luv kids

    55. Cwazy_Coquitlamdd

      if u dislike any of these comments

    56. Cwazy_Coquitlamdd

      whaddda u do now huh

    57. Cwazy_Coquitlamdd

      if u delete these comments

    58. Cwazy_Coquitlamdd

      also kids are better than adults in many ways.

    59. Cwazy_Coquitlamdd

      u know this video is just a big opinion, right? it won't really do anything

    60. Cwazy_Coquitlamdd

      when i was a kid, i once saw a youtuber that didn't deserve the most subscribers in the world because he hates kids, and i also thought about him insulting the world population cause everyone was a kid once.

      1. nordic123

        Adults are smarter

    61. 니들연구소

      형 나는 2년동안 미친듯이 노력했는데 구독자 10만도 못들었어.. 나도 골드버튼 받고싶어 ㅠ ㅠ

    62. Yo princess Azula

      4:45 is the weirdest noise I have ever heard

    63. Paulo Gabriel

      baby felix lookds like hayden christensen, o thought it was him in the thumbnail

    64. ScorpionP2C

      Its nice to see a fan be such a real and likeable guy, grats on the engagement!

    65. Yüksel Alparslan

      Türkçe video pls

    66. pigjin Brute

      So you hate 80% of your subscribers

    67. Roby Ofuu

      Gege gaming gak guys

    68. Tamir Tamka

      you hade me

      1. Tamir Tamka

        im kid

    69. emPoison

      Him rubbing the stick over that frog's head did something to my body that I'm not sure I like

    70. god level doge

      im fucking stupid didn't realize my headphones were off

    71. GrandNebSmada

      God I'm so happy he got rid of that stupid wavy border around the video

    72. YouDanii

      Kids: annnn what Why WHY?

    73. Emily Rose

      so wholesome

    74. Naji

      In last time : bitch lasagna In this time : coco (deleted rip) In next time : clashing of sords Pewdiepie always fantastic

    75. Levi Ackermann

      PewDiePie : I Hate Kids Kids : I Hate PewDiePie

    76. Hardcore Bacon’s gaming

      Why does he look like a kid name tristin with the baby filter

    77. watchoutkenny

      19:20 notice how felix immediately diverts the convo back to the story teller, not talking bout himself or his weddding , not stealing the spotlight

    78. Horizoner


    79. Gabriel Barba

      10:15 pewds would get on splendidly with technoblade

    80. Ethan Tomlinson

      Wait.. pewdiepie mom liked dressing him as girl? ...dufenshmirtz is pewdiepie

    81. Daniel Soares


    82. Ja Crispy

      To hate something you must become the thing

    83. Hermit Anims

      pewds:im a behbeh!!!

    84. TewdPlays

      I have that Rick Astley LP on my game shelf^^

    85. Shaun Kamalanathan

      I forgot pewdiepie was male until i heard his voice

    86. Sinister Korbin

      Socially awkward my ass LMAO!

    87. Not.sure.what.to.use

      No one's talking about how he leaked "gagagagagoo" from the Coco dids track

    88. Aditya

      Lol, Felix giving tough competition to marzia....

    89. Bryan Tan

      The painful drink firstly nail because atm bailly multiply qua a faded random. therapeutic, ashamed blizzard

    90. Choco Midnight꧂

      I am scared


      Yay sub to me

    92. Baiji

      4:45 😳 .25x speed

    93. TheToastyGamer 27

      Man I got one of those SOO long ago the frog thing

    94. Japsidak Gill

      saying you hate kids is ofenceiv to me i m kiddo

    95. Casual Guy

      pewds is gay with his microfone kkkkk

    96. Cord Ian Moraleta

      Frog, I'll definitely take it😐

    97. Paryati 2020

      Justin biber

    98. trypophobia.

      0:11 look like*

    99. Romeo Hermosillo

      Wait is this snap filter? So he has snap?

    100. Alicia Aapajärvi

      Hes so cute as bebe