I actually hate this - Minecraft Hardcore #5


5 ਮਿਲੀਅਨ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼362

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    1. carl eliason


    2. Ethan Brenneman


    3. Finominon

      I thought the title said "i actually hate kids"

    4. Kakator Kakator

      You ruthless boy

    5. Liam Smith

      Bhhhhhsh is a cute bee

    6. Aprendi Inglês

      We need a shirt that says “he strikes from the trees he’s friends with the bees” with a picture of a flute on it

    7. Rahul Gaur

      can your level decrease in hardcore?

    8. Daniel Arroyo


    9. Dark Krimson


    10. John R.

      normal colour yorgen more health also 14:35 is that a ship?

    11. John R.

      give yorgen iron

    12. Alan Anthony

      1:53 *c h i n c a m*

    13. Smeguy Eevee

      i like how he has iron back at the base but still used stone pick

    14. Hos-Erdene Erdenebat

      this video found no blaze rod but pewdiepie have a brewing stand

    15. VirtualGladiator67

      The quality though lol

    16. Rex To Rule

      Pewds: kills a baby cows parent... don't worry I make more

    17. Versus

      Literally child abuse

    18. Olasumbo Odukoya

      Wtf is pixelingngs

    19. Mcake

      21:42 why did the bad omen dissapear? did pewds cheat?

    20. Mcake

      I have a theory that pewds sadly goes into creative, because my guy had bad omen and the next second it dissapeared

    21. Mcake

      My anger lvl when he didnt go into the blacksmith..

    22. playz with Rafay

      He has the best seed in minecraft cuz he has a pillager tower right next to village and a broken nether portal inside the village and has a plain surface what else you need

    23. Alexandria C



      How did he moved the enchanted table?

    25. R E

      Im a 41yr old female and after just watching minecraft hardcore 1,2,3,4 & 5 all in a row. I now cant decide if Im interested in playing minecraft or interested in playing with PEWdiePie!

    26. Quera Washington

      its the bone meat foe mee

    27. Peanut Arbuckle

      17:15 tHe CuRsEd sWiMiNg PoOl

    28. Samit Batra

      when u realize pewdipie took a golden horse armor instead of an iron

    29. Francisco Xavier

      19:00 damn thats old school, the nostalgia

    30. DiGiXrOsE

      What is the background music at the start

    31. Mathu Soly

      Are you dead now


      We are not dumb u r

    33. Jay Mitu

      it's like no epic music

    34. Octalpha Gaming

      Pewdiepie sucks Edit: t series wins


      I love it felix targets childs

    36. Max Venning

      Every time he tames a horse he always forgets that he needs an empty hand

    37. Dark Wolf

      Haha poor 🤣🤣.

    38. •ČhïćWãů•

      Every episode I scare that he die. (Sorry for mistakes, if it be. I'm from Russia)

    39. Sheer_Void

      After all this time the Minecraft veteran has not grasped the concept of taming a horse, you don’t need wheat just get getting on it until it’s tamed

    40. prateek sharma

      19:07 you just missed best enchantment on your sword 😱

    41. Pao AE

    42. Akko

      Bruh where the part 6 at?

    43. Water Bottle Man

      We not going to talk about how this is like the 97th Jurgen

    44. jay

      did he just.. ignore fire charges????? :0 6:30

    45. Isabella Dominicci

      2:36 that cruel anime laugh

    46. Kapil Patel

      I feel sorry for him bc if he got a slow horse he can't replace it bc the comments would go insane but anyone else would just get a better one bc their not on camera

    47. Μαρία Αναστασοπούλου

      He literally didn't loot the blacksmith from the village

    48. Evan P


    49. Christian Vespucci

      Seeing your house transformation on this episode is mind blowing knowing what your base actually becomes.

    50. Mateus Cabral

      Is it right that this horse have just 7 hearts?

