He married his daughters age - TLC #14


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    1. Maddie

      bruh fricken weird 50 year old.. He makes marylanders look bad.

    2. Nicholas hart G

      Nice audio pewds

    3. Khaos-is-online

      Their age difference is almost the same as the age difference between my grandfather and me...

    4. Khaos-is-online

      My father and I are closer in age than these two...

    5. BIG RED

      Marzia : nicely reading book in other room... Felix : SHES 19, WHAT DO YOU THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. Yuggkhesh Lakkshmana

      keep up the good work. i love ur vids they're sooooooo entertaining

    7. Jayden Davison

      sound goes out from the bookshelf bit

    8. Z3ps

      My man can tell all his mates he's married to a teenager.

    9. Rihards Lacis

      8.06 Oblivion music starts I'm like wth is this quest..😂😂

    10. Urban Tactical Solutions

      the shop assistant hears that shes marrying him awkwardly laughs

    11. Jay Nick

      This dude is dating someone my age... Why??

    12. maubgt pizza


    13. Gian Erik Ngo

      Someone should just do a compilation of every tlc video just for pewdiepie

    14. Itsa Dr Mario

      “I guess you don’t have clutch in America” Pewds casually roasting American car guys lmao

    15. myah

      she def married the man to leave that country

    16. Ajit singh Auzla

      Pewdiepie: there the same age Math teacher:there is a 1 year gapppp

    17. F

      From 16:09 to the end of the video Static alien noises

    18. GFX Daniel

      What a coincidence, moby dick was the biggest book out of all.

    19. GFX Daniel

      I’m your mom

    20. Sverigemasken/ Slither. io

      The sound cut off at 90 days fiance

    21. C.J. Franklin

      I don't know why I'm subjecting myself to this; so painful but so intriguing

    22. Caleb B

      The audio on the last 2 videos was really bad

    23. Caleb Davies

      this video is exactly why we love Felix

    24. borrello12

      So the car roll him back long then she been alive

    25. borrello12

      Ig my love of my life was born today if I was this guy

    26. Mohammed Kayed

      Is this jeffrey epstein?

    27. Reina Joyce C. Fraginal

      pewdiepie's tumbler has always 1/4 water on it

    28. Jessica Cook

      Dude practically married his granddaughter

    29. Frankie Murphy

      the oblivion music had me dead bruuhhh

    30. The Bamber siblings

      imagine if her mums sister is his EX-wife

    31. Bob Biob

      Who else thinks they could make a pewdipie intro even as a new animator

    32. Lukas Lukas u

      sweet home alabama

    33. quinn mead

      and 25 years before well her mum was probably dead

    34. quinn mead

      i feel bad for him i mean yes she is 19 but she chose him to

    35. hangtuah on streaming!

      i just cant watch it 😩😩🤢

    36. Fathi Kastero

      Shit my dad did the same thing he is 54 and she is 19 years old and my sisters are all older than her one of my sisters is 28

      1. Fluffykittycat _gacha


    37. ericka reyna

      She’s over 18 so it’s basically ok

    38. ba da bing ba da boom

      I’m sitting here almost 19 like 👁👄👁 No. I literally know 20 year olds that still act like teenagers this is disgusting-

    39. GameLagg

      damn a miata nice

    40. Joshua RomanCe

      "I guess you don't have clutch in america" Are all sweedish people badass manual drivers?

      1. kokodk2

        All europeans are, yes

    41. Julian Juellz

      but DAMN she learned good english fast!

    42. Luke Adams

      7:32 That’s like me saying “I’m 1/16 Mexican so I’m Mexican”

    43. Muskaan Sharma

      She dont have to go to college? Or idk bruh

    44. Cosplay Unicorn

      Does anyone else lose sound on the book clip

    45. Me Me


    46. iTFNA07

      " Apparently my mom watched my last video. Thanks mom! *She made fun of me for having too Swedish of a perspective* " His mom is awesome

    47. Sugardaddy 69

      He got her a whole Miata 🤦‍♂️

    48. Jaaz7

      I thought he married his daughter, nice title techniques Felix...

    49. yafib

      man wanted to married his own grandchild



    51. Poorvika

      I feel like the person filming all this is the most weirded out like... Imagine sitting with someone's family and filming them talking about this almost 60 year old dude marrying a teenager...

