He has to Pick One as WIFE / TLC #13


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    1. Monke

      Danielle must be fricking 60. My aunty is in her 50s and she looks nowhere like that😂

    2. Ellery Kaye

      we stan Tom

    3. Natthida Thachoho

      Men just no hate but the lawyer looks like chewbacca 😂

    4. Logan Iles

      anybody know felix's monitor?

    5. Logan Iles

      anybody know felix's monitor?

    6. Luke Fullerton

      Wow they both suck!!!

    7. Anonymous 8650

      Daniels friend is such a Karen

    8. Kajin Hozan

      Honestly feel sorry for him. Imagine being so desperate to leave your country you have to put yourself through literal hell with someone you can’t stand.

    9. Teacher Livia Oliveira

      I need nore TLC videosssssssssssssss

    10. Stef Ss

      What happened to Her friend’s face

    11. Tiny Rick

      The daily swim basally complain because skiing electronically expect towards a thankful hamburger. gullible gusty, dispensable bestseller

    12. Citi2en V41n

      Dude, it was (a) the hostess and (b) Danielle's fault. (a) Don't ask questions you don't wanna know the answers to, dummy. (b) Danielle's the one who named the problem! The hostess should be yelling at Danielle, not Mohammed.

    13. marko

      tom looks like lester

    14. Sir Capalot

      Tom is fr a real one


      I think she should stop hounding the Lad and let him have some sort of peace...things went wrong and that's that..let him stay where he is now and stop being so bitter and angry and jealous and move on...this is no good for either of you...

    16. Lil Trunks

      Iowa is so fucking boring

    17. Tee 3

      I feel kinda bad for danielle but she’s crazy for trying to get him deported

    18. 07-Shadman Rahman

      I just came here for the intro honestly..

    19. organic thug

      Walmart bro is the best

    20. Sverigemasken/ Slither. io

      Mer tlc snällaaaaaa

    21. se7endays

      Mohamed needs more than a green card 😂

    22. Leo Iliev

      So the guy didn’t come to Danielle for the sake of the green card he was getting by marrying her?

    23. Zainab Aktar

      I want to laugh but this is people’s lives and it’s not funny 😄 at all.

    24. NotoriousBeann

      Megan Griffin

    25. Yoyo

      She does not sees the red flags he doesn't see the green card

    26. uno reverse card


    27. Daniel

      She lives in a damn movie

    28. Perzival 7102

      Lmfao, this is America

    29. Carl Wonger

      9:23 "...entered it on these circumcisions..." LOLOL

    30. Green Tea

      dump the girl. run off with Walmart homie

    31. Sauwen SVK

      So wait... the shirt means that there is a high probability her son has seen this video... oof champ

    32. Reni Boteva

      i hope everybody get a friend like Walmart guy :D

    33. JD Jennings

      "Ohio boar" 😂😂😂😂

    34. Ein Wina

      Danielle looks the same as my aunt🙂

    35. SouthernYankee

      He Obviously got with her for a green card and she is surprised that a 20 something does not find a 41 year old women who looks 60 lied about her Financial situation, housing, and treats him like a redhead step child wants to leave her

    36. julian garcia

      Ehhh this shit crazy 😧

    37. XLoser LunaX

      Bro the intro tho😂✋🏼

    38. Badass BobY

      Muhammad the type of guy to destroy you in arguments without even wanting to...

    39. Rice Pudding


    40. Sidharth Manoj Kumar

      I don't think money applies to this case, with this waman

    41. Giraldy Miranda Lisboa

      ta da da da ta da ta da

    42. Giraldy Miranda Lisboa

      yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

    43. Giraldy Miranda Lisboa

      well u have a bird brain

    44. Giraldy Miranda Lisboa

      why they look like messd up fhat woman that really think does boyz gon be with them

    45. Jackaroo Dragon

      Tom is a LEGEND

    46. S Q

      I mean she is obviously lied about her age.

    47. LUV leaks*!

      i watched this again 4 months later but where is the neck of the friend from danielle?????

    48. Flxckie

      I mean.. SHE is the issue 😂

    49. Sophie Le Roux

      I still can’t get over Pewds laugh at 8:29😭🤣

    50. amanda 83

      She's gross

    51. JED KHS

      9:24 on these circumcisions😂😂

    52. Tanner Hughes

      her chin dudeee

    53. ki ki

      15:06 😂😂😂😭😭😭 crying

    54. Dee Narjee

      This man sure knows how to find people to use. Even a man in Walmart!

    55. Ashliana Dragomir

      Anyone notice how Felix’s fingers are shiny?

    56. Francisco Ledee-shave

      This video is BIG PP!!

    57. Shirako Takamoto

      12:32 lmao bruh haha 😆

    58. valentine Massot

      "if you don't have sex with me tonight, I'm calling the immigration" it's rape ma'am

    59. Noël el Aissaoui

      So were just going ignore the fact that she said that she peed on him right after she said that he told people she smells😂

    60. zeus 999

      at the end of the day, don’t mess with mohamed’s hair

    61. mild.person

      HOLY SHIT! I watched until 10:51 without even noticing that he looks an awful lot like RyanHiga

    62. Fardeen Islam

      what is luisa full nameeeee

    63. iclikete

      Danielle makes me sick

    64. Jemima Calixte

      the little recommended video, "Where's mohamed" that came up had my dead

    65. Nabeeha Khan

      Why can't anyone see he is marrying for green card ?

    66. Nabeeha Khan

      He just married her for green card.


      More red flags than a communist parade.

    68. Γεράσιμος Γιαννιώτης

      Y E S 11:38

    69. Dhruv Sharma

      My name is pewdiepie😃

    70. Mr Oogabooga

      If you make a friend at Walmart that will be the strongest friendship ever speaking from experience

    71. Alex is out


    72. xd lonely hobbit

      She looks like your standard average primary school teacher here in the uk

    73. xd lonely hobbit

      Did she say she peed on him??? Like she said "hes said I smell and I peed on him"...... just me who heard it ???

    74. Ibrahim Janabi


    75. Michael Stanford

      She has a face like a stormtroopers helmet......

    76. Jaleea Slade

      I think he should be with Louisa because they are the same age, they look like they have fun together, and because his wife is controlling

    77. m k

      18:07 ish I thought that was still the girl crying. Took me like 8 more to realise it was pewds.

    78. m k


    79. Chrysi Pantazi

      I love how he does deku in the intro 🤣 Edit: He does deku from Mha right?

    80. Pierce Pryce

      This is just a fucked up couple

    81. Ivythorn K

      Pamela