I am Smarter than Reddit


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    proving im am smarter than ALL of reddit.. heck? ALL OF WORLD!
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    1. SimpleKing

      I help carry heavy bags

    2. SimpleKing

      Legend has it, there still trying to sell Elon Musk

    3. Andy B

      I miss looking at the graf

    4. BootsDotEXE

      8:17 So Horton Hears a Who is just a bunch of lies

    5. Priyanshu

      Subscribe to t series

    6. Stupid Games

      Your editor is funny asf

    7. Neon

      6:27 Minecraft latest update

    8. skijao !

      everyone is smarter than reddit

    9. Gold


    10. Jeff Mcgiver

      The last game I played was R6 so does that mean I was arrested for acts of terrorism?

    11. Siddharth Phadtare

      Super saiyan rasengan

    12. Dakisha

      Wow nice youtuber

    13. phaserra

      Life is not a race, wow, sometimes I forget watching his videos, I lowkey learn something lol.

    14. Art Pop

      6:08 - KARLSON :(

    15. Daddydkmetcalf14

      4:25 but I have social anxiety

    16. ‹ بنين𓄼 𖤍᭄ ៹.

      تفاعلوو ابي اطشش🥺🌚.

    17. Bruno Olivaes

      react to a video from the maicon kuster channel

    18. russianvoodoo

      Jared Leto was hitting on one of my best friends when he had a tour here in Russia.

      1. russianvoodoo

        @Vytone Jr I think she was 20+ at that time. Well it's still makes him twice older. She just knew some guys from crew who managed his tour his. Said he was creepy af.

      2. Vytone Jr

        Let me guess, were you minors?

    19. russianvoodoo

      Driving a car without first-aid kit is illegal in Russia.

    20. russianvoodoo

      I'm sorry, but WHO DA FUCK brings dogs food in the car (especially for three days)? In case your house was blown away? There are no pet shops in US?

    21. Dayzer TV


    22. Maarten Winkel

      All Hail This Quote... 6:10 - 6:22

    23. Hüseyin Özkan

      Pewdiepie is back

    24. Victoria Lehr

      LMFAO, regarding the "if we were in an alternate world and people were right about video games causing violence, and what would you be arrested for", umm, nothing? The last 2 games I played ( I know it asked for 1, but I'm giving 2 examples anyways to prove the point), Ark: I do nothing but build awesome structures, tame, and raise adorable dinosaurs. I don't even like killing anything, even if it's "just a game", because I love dino's and that's horrible. 2: GTA RP, where I play a really kind, naive, funny character, that loves making friends and creating events for people to go to. Yea, video game violance XD 🤦🏻‍♀️

    25. Victoria Lehr

      LOL, if someone says "I love you" early on in a relationship , that's a red flag XD

      1. Eliel Barreto

        Funny how being emotionally opened is a red flag for women these days

    26. Olenka

      You can’t go back to your old Minecraft world because you are having an internal crisis about the sins you committed against water sheep that you haven’t addressed

    27. Olenka

      My money is on time is circular 💅🏻

    28. vibhor bhargava

      You would be 1 week older but your friends would be 15 years older??

    29. Penny Williams

      It's big brain time

    30. Wavelength

      the 15 years is really a benefit any other way of doing it will take millions to practically infinite time

    31. Hussain Maaish

      5:15 the music makes my heart melt.

    32. Anton Sabroe

      Alternative title: Felix going big brain on reddit for 11,5 minutes

    33. Flex

      Reddit is full of soyboys

    34. imma beleeva

      this video taught me more about life than i wanted, thanks pewds (and reddit ig)

    35. FAY

      “Spend your youth as much as you can “ *cries in Middle Eastern *

      1. Hunter a.k.


    36. Aryan Roy

      Smart pewdiepie i better

    37. Just A Regular Toaster

      As a redditor myself, i can confirm that being smarter than reddit isn't difficult in the slightest.

    38. Cole skuxx

      Editor: "Zoom go brrrrrrrrr"

    39. Pokemonmas4052

      Sup.pewdiepie big fan from Australia

    40. No Nono


    41. Find Out

      I don't get how mistaking actors is that big of a problem for some people (that one guy on reddit is who I'm referring to). I literally always mistake actors doesn't matter what race or sex so I really don't understand how they consider that "being an ass".

    42. Meditation Zenter

      What is reddit?

      1. eu eu

        Social network of conversation

    43. نداء ربيع


    44. can we hit 100k without no vids

      ksi and pewdiepie minecraft series

    45. Андреич

      The video is interesting, but there are other interesting videos.

    46. Ayden Roachens

      Hold up wait a minute something ain’t right the NFL draft is on pdp’s anniversary of PAprom

    47. Diazespam Valyrium

      its mad how much i relate to everything you say, keep making these daily vids, the vids you do with that american bloke too, hes cool

    48. DDub04

      PewDiePie: finds friends through PAprom community Also PewDiePie: community? Pssssh

    49. Mhay Huerto

      Men of reddit, who are your female heroes? Me: ELASTIC GIRL

    50. soralolidk

      First video i watch for like 2 years and he really seems to be getting old for the latest internet stuff T.T

    51. Alex Gray

      the drinking has more with most people in an older age group go to bars

    52. Vinod Kumar Jain

      So u r telling me he is living his dream job I re re re discovered this fact

    53. Swiss Idol

      how do you make friends besides going to a bar

    54. Plippy :p

      6:48 bitcoin

    55. Meep Wagon

      Me before watching the video: "Reddit people are dumb, there is no way pewdiepie could make sound dumb, stupid, and make a fool of himself" Me after the video: "..."

