How to Find Netherite EASY - Minecraft Hardcore #10


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    Full Minecraft Hardcore Playlist: How to find minecraft netherite fast easy and epic tutorial 100% true not bait watch
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    1. Андрей Гиглавый

      Pacific Daydream

    2. Panda

      My name is Shigekiyo Yangu. I'm a second-year at Budogaoka Middle School. I weigh 110 kilograms, and my Papa and Mama call me "Shigechi". "Shige-chan" turned into "Shigechi". My turtle I have at home is named Gonta. The other day I was wondering if the 41 yen, 62 yen and 150 yen stamps all tasted different, so I was licking them, and Mama yelled at me.

    3. Remy Ziegler

      if i was pewds with that texture pack I would spend my entire time onderwater

    4. Adam Gonzalez

      Does anyone know what Texture pack he is using for the nether

    5. comment bot

      5:43 it was at that moment he knew

    6. Bryan Speedruner

      the intro is the best

    7. Bernardo Parigot

      Felix: Im a minecraft veteran Also Felix: Can I grab lava with a bucket?

    8. Daniel Salazar

      give iron ingot to iron golem so he can restore health

    9. BeeJay

      14:48 Pewds: remember it’s safe nothing has ever happened in… *remembers*

    10. Aditya dhyani

      I like both the series

    11. Ryder Murray

      Hey naughty series that song about b**** lasagna I want your comments section and said thank you serious about so if you up some b**** lasagna

    12. Febrian Arul

      Rest In peace Bee 😓

    13. Wea Kim

      wheres alabama?

    14. JaggaTheBops

      *Large chest* 😂

    15. lithium lime

      What bfffitch





    18. bgdelastreet _

      Repair the golem with iron ingot

    19. Jay Mitu

      dimitrii :(

    20. Eric Roberts

      Just an idea, for smelting ores including ancient debris, use a blast furnace


      The first is Dream’s manhunt...and why I chose that coz he did that and gained 20M!!!!


      The 2nd best minecraft series in the world

    23. Hamburger,CheeseBurger,Bigmac,Whopper

      pewdiepie: i cant find any pets also pewdiepie: *kills all the cats in the village*

    24. Peter Stevens Adarne

      You shoul heal the golems with iron ingots

    25. Joshdamighty

      20:00 got me good lol

    26. Kuma Bear

      *"I'm suffering from success"* -Pewds 2021

    27. Finesoxx

      minecraft bedrock sucks gang

    28. Jarif Amin

      Poor demeatre, his master didnt even know how to fix him

    29. Jarif Amin

      Imagine placing wood infront of lava

    30. Golden Poisen frog

      PewDiePie fun fact notch is swedish

    31. Dark Wolf

      Those are some wise words.


      Dimitri nikos enemy

    33. FufuZ

      15:46 flashbacks.

    34. Tristan Joe R. Cimanes V

      22:04 why is the diamonds upside down?

    35. Audrey Brown

      He might be dying of cam bc in one video he is level 24 and in this one he's level 20

    36. Demi P.

      The iron golems name is way to close to mine that he occasionally says it and I don’t know how I feel lmao

    37. fjantante

      what texture pack?

    38. Uncle

      How is he in lv 20 in ep 10 while he was lv 30 in ep 8?

    39. Mike Mike

      Come on I want to see your beautiful face!!!😡

    40. SeasickSolid73

      This is a horror game Lmao

    41. Kaellan Zeke Torzar

      Bbbbbbbb is still there? It's been a long time since i watched pewds play minecraft hardcore I thought Bbbbbbbb is dead

    42. Frosty


    43. OYASSU CR

      His voice is so calming, he must be skandinavian

    44. Kapil Patel

      He went from im a minecraft veteran to I don't know enough about minecraft

    45. aryl balanon

      I like your intro it's cool

    46. Holden Lester


    47. Carlos Ballesteros

      I just got a tseries ad, that means they are giving money to pewds?

    48. Israel Fernandes


    49. Derrick Hennson U. Tumnob

      Iron golem can't go in minecrafts there to fat and thick

    50. Juan Paulo M. Caruncho

      Pewdiepie Minecraft hardcore is my favorite videos ever but he is the best buildings, best pixel art but I really love it.

