I bought a new camera (240p)


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    1. Heather Barrett

      like, it is a bit of a bummer that the two are no longer friends but that is life and not that big of a deal. Friends come and go, some stick around but others don't. I'd rather them stop talking, then pretend to be friends forever just for views or whatever. It is none of our business who is and who isn't friends anymore or why. We are not their friends or family, we are just a bunch of strangers on the internet. We don't need to know every little thing about them or demand explanations for things because it is none of our concern as viewers and strangers. If you care that much about their personal lives or who they are friends with then you really need to get a hobby or something.

    2. Devin Loughran

      did anyone else watch this on 240p just for the meme?

    3. 「Squish」

      I'm watching this in (240P)

    4. killer kamal en rarris dochter

      Ahh yes the president of the netherland with the king talking about denmark looking like a fat batman getting sucked off by a fish

    5. Garith BB

      Poods, I miss your old camera 😬

    6. Dakisha

      PewDiePie vs cocomelon

    7. Ayyub Solihin

      yea clutch chair..my country couldnt even

    8. Crazy Bombard

      15:26 I live in that country of that coin!

    9. Mrs. Wolffinity

      I changed the video quality to 240 and his cam actually looked the same xD

    10. Shadows Of The Paranormal

      60fps it says? Hahahaha bullshit

    11. Bruno Olivaes

      react to a video from the maicon kuster channel

    12. Siddhartha Gupta

      his galaxy s20 ultra is better than this

    13. Jonay2006 Koggel

      Now you just need the funny mic

    14. MJching24

      Who play this on 240p

    15. Mr.beansss cartel

      jeez the video is legit cutting off audio at random parts of the vid lmao

    16. fuzzy sharks

      the quality of this vid makes it almost unwatchable for me T_T it makes me feel sick for some reason?

    17. ꧅𒁎꧅𒀱꧅𒌧𒅃꧅𒁎꧅𒀱꧅𒌧𒅃꧅𒁎꧅𒀱꧅ ꧅𒁎꧅𒅃꧅𒁎꧅𒀱꧅

      the camera on the thumbnail is my camera

    18. Shawn

      1:53 No, don’t apologize, us Americans hate Americans too

    19. Franklin Spicer

      “This is a lot of dislikes for me” meanwhile this video has 3.4k

    20. Sebi Manea

      not even kidding i watched the whole vid on 140p

    21. Danica

      POV: *you're looking for a comment that isn't about Pewds camera*

    22. MrBlueSky

      Cool 😎

    23. Blu3balled

      I put it on 240p for the full effect

    24. Obama Prisim


    25. Crumbystudios

      CCTV Cameras be like :

    26. Dimond toybox Calp

      I'm amarican but I still laughed.

    27. Andoy Doy

      Jesus Loves all of you

    28. Przemo 123

      ale fajna kamera

    29. adventuregamingvital


    30. evilsolpatchman 0

      What game did he not wanna play?

    31. Gabriel Dulinayan


    32. Paula Landrum

      15:09 when that one friend gets the joke you told 3 days ago

    33. Paula Landrum

      13:55 felix looks like a karen on the life, lol

    34. Mrd0402

      Whole else watched in 144 P

    35. zuckCS

      His camera quality be like: "GO BACK I WANT TO BE MONKEY🐒"

    36. •

      Put the video on 144p for full slavic experience

    37. luseli

      you said Talar i svenska @10:56

    38. Lady Eve • 50 years ago

      The audio got cut for a lil part of the video but I'm assuming for copyright reasons so it's all good.

    39. It’s me

      That is such a good camera

    40. Toast ItUp

      They use these cameras for bank security? Must be good quality.

    41. Carolyn Burton


    42. Yahya Bayy

      I think 99% of the times in Englisch

    43. lol

      play on 144p for best experience

    44. DreamBig319

      pewdiepie, you should do a current tattoo review

    45. MHWdJ

      15:02 that is the dutch king and the dutch prime minister

    46. Raze

      When pewds switched to Swedish halfway through I thought I was having a stroke


      As an American we don’t like ourselves either 😅

    48. Mosh Jetro

      Buttt...I always watch videos in 240p cause my internet is garbage

    49. Sela Salihu

      he takes lag☝️☝️☝️

    50. Андрій Павлик


    51. Ayaan CakeO_o

      yeh know i think i like the old camera better

    52. Anna Archer

      Subscribers: GET A NEW CAMERA UR CAMERA NOW IS THE WORST QUALITY Pewds: “gets new camera” Subscribers: How the FUCK did it got worse 😂