    56. MethHeadMarvin Hq

      Pewdiepie’s channel is making such a comeback I’m contemplating even trying anymore 😂

    57. Fulfilledpotential


    58. Meropi Leledaki

      You are the goat of youtube

    59. Pillow Snuggler

      The last game I played was Sky: Children of the Light. So I got arrested for slamming a table at someone's head.

    60. ExtraChilirose

      Is it just the way pewds talking or he is a little tipsy?

    61. DangerZone 0796

      But why are your headphones backwards? 🤣

    62. kapten sunda

      Many funny video make me laugh in this channel👍👍👍

    63. Angel Nassir

      "Life is not a race" Parents.- I'm gonna pretend i didn't see that.

    64. Xman 21

      8:27 ben10

    65. UnoriginalRob

      this boi doing youtube for longer than i lived, im litterally 10.

    66. Dirty Dowgg

      this is honestly my least favorite Reddit unless there is a r/tiktok or some crap because I once asked who would win in a fight Minecraft Steve or Goku and it got removed for the possibility of controversy

    67. Nintendo 65

      The 20's one really hit me, thx pewds

    68. ChabuTwo

      The answers to "What are some green flags to know when to get serious in a relationship" are why the divorce rate is higher than 50%

    69. Sleepy

      what is this smart middle age music called that sive uses when pewds is doing bigbrain/intellectual time? i like it.. so pls answer :)

    70. Aarya Desure


    71. Marco Benavides

      “What would 12 year old you never believe about adult you” You’re able to afford to the Ford Fusion you wanted through monthly payments but still have to live with your parents.

    72. Andoy Doy

      Jesus Loves all of you

    73. Dehalove

      No Felix the first question is referring to moving to a new place and not drinking which makes meeting people hard. I have the same issue

    74. kevin kukk

      id travel the galaxy for like a year so when i come back its been 782.142856 years and its like time travel in to the future

    75. Harley Quinn

      "there's not many old female authors" 💀😐pewds...c'mon...

      1. Harley Quinn

        kate chopin, jane austen, marry shelley, margaret atwood, charlotte bronte, emily bronte...there's literally so many that made literary history

    76. gill bertox

      love the caption

    77. adventuregamingvital


    78. Jawad Rahman

      Pewds:- *Shitting bout time and Relativity. Me:- Every 60 second, a minute passes in Africa.

      1. Hunter a.k.


    79. midair

      “Life is not a race” I needed to hear that.

    80. abhishek yadav

      Pewds does not know that also there’s are planets called super planet an r say he is big brain Me :do not say to your dad

    81. Matt Kissee

      It takes 4.6 billion years for light to travel to the edge of the known universe.

    82. Typical Texan

      One week, 15 earth years? You'd still age fifteen years, does that pass by in a perceived week? Or is it 15 years but to the alien it's a week?

    83. unrefusableoffer

      Now do 4chan

    84. Fire Dude 57

      7:55 how come they're all black females 🤔

    85. Gui Franca

      Porque a capa do vídeo tem a sua cabeça ficou gigante?

    86. jacob kahmahkotayo

      Got em

    87. Bifi Leer

      I‘ve gotten more nervous with presentations. My anxiety grew so much over the last few years xD

      1. Hunter a.k.


    88. aleriee


    89. INGRID H

      Im Smarter More Than You PewDiePie

    90. Kemosabe 04

      Sound dissipates to quickly to have an amplification affect? Ok then. Go scream in your room by yourself, then invite your family in and have all y’all scream at once. Is it louder? I think so.

    91. M G

      “Disconnected wealthy PApromr pretends to be normie”

    92. CaringLoveTrustsGodONLY TV

      Great to know!



    94. Sonia Iliescu

      5:41 best story i have ever heard, happy ending.

    95. ham912

      Marhaban ya Ramadhan 🤲🙏

    96. Sonia Iliescu

      2:25 and thats how i met your mother

    97. IcampSoWhat

      4:20 Greatest advice ever

    98. Abigail

      I find that a lot of people hold their opinions against you. Its hard to find someone who will listen instead of interrupting whenever you get the chance to talk :(

    99. Blue Lightning Creeper

      You can't calculate the size of the galaxy by just the knowledge of how much time passes on Earth since you would also need to know how fast you are going. You would also need to know how much time the trip would take relative to you (at light speed it is about 93 billion years). So you would need to go way above light speed, which is impossible without exotic matter.

    100. Blue Lightning Creeper

      Well that depends because the universe is going to keep expanding and the rate is accelerating and will continue to accelerate. The Universe is already expanding faster than light and will get faster. Because of this, dark energy, dark matter, and forces of attraction will begin to fail, making space more empty and dark. At the end of the universe, there will be nothing left except light. All matter will "decompose" into photons. However, space won't be bright as there is nothing for the photons to bounce off of. As for space, it will continue expanding. Now you have to think about the definition of time. Is time how long the universe is around? That would make time infinite. Is time how long a living being can experience it? That would make time finite. Is time related to light? Well, that would be even more complicated. Anyway, it's kind of a mind-bender but interesting at the same time. P.S. This is with minimal knowledge and I'm sure that it is very simplified. The physics and mathematics are most probably a lot more complicated.