I Did A DNA Test... (I Guess Im Cancelled Now)


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    1. lil yayo0


    2. Stubbaloo

      I keep watching this just for 2:05

    3. Miguel Perez

      Ah look at this danish boy

    4. harasamy twinshow

      felix viking ought

    5. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      9:44 - Does anyone know who that guy is? I saw him on the last video. It's so odd.

    6. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      No way this Japanese guy is 100% Scandinavian. 🤣🤣🤣

    7. Bon-moment Gratuit

      2:00 4:18

    8. Samir Muhammad

      i just did a DNA test, turns out I'm 100%, Scandinavian? what a surprise haha

    9. Leonardo G.

      Wait, Felix didn't notice that his dad is probably not his dad or he just didn't wanted to talk about it?

    10. Zaje

      That's sooo rasist! XD

    11. Tang Jolene

      Guys, hear me out... I'm 72.4% sure this guy is Asian.

    12. Henry Tang

      Pewds, not every runner is built the same, sprinters out of all of them are relatively jacked since they rely on strong fast twitch muscle fibers.

    13. Pixilmon

      Who’s gon tell him gruel has caffeine he knows

    14. Pixilmon

      You are a booga booga 10 percent more then the 90% of customers

    15. inês guebel

      why would he get cancelled

    16. ThatGirlFeels

      Which DNA site is he using

      1. englishrain


    17. - godsspeed -

      I always said my hair gets lighter during summer and people actually believed me since Russians don't dye there hair when they are young since most Russian parents wont allow it

    18. Jimmy Jones

      100% Scandinavian Based

    19. amelia casiero

      Kinda wanna do this myself, anyone know the website?

      1. englishrain

        It's 23AndMe

    20. MansterBear

      Me, an American: No idea why Denmark or Norway are bad. Or even how they differ from everywhere else that's not America.

    21. Nathan Quimby

      are you going to finish Doom 3

    22. aly

      pure viking

    23. ClassicalMusicGuy

      No, it means u have more neanderthal dna than most. Humans and neanderthals mated, so some humans today have neanderthal dna in them. Also ive heard that the first neanderthals were smarter than the first homo sapiens.

      1. englishrain

        Looks like you don't know how percentages work.

    24. Lukas Reimer


    25. zero mitsubishi

      Felix got a 100% on his Scandinavian finals! Yay! 😍

    26. Polar Inc

      The deeply chicken evocatively preach because signature conclusively pray times a afraid address. dusty, hurried hail

    27. Leslie Gonzalez

      OMG that's small panic attack that he got when we got to see his face... Priceless lolz

    28. aloha alia

      BUTT CHEEK? Think ya meant butt chin”

      1. aloha alia

        I mean you can love your butt cheek too not judging 🤷🏻‍♀️

    29. Foodz

      This v-tuber thing weirds me out

    30. Free Cookie 500 sub • 52 years ago

      Just saying Lol

    31. yes my queen

      This is not The Right Opinion? Can we copystrike this?

    32. euhanne pro

      COcococo I'm gonna bleep with your mojojojo

    33. Daniel Holtzman

      Damn this video is better than at least 10% of your recent uploads

    34. Robert Bush

      Anyone know what he used to find his DNA?

      1. englishrain

        It's the 23AndMe dna test.

    35. theMightyRisOne

      which dna test was this? i'm surprised by the detail.

      1. englishrain


    36. a rat

      neanderthal mode

    37. Lis_ Zabojca

      blyat he tricks us. western spy!

    38. tivolidream

      Kinda sad how much Pewds fear cancel culture. He just avoids the "100% Scandinavian" part and is kinda ashamed about it, like it's a bad thing being European or what ever? He also straight out ignored the skin colour part. Real sad how sensitive people have become these days, and why has "White guilt" become so damn wide spread??

    39. Cicero

      Rise and shine pewds rise and shine...

    40. Chaey Lia

      ‘Likely to marry an Italian’ 102%

    41. Valeria Benavides

      I had to do a research on a genetic testing company for school, so I remembered Felix did a video about doing a DNA test. It was actually helpful, thanks Felix

    42. IceteaNPizza

      Omg at the end he accidentally showed his face!

