I actually hate this


4.4 ਮਿਲੀਅਨ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼318

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    1. Shivam Vaze

      Why is intro too sad of minecraft hardcore I loved gooooood morning gamerz

    2. Elma

      Ben Elma

    3. nico bailey

      finds eehive knows what to do destroys it

    4. Magnus Aeternum

      Demmm felix really good at making base

    5. jude duerr

      Cotton eyed joe

    6. Gabu

      6:49 me and felix: *PERFECT TIMING GASP*

    7. SD_드레곤

      구독자 가 만을만하네

    8. GDynasty

      pewds just use blast furnaces and smokers

    9. Zach Marshall

      pewds recorder skills get better every episode

    10. BiLinmeyen Aşk

      6:28 bruh yesterday ı make a world named broland and ı see te same thing...........

    11. Zombie Boi

      imagine future son of Felix watching this video about killing child.

    12. IAM-db 2379

      So you lied to me when you told me how beautiful I was a year and a half ago. Before you got married. Remember that?

    13. IAM-db 2379

      You and Dav and Jesa made me this poor.

    14. Xander

      PewDiePie: Where did you come from? Where did you go? My dad: Where did you come from Cotton eye joe?

    15. aoki


    16. Judith Renfrew

      Where are the cows says with raw beef in his inventory

    17. Iker Rios


    18. TheAdvertisement

      2:00 That was a sudden and unexpected nostalgia whip.

    19. Almostoriginal9yearold

      I was so confused at the notification sound at 2:19

    20. Tony Matthews

      You should take some notes from Luke the notable

    21. Chapman Pelsue

      calm down

    22. sir beans

      3:28 Anakin slaughtering the younglings (colourised)

    23. serge_tabZ

      Omg you can make 10 ferneces

    24. Matthew Garrata

      Look at what BFFFFFF is spinning on here: 18:46

    25. Aiden

      Blacksmith... did he loot the blacksmith


      You ned milk in poyson

    27. Saitheslug Saithesnake


    28. Dominnant W7

      4:32 pewdiepie is talking to himself and he said i wont to concride the world

    29. Flying_TOFU

      Play dark souls

    30. Nate The Great BOI

      loot the blacksmith

    31. dhanush santosh

      15:54 moment of realisation

    32. Sabriel

      i love when pffft is just floating around outside without a care in the world

    33. Jannat Amin


    34. MuttMan Gaming

      call yellow beds urine beds in minecraft

    35. Tamao

      Pewdiepie Please dont make this world hardcore because i really dont want the series to end i really want to see the awesome buildings u will build!

    36. Let's Skate Dude!


    37. AKI Najagi


    38. ThePrimitiveFuture

      Did he just.... KILL A F*CKING CAT????????

    39. LORDOFF Dylan


    40. Edy Warsongko

      Kagak maksud

    41. hayley

      15:27 *rapunzel flashbacks*

    42. 최인성

      최초의 한국댓글입니다!

      1. Hunter a.k.


    43. Lazykid Gaming

      His horse has seven hearts

    44. Jacqueline Yancy

      4:30 you can see house in the trees

    45. Mr Beast


      1. Lonley Hermit


    46. Cesar Norberg

      youtubers: so i did some building off camera its whatever the building:

    47. Venge.

      *sees a horse in a portal.* *PTSD activated*

    48. Lutan08

      17:23 If he knew what was going to happen which pfft in the pool

    49. SSAshton

      I am the creator of the GOOLD compilation

    50. mil helsen

      2:30 Me when i see the child from my basement escaping 3:26 His twin that also escaped 3:41 Their sister

    51. Rocket Rage

      😔 He could have an sharpnes 3 diamond sword but no...😔

    52. IamHakdog

      Where is Hardcore minecraft collab with Luke The Notable

    53. Brian Gerard Galang

      it pains me that he never even had the slightest thought of looting the blacksmith :(

    54. aadesh senthilkumar

      Good to see that Mojang has fixed entity-glitching bug when teleporting through the nether

    55. _Äłəxįß_ _Wıłłıãmß_

      Why did he have to pick the horse with the least health-

    56. Dietrich Skywalk

      2:32 anakin in the Jedi temple be all like

    57. Canticles

      He saw the remnats of the BIG PP...sadly that was all that remained

    58. NuggetTato

      Can creepers go through glass or something?