    51. shrijan karki

      f fo the pig

    52. Max Adventure


    53. s a o r i

      19:00 that tobuscus reference made my heart warm

    54. alexandetcetera

      "Nothing to be afraid of, little one. Here! I'll make more parents"

    55. ziaur tuhin


    56. Aaden McGuire

      *episode 100* "Now a lot of you don't know this, but you can make 129368 furnaces"

    57. It Happy


    58. Pontus Lindgren

      How is your computer lagging from minecraft man? You are a millionaire that make your living of content you make on your computer. That makes no sense to me haha

    59. Caleb Kebreab


    60. Scarlesop

      uergon has died many times and came back to life many times so technically he is a demi god

    61. Gabriela Guevara

      Felix: “where are all the sheep? My biome is so boring” also Felix: *kills every animal he sees*

    62. Samuel taeme


    63. raqilla adli

      gg awman

    64. Gohmba

      The emotion, the mood, the atmosphere, of the hardcore intro... HAPPY HOLIDAYS WITH TUBER SIMULATOR

    65. Thunder cow

      You need a freaking shear

    66. ItZmee !

      12:13 13:50 15:07

    67. FabYolo

      Got tricked at 2:19 with that notification sound. That's bpfffttt

    68. Vitalij Evdokimov

      Thets awsem

    69. Doctor Scumbus

      I hope plpph stays safe the entire series

    70. Doctor Scumbus

      Jorgen smergen

    71. Hamdan Boi

      I gotta say pewdiepie is good at beatboxing

    72. AsgardiansDLA

      When Felix sang at 2:00 , it actually sounds good

    73. geming part

      Ini Vidio yang aku suka aku orang indonesia

    74. Indefinite LOL

      If you really loved jorgan you would not bring him Down the pits of hell (neather) to take him home

    75. Bob Astonisher

      Hello Pewdiepie. Could you pretty please tell Pyrocynical to make Petscop 2? 🙏🙏🙏

    76. Shlok

      13:06 that’s what she said

    77. Iziah Mohamed

      pewds to bzztt... "she a runner, she a trackstar"

    78. Very Good

      Me: makes a base similar to this a few weeks before the series came out My friends: let me guess you copied pewdiepie new build Basically if a famous PAprom make a simple build everyone else builds in Minecraft people will judge you for it and assume you got it from them

    79. Secret Diary of a Foodie

      Why is XP 21 after building mansion off camera, but XP 24 beforehand..?

    80. Samuel Sanchez

      3:51 X

    81. SpaceKid_

      this is the true definition of "i did some work off camera"

    82. Mav3ricks Streams

      This the second time he’s made a tobuscus reference in this series shit brings back memories

    83. sponge bob

      I strike from the trees I’m friends with the bees 🤣🤣

    84. Sterling Plan

      5:55 he missed the black smith lmao

    85. YuttKing

      nice paradox

    86. KaiTheGuy

      Felix if ur wearing gold The little pig things in the nether won’t hurt u

    87. Loshita Hat -.-

      aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa........................Where is the intro music from?????????????????????????????????????????

    88. Loshita Hat -.-

      Where is the introooooooo muusic froooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmm????????????????????????????????

    89. Loshita Hat -.-

      Where is theee music frooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmm??????????????

    90. MusingsOfASubparHousewife

      who else is triggered that he didnt get the blacksmith

    91. lake 鳥リーチ

      literaly shtting himself

    92. Dylan Byce Mangkilala

      felix: honestly I don't get how anyone can ever die in minecraft his friends:......

    93. Aidan Wu

      Well I have 20 furnaces bet you did not know that cause I’m a more of a veteran

    94. William Secaida

      i got so mad he didnt check the chest in the blacksmith

    95. Marina Verdura

      Felix: **is suffocating** I'M CHOKING

    96. Rainbow Wolf Art

      no way 8 furnesses

    97. Sam Maroney


    98. Josh Lander Ferrera

      Sharpness III: Am i joke to u? Mending: So am i

    99. Caio Santos


    100. Darth Molo