    51. Logan Predeek

      Use beds as explosive device to strip mine maybe not in hardcore tho idk

    52. FMB

      rip PFFFF

    53. jimmyplayz

      When Felix turns on narrator, that shit is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard cuz he is like “WTF”

    54. Alexander Zaki

      You know you can heal iron golems by left clicking iron on them

    55. CxNightshade

      Actually, buy a crap ton of bookshelves then break them with a normal iron axe. You'll get books quickly so you can infinitely buy enchanted books.

    56. diaxor

      Use beds they are so good

    57. Gregg Fulgar

      Tip press "e" and you can now tab without pausing ur game

    58. Sphynx Yo Gaming

      This episode made me realize Felix has never done a Woodland Mansion

    59. Nova

      İ am 26 levels i have no shit how are you this level and have those items

    60. Janny2x

      How did pewds loss some of his level? Did he actually die?

      1. Vinnie Baker

        He enchanted items

    61. Bdog Marshall

      Did Pewdiepie learn his lesson? Don't take your horse TO THE NETHER!

    62. Adam Ewko

      Pls go back to the face cam


      Wait at #8-7 your level was 30 now 18 did you die or something?

    64. KarnageSZN


    65. Jordan Cabrera

      YOO PEWDIEPIE I really recommend reuploading this and edit out you calling the golom a honky it's a derogatory word to white people. Looking out for u ❤️everyone like so be sees I'd hate for someone to call him out.

    66. Santiago Pena

      Does pewdiepie not know mobs spawn in the dark

    67. Gene Kim

      The numerous mattock electronmicroscopically sip because poet disturbingly request notwithstanding a glamorous nickel. jumbled, determined organization

    68. Matteo Cunningham

      felix: learning the simple differences between two enchantments seems like such a useless skill American Public schools: *Write that down! Write that down!*

    69. ッRudy

      8:56 he was about to say slave and then he said “stop resisting” that’s kinda sus ngl

      1. Jordan Cabrera

        He called the golum a huge honkey

    70. AnonymousGamer

      You can feed the golems iron

    71. ben sekombo

      11:45 if you made it they woun't kill you

    72. dead bear

      you can feed the iron golem iron to fix him pls look att this comment and try it No cap

    73. Caroline Skidmore

      petition to call furnace church a furch

    74. Ayub Siraj

      Give iron golem some iron, it will fix

    75. Gabriela B.

      17:00 "that makes sense, he is a bee" lol

    76. lead slinger44

      Your mining at a bad level bro

    77. liueski

      i thought to myself; why was he scared of the bat. when was the last time a bat killed someone. and then it hit me.

    78. x_ wūvs yœū _x

      When u nine and have to many items make them into blocks

    79. JpAstill1904

      Use beds/tnt for mining in the nether it is much more efficient than your pick axe but watch people use beds or tnt to learn the strats of bed mining

      1. Noel19years

        Its a bit late now

    80. Jasp B Cat

      press F3 and bee/B

    81. Crown SMP

      20:03 um says yes

    82. Lecion

      Pewds: Thanks Notch Me: bruh.

    83. Damaster

      If we gonna talk prettiest biome in nether than probably the blue nether biome is prettiest

    84. FringeBoi

      "Everybody was kung fu fighting" Pewds: 22:36

    85. Amai Softie

      you facecam perfect

    86. Hannes Green


    87. Cold88


    88. Mangwang 07

      Pewdiepie had 4 stacks of honey blocks in his last series, how did he get them if he didn’t know how to craft them

    89. Kyle Speller

      You guys think he’s crafting??

    90. Thorzcun StellarFighter

      7:26 name of music?

    91. Chow Man

      why no face cam?

    92. Sakura! シ

      I'm so sad I can't watch the I found Badlands in Minecraft video :(

    93. Blender Render

      If you think getting the amount he did the youtuber wadzee made a full nethrite beacon which cost about 5600 ancient debris

    94. INF

      The Most Cool Intro i even see in my entire life

    95. Marcelino Keyrouz

      The furnace head is so annoying

    96. Asbjørn Friis


    97. skeleton G

      23:57 3am dude im scared

    98. Troy Jones Sael

      is it just me or the arrow on the thumbnail looks like an bad sign..

    99. JFuzy

      I go to know why but it’s more funny with pewdiepie skins instead of face cam

    100. Ryan Pellicier

      Give the golem Iron to heal him