    59. Praman Gaming

      Big fan

    60. Praman Gaming

      Your soooooooooo good

    61. Green dude animations

      Bffz is so cute!

    62. Awsumsauz

      2:39 bad guy begins playing

    63. Daisy H

      Ah yes. Gold, Frankincense, and "myeer"

    64. Stteee El

      7:40 OMG!!! Bodyshaming!!! wtf Felix?!

    65. Ignas Aleksandravičius

      Pewds is so dum at minecraft

    66. Pavi Le Gamer -_-_


    67. WAviator 1

      Felix: enters the nether with jorgen. *flashback intensifies*

      1. aadesh senthilkumar

        Thankfully Mojang fixed the entity glitch through portals in 1.15, so no need to worry.

    68. Charles Shorb

      His horse has the lowest health

    69. TheApfelschale

      "Who made you so poor?" *Proceeds to steal everything that isn't nailed to the ground.*

    70. Rubber Ducky

      Pwediepie is ultimate best yt in the entire world floor gang for life

    71. J- Paul

      anyone think pewds should know you don't need wheat to get a horse?

    72. GrumpyStumpy101

      find out next time on dragon ball z brrrrhhrh

    73. Miriam Sayão

      killed a cat man, unsubscribed. ps: its a joke

    74. Albi Turtle

      how to spell pewds bees

    75. Mr. BlobBERRY

      I love how pewds panics abd thinks hes gonna die from a bee

    76. Hina The Baka

      Pewds:"kill a child" FBI:"hmmmm"

    77. Grospard Grand

      "A lot of people don't know this but you can actually make a smoker to cook food. "

    78. guardian of the toasters

      19:02 ah nostalgia vibes

    79. guardian of the toasters

      15:53 i just fucking love this random creeper

    80. Delphine 328

      Isnt the diamond sword song from tobuscus or was that a fever dream😂😂

    81. guardian of the toasters

      Imagine sleeping after a hard day at work then some random swedish meatball came in and steal your bed and when you try to protest he goes "my bed idiot"

    82. Robert Hughes

      But what about Edgar

    83. jmk5713

      Minecraft : Hardcore Pewdiepie : Hardcore

    84. Ben-lee Tabao-ican

      Pewds be like dont hurt me because i hurt you *evil anime laugh*

    85. Blur-

      16:00 killed me HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    86. Jaden Parker

      I seriously love watching these Minecraft videos but I get so uncomfortable sometimes when he's like partially torturing the animals hhahah

    87. Free-Ends

      How does minecraft look so good?

    88. MilkShakeMayhem OwO


    89. Pola & Tiger

      Jorgen: *is back in the action * Pewds: "I actually hate this"

    90. Ryan Rezende

      wait how did pfffff spawn there even tho he wasn’t there the clip before, not a hater i’m just wondering

    91. Quinn Smith

      What is the music from that’s in the intro

    92. Hanan Zab

      I love this series man

    93. Diego Anderson

      So no one's talking about him singing some good ol tobuscus

    94. eg

      My Sister hates Jörgen

    95. Senthilkumar MM

      2050, lot of u don't know this but u can use 17888689566 Furnaces"

    96. Jessica O'Neill

      Felix, your starter is like ffX meets minecraft

    97. naail M

      Felix playing Minecraft in 2050: A lot of u don't know this but you can make a house out of furnarces

    98. D0S81

      i love that Cyberpunk is now the new low bar comparison for shit graphics now.

    99. Joshua Bacon

      you never plased the camp fire you small brain

    100. TrinitY

      Me too,bro...