    53. Anna Archer

      Omfg he really found a loophole to troll tf outta of us I respect it 🤌

    54. codenameayanYT

      the low frames hurt my brain and eyes

    55. kiran kumar

      15:13 that laugh made me laugh loud af

    56. Memus Peemus

      Better do 144p

    57. Naheed Adil


    58. Alegría Infinita


    59. Lord Grim

      Frame Rate: 📉

    60. Red Dead Clowns

      I cant believe hes still using the android camera

    61. Casey D

      He really got an android camera 😔😔

      1. P L

        apple is overpriced garbage

    62. Oscar Zelaya

      Bruh ewwww

    63. mighty kitty

      I was wondering when the camera quality would get bad but apparently I have such low standards that I didn’t even notice it was happening the whole video Man, having an old laptop and playing new games on it really lowered my standards when it comes to quality. 2 FPS for life

    64. prince gamer


    65. sammeo

      Video quality is so bad that PAprom just give up on the resolution settings

    66. Daan Fischer Guitar

      Do people still watch his vids ? From 00:00 to the end ?

    67. omegaspace

      1:57 well I’m an American and I kinda dislike most Americans so...

    68. Freaking rat

      pewds: What If I switch to swedish and I just get like a really Corpse voice. 12:16 that's a cool deep voice in there man

    69. xd doggo

      You are trolling right, cuz the camera is even worse its shit actually

      1. AkiVK

        this guy got the joke



    71. Gusty

      Uploaded on the same day he died...

    72. shreekar durg

      Lwiay -» Skratta du Fllora du

    73. Luke Train

      I'm alright with this camera somehow

    74. Christina Chung

      Are u guys happy now😂😂 felix's camera quality is literally my phone camera, sadly🙄

    75. youngwolf0

      His choreography with the leg double in the fake mirror is incredible!

    76. rasydan

      Pewdiepie win

    77. Mxkaeel

      No matter what camera anyone has, my phone runs everything at 144p

    78. Samuel

      nice camara

    79. Zeljko Marinkovic

      How did he mess this up, phone video is much better that this, is he recording with nokia 3310??

    80. Viktoria B.

      I can’t tell if he was joking about his camera or if he’s serious about what he’s using... I-

      1. Josh Florence

        he literally said he's using his phone

    81. cccatmint

      this is horrid wish never came to this cursed side of youtube btw why do people like pewdiepie i have 2 videos of his in my life time this is 2nd and both horrid why he famous

    82. Dantiel82


    83. MagnusScot

      As an American, I hate Americans too.

    84. MagnusScot

      1p camera

    85. Axxys

      Put the vid on 240p for best experience If your feeling dangerous,try 144p...

      1. Axxys

        @The Flare nice brother

      2. The Flare

        I'm always in 144p 😎

    86. MatiasG

      POV: You live in Latin America and you can't tell the difference since you watch it in 240p

    87. Vincentius marcelino

      Fakejake camera:

    88. Vincentius marcelino

      Wow CCTV Camera

    89. toyg440 not responding

      It would be even better if you watch this in 240p

    90. Mariejune Ramos

      Nice Camera Felix LOL

    91. Khan F

      Very unique 👌 👍

    92. Emmett Moremalm

      Fast asså som svensk blir en ju förjävla lycklig ändå. När jag var liten blev jag så avis på ungar i skolan som snackade andra språk med sina föräldrar, jag tyckte det lät så spännande eftersom att jag gärna ville ha "hemliga språk" med folk (hände ju aldrig såklart) men det är lite samma känsla jag får när du snackar svenska. Man bha "jiiiissss, jag fattar utan att försöka medans vissa måste försökaaaa, göttttt, hurra jag". Ungefär.

    93. Victimized mobile

      Crisp camera quality reminds me of my android phone

    94. Creep Boy

      I Want large 🅿️🅿️

    95. Focke wulf 190 d9

      Don’t worry pewds... I’m an American and I don’t like Americans either

    96. Shaniqua

      watch this in 144p wow its really good (❁´◡`❁)

    97. Victor

      watch this video in 144p for the best quality content

    98. Evelien Boekhout

      we need a tutorial of how to make the katana holder yourself 😳

    99. Mr. Mouse1243

      yo no offense but ur cammera got even more bad

    100. SAD BOI

      thats pretty crisp