    52. Dire Mika

      Im gone for 6 months. Wtf was that intro?

    53. William Mandji


    54. Joshua Champlain

      Why does this guy look like Toby from the office 😂😂

    55. Jalen poynter

      Hey look it guy from Minecraft, he so popular they make him real life

    56. Prakhar Jaiswal


    57. Nangphyrnai Nongrum

      Sweet great girl 😊😊💕hate the man btw

    58. louis S

      Good audio, felix ( 14:00 +)

    59. Jungkookie biased

      Now I freakin feel awkward and uncomfortable with my own father around.

    60. Grace Zodinpuii

      Soo my Bf lead me here PewDie😂

    61. Giraldy Miranda Lisboa

      13:33 copyright music

    62. JungleINSECt Spikewall

      Shes soo sweet and well spoken the poor girl

    63. JungleINSECt Spikewall

      Bruh wtf are these intros?

    64. dolby dalda

      I dunno why but i can understand niki , coz i am down to old man too. And my crush is 30 years older than me too

    65. The Starfish

      Its something wring with the sound in the part with the books

    66. Renz Lee Florida

      Why it has to be always a filipina woman in this case just like ed and rose?

    67. Toxic_ Acid73

      Ya imagine a 89 year old man marrying a 17 year old ??

    68. Hans Gabriel Ramos

      he definitely knew about the age consent

    69. Soani Gonzalez-Ortega


    70. Lord Pigeon

      Bruh he is 3 times her age

    71. Mary Kate Fitzpatrick

      does the fckin audio go out for anyone else on this video

    72. Mr FUNGUS YT

      This is very uncomfortable to watch LOL😂

    73. Imani Kimani

      Elise is my band teacher

    74. Panny Wanny

      It's not as cringy for me because Felix is like a filter

    75. G CA

      wtf! ephebophila amerikano skum stinkz!

    76. Dallas Blackwell

      This would be so wholesome if she was anything but his wife.

    77. Dhealyne Mercado

      Wow... Felix is wearing Phinease T shirt... 😅😅😅

    78. notsyd

      did anyone else's audio just go out?

    79. notsyd

      nikki is so pretty she deserves a better man

    80. L3

      Okay, dude, he's 58 not 108......

    81. raissie

      for the love of god nikki RUN

    82. Hellno301

      gotta appreciate the oblivion meme :D

    83. RAHUL ROY

      arrange the books in order, lesson 101 Chronologically...... naah Alphabetically........naaah I will go for Big to small

    84. Chloe Majlinda

      situations like this are why people judge my husband and I so terribly without knowing a thing about us (we have a big age gap but are incredibly happily married for 7 years now and our family is completely supportive)... he marries foreign girls who he barely knows, is legitimately a terrible match with and then is a controlling weirdo. Thanx dude

    85. N. Syakirah

      her english is way better than mine HAHAHAH FCK

    86. Miranda Martinez

      Wow he’s selfish

    87. Sophia Radford

      Nikki blink twice if your in danger

    88. Daniel Hernandez

      when she deleted your fortnite'get the fuck out'

    89. Amber Witmer

      I freaking hate voice overs he talks so much like shut up and watch the goddamn vidoe

    90. Valor 1


    91. Arundeep Mudhar

      “No nikki you’re messing with my happiness” why does he act like her dad 😳😂

    92. Notchella1

      The fact that a lot of the time when talking about Nikki he starts referencing his kids and raising them should make him realise but it really doesn't

    93. Kasper Fjelkestam

      look at the subtiles 3:33, compleatly different then what she said!

    94. Charvinae Turner

      The sound my guy.. Can't hear them anymore...

      1. Abhijith Srivari

        Glad to know it's not just me. I think he got striked for copyright



      1. aki kia

        Lol 😂

    96. uncomplete artist

      Kinda looks like Ryan rennolds

    97. Ho Ge

      Skidaddle Skidoodle

    98. NatPat

      I want to know what type of life his kids had growing up like are they OK😬

    99. Γιώργος Μπα

      Agh this intro is so 😍😍😍😍

    100. A channel of random videos

      When she said “here the streets are clean” I laughed so hard.