    43. Brook Barbour

      Dont viking also come from sweden

    44. Kayla Horscroft

      What DNA test is this? Id love to do it myself

      1. englishrain


    45. ludantika smith

      given that 98% of europeans are lactose tolerant is that a surprise though xD

    46. Leevi H.

      If his dad was 8% Finnish then how the fuck is he 100% Scandinavian? Those DNA tests are inaccurate as hell...

      1. englishrain

        @Brodie Miller Finland is NOT part of Scandinavia. Scandinavia covers Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

      2. Brodie Miller

        @Leevi H. yes it is 😂😂 I fucking live here, it’s in Scandinavia

      3. Leevi H.

        @Brodie Miller Lol Finland isn't in Scandinavia. Try again.

      4. Moi Suomi

        @Brodie Miller Finland isn’t in Scandinavia

      5. Brodie Miller

        Because Finland is in Scandinavia? Are you joking?

    47. YanSa

      Which company is the DNA test ?

      1. YanSa

        @englishrain thank you !

      2. englishrain


    48. ​​​ ​​​​​​ ​ ​​​ ​​​​​​

      9:20 "It's good to know that my great grandmother didn't sleep around" That's not what that means. It means your great grandmother kept her sleeping around in the family.

    49. Melissa Felin

      *sad perkele noises*

    50. Luis Vanegas


    51. Aiden paul Armendariz


    52. Gale Mercado


    53. MinatoAce

      So Felix potentially going bald after 40...all the pieces are coming together now

    54. Youtube Sucksbigtime

      Every normal person: Cool! It's 100% cool, fine, normal and acceptable to be white ! Leftists: Reeeeeeeeeeeee !!!

      1. tommy bomby

        @Brodie Miller the joke is: fox news uses "liberals" and "leftists" as a blanket term for all the batshit crazy people that happen to be on the left

      2. Brodie Miller

        @tommy bomby Fox News is right wing 😂😂

      3. tommy bomby

        fox news be like:

    55. JAY

      Waiiiitttt.... “at least I’m not Finland like my dad “ felix I ain’t shure you understand how the shit is working

    56. BeyondBrii

      I used to be 100% Lithuanian but they recently added 0.2% Jewish, so that’s fun lol

      1. Moi Suomi

        Keep in mind that I am whiter than the color white.

      2. Moi Suomi

        Hey I am also 0.2% Jewish!

    57. Gcatastic

      sad about Norwegian dna search up lefse might change your mind about Norway IT IS SOOO GOOD WITH BROWN SUGAR AND BUTTER

    58. Zpooky_X

      What test is this?

      1. englishrain


    59. DerrickSchetro

      I'm 3% Scandinavian and I've never been more proud lmao. I feel ever more justified at using your "swedish pancake" recipe to make lingonberry pancakes with lingonberry butter lol.

    60. Its Nick

      I have like 10% Norwegian in me but I’m pretty much Scandinavian if I’m comparing to pewds very interesting

    61. Kristoffer Ellingsen

      this was fun

    62. Chemical Storm

      Does anyone know which DNA test he took?

      1. englishrain


    63. Airplanes Li

      Pure aryan genetics❤️❤️❤️!!!! im jelly

    64. Zonechrisp

      What website is this?

      1. englishrain


    65. Rational_x

      ''i am a hundred percent scandinavian, what does that mean'' it means pops and moms might've been bro and sis, buddy

      1. englishrain

        Not at all. Pewds has ancestors in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. You're not inbred unless you live in a population under 50 000.

    66. Alex Mercer

      It’s ok to be proud of being white/European/Caucasian.

      1. Alex Mercer

        @tommy bomby yes?

    67. Goodguy Typhlosion

      Scandinavian whats that?

      1. FlowerTrollSan

        Swedish, Norwegian and Danish.

    68. Gabriel

      I wanna take that test as well, how is it called

      1. englishrain


    69. Joonas Penttilä


    70. raneunhae - idc.

      Sykunno lmaoo so cute

    71. Wefler

      what website is he on?

      1. englishrain


    72. Nico Lae

      Whats the name of the dna test? Or the website... please

      1. englishrain

        It's the 23AndMe dna test.

    73. Soundwave Superior

      Vtuber Avatar: japanese highschooo boy Reality: Viking beard

    74. Chris Leanne

      he said sykkuno omg

    75. The_giBs

      I am technically very distantly related to anyone seeing this comment. And bananas.

    76. Frosty1979

      Good that Felix chose an Italian woman. Should pep up that DNA a bit.

    77. danner253

      Did the word "likely" get skipped when he learned English? lol

    78. Hunter Knight

      Northern Europeans usually have more Neanderthal so thats pretty normal

      1. Moi Suomi

        @Frej Bregnø You sure?

      2. Frej Bregnø

        Nope Italians have the highest concentration of Neanderthal DNA in Europe

    79. koko ban

      I don't think pewds has seen a sprinter before

    80. surprise fin

      This guy is disgusting

      1. Moi Suomi

        Yep, your like one of those trolls on PAprom who say Pewdiepie sucks with no reason.

      2. Brodie Miller


    81. ParaBros

      Two gingers here, we feel attacked by this video

    82. The Mysterious Stranger

      I haven't watched in a couple months, what the fuck is this

    83. Sanglap Maity

      Who's here after coco diss track?

    84. kiltrin. exe


    85. ᖴᗩITᕼ

      100% Scandinavian here 👋 ...and 31% finnish. 79% Swedish :D

    86. Irina Armstrong

      What is this DNA test that he used?

      1. englishrain

        It's the 23AndMe dna test.

      2. 1234567890

        i would like to know too :]

    87. artyfm

      Neanderthals were not as primitive as popular culture would have you believe. At least, compared to modern humans of the time. They had pretty advanced technology, and some evidence of art and music. They likely had a spoken language, but we can't be sure how complex it was.

    88. Ella The Tiny

      Me when he said ew to having a longer big toe: ....👁👄👁

    89. Jerry Streamer

      lets doxxing and face reveal this new vtuber 😁

    90. Christina Borges

      "likely to wake up around 8:09" Felix: *acts upset* Also Felix: "I mean it's 100% true but fuck you"

    91. SpeakTruth ‘

      Key Word: LIKELY Felix: BS!

    92. Circle Ception

      The intro is beautiful

    93. Megan McGuigan

      Pewdsss people who are sprinters can build muscle better than long distance runners... it’s in your favour 💪💪💪💪💪💪

    94. Mr. Someone

      I'm really like this style of videos

    95. Mr. Someone

      Fun fact: Neanderthals actually had a bigger brain capacity than homo sapiens (humans)

    96. Yorkshire Coast Adventures

      Wow the geographical data makes you sound inbred. More Banjo than Tambourine.

      1. Yorkshire Coast Adventures

        @englishrain That's me knackered then.

      2. englishrain

        Not at all. Pewds has ancestors in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. You're not inbred unless you live in a population under 50 000.


      0:01 - 0:07 Funny 😂😂 CocoMelon wkwkkw

    98. Nolan Kerstetter

      What are the chances this gets recommended today? I literally got my results today that’s so weird. Life is a simulation

    99. Chris Simpson

      Genetic memory is a thing. Our ancestors that had traumatic experiences before having offspring will likely pass on their fears through genetic memory. Certain regions are more likely to have more specific fears due to their ancestral experiences. Places with a lot of mountains tend to have people less scared of heights, as their ancestors have become comfortable with heights and passed on those traits to survive in those regions. etc. It's also why most people have a latent fear of spiders and snakes even as children. A lot of spider and snake bites in out past were a sure death so it'd be a real fear passed down through many regions. Also why people with Irish or Scottish DNA tend to not have as many snake or spider fears as there are not many snake of spider species in those regions. :P DNA is amazing. Did you know they are working on using DNA as a storage device? They've would be able to store ALL of the songs that have ever existed in the entirety of human civilization and it's barely even make up a 0.001% of the storage possibilities all on a single strand of DNA. I just notice I've rambled. I'm way too high for this. Enjoy if you read the comment and like science. :D

    100. Emily Baldwin

      Why does his avatar look like Light Yagami-