How High Can You Survive A Jump in Minecraft? - Minecraft Hardcore #13


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    bad idea bros
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    1. John R.

      11:04 yes 3 stacks deffinetly

    2. Ehrol

      You can really see how pro a gamer pewds is

    3. Kripa Vinoy

      He is wearing glasses inside the helmet

    4. Zain Ismail

      Man the editing sucks. Peeds bring Brad back

    5. Gamer BryceDtv

      Bonkie is the new sven

    6. Nancy Highfield

      Idk what it was but this episode was so damn enjoyable. Might be the skyrim references, thanks Sive.

    7. Brick Man lover

      F Cocomelon

    8. Amit Dave

      lol lo

    9. Amit Dave


    10. Dark Wolf

      Love the viking look.

    11. Esuhei And Davka Super Spy 1890

      Wow thats a world record that he got 28 debra in 80 min

    12. Aronvivid

      pls stop with these cringe outros

    13. Kio. zip

      14:33 almost face reveal F****uck

    14. Matt1k Sama

      I love this series. It help me deals with this girl rejecting me this keep me sane and forgets about what happening at the moment

    15. AkatsukiMc1_Felo

      Back when this world wasent a fuckig cool fire nation

    16. bojo Natada

      8:02 Pewdiepie: hey ulla brita Me: THATS FRICKIN ALABAMA

    17. TudorX

      Hey Pweds while you were mining netherite you missed Lapis

    18. Alpha Ghost

      Noooo where is felixa i love her i want to propose her

    19. xWicked Soulx89

      video's like this would help out a lot of players even though i'm sure there's many out there like this where it shows and helps players to know what you need and what to do in the game.

    20. Warren Candler

      I CARE.

    21. Guaseth

      12:40 He delivered!

    22. Blu Scout

      Now this is what I call 10000iq plays

    23. Loud Mouth

      OMG he called UllaBahma for Ullabrita (fitta smitta) call the tree vikings (whistles intensly)

    24. sheila kariuki

      I love how he says 'we' even though he's playing alone

    25. bacon cool

      When am not in mood i like to get my anger towards inncoent people who did nothing so fu## off if your reading this

    26. Kristaps Audijāns

      Netherite cant burn in lava

    27. Caroline Skidmore

      3 1/2 stars

    28. Tom Yolkes

      Just pewdiepie and his pack mule bunkey

    29. NerdyPigeon

      when he was testing the creeper blast i died at the same second the explosion sound played

    30. dragon 808

      He finally did a face reveal

    31. nn lp

      i just forgot hows Felix's face really looks like

    32. Xyndrx Oraye

      With netherite armor when you die in lava in nether the armor wont get burned easily and you can still have time to pick it up again

    33. Kieas


    34. Lara

      You remind me of 5tat with that beard and the glasses. Look him up, he's a cool beard guy and he co-created Epic Mealtime

    35. Ja Crispy

      Jumping off of heights safely

    36. Lucky Lupe

      Pewds became a scientist this episode

    37. u


    38. ThisGuy

      Pewdiepie doing a MeatCanyon impression at 13:03

    39. アーラートARLERTアルミン ARMIN

      Your helmet is funny

    40. d4yys

      don’t jump

    41. dragon0ro 123

      I like the intro

    42. Tomas Belliard Gonzalez

      Guys I had seen pewdiepie’s Face. It is same from the thumbnail

    43. Gael Escobar

      He is such a nerd I love him

    44. Preston Botsford

      Bye the way all types of nether rite/ ancient debris does not burn

    45. Gameritb Yt 2

      did anyone se his face at the end?

    46. kopraxx x

      The END !

    47. Lavish Lemons

      Pewdiepie logic: Heart= Stars

    48. Билэгт Болд-Эрдэнэ


    49. Ulla Britta Smitta Fitta

      This reminds of the time when 'the guy felix' had beard.

    50. dawit fasil

      why you don't defeat the ender dragon your fully stack netherite pewdiepie

    51. ملكة الأحزان WE.AR.

      به واحد عربي😕

    52. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      Cool transformation in the end! 👌🏼

    53. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      13:00 - THAT sounded dark. 😂

    54. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      80 minutes? Are you serious!? 😱

    55. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      11:10 - Ha, nice! 🤣🤣

    56. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      10:08 - Yes, that's right! ✊🏼

    57. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      Nice armour testing. That's actually quite helpful.

    58. lanank _12

      Halo pudidi

    59. Lukas Reimer


    60. Bambiel325 FF

      Si buscas un comentario en español lo encontraste :)

    61. Green game

      pewdiepie what is the texture for minecraft please anwser

    62. Green game

      tänt var det härrrr

    63. Joseph Luke

      this was actually super helpful. Thanks!

    64. Luke

      Infinite with slow falling

    65. buzz buzz

      It's nithernite

    66. TheAdvertisement

      2:15 Sive referencing himself, and still showing a satisfying 3D printer clip truly shows he's the best editor.

    67. Le Z

      Viking with glasses!

    68. JayNstein

      PewDiePie is nice

    69. Henry Morris

      donkey is the new sven

    70. Alex Uchiha

      Pewdiepie with glasses w w a. T 😀


      Gak bisa bahasa enggres

    72. Dr Akash Lanka

      8:01 Ullabama: Who's Ullabritta?

    73. Anas Alblushi

      Sell the carrots beetroot and potato’s


      you take less blast protection with a golden helment with that enchantment

    75. MonkeyCole09

      22 blocks no armor

    76. Sumit Bhati

      Love from India

    77. superstarjonesbros

      _omg he called ullabama ulla britta_

    78. Alex Jensen

      Dr. Phil always wins....

    79. Robin Pianvi

      pls tell me how to make a infinitw wool farm

    80. SAYİM AYAR

      Is helmet real?

    81. Alpaca


    82. Ebrahim AMIN

      I thought that was his beard for a sec..

    83. uday_

      11:21 watch this with ur eyes closed

    84. Dingosplat


    85. Wolfy

      wait . the beard is a filter ?

    86. A Pretorius

      dovakin dovakin for the sake of skyrim if you know u know

    87. Spufy NutZ

      I like how at this point he’s just using Snapchat filters :/

    88. Nathan Quimby

      When are you going to finish Doom 3

    89. Abrahim Soleiman

      Pewds make alot of farmers villagers and trade your carrots and beetroot with them for emeralds and xp

    90. Realistic Truth


    91. Apollo_66

      I found the seed bois no joke

      1. Chef Sporty


    92. Raykhe Jeffer

      The square cough preferentially examine because output ectrodactyly unfasten worth a exotic letter. unarmed, pathetic star

    93. Tucker Bonham

      I just stripped mined for it too like 20 minutes ago and then watched this video and the funny thing is, I use the same black beds from my automatic wool farm.

    94. HTS_Bennibert

      Netflix: are you still watching? someone’s daughter: 11:22

    95. Matthew Rabbas

      I care pewdiepie

    96. Bro Man

      “One day the whole church will burn” uhh

    97. Kaleb Kehler

      He called the cat In the nether the wrong name 😱

    98. IM_Devo


    99. Ali Corn

      I think pewds is going thru an identity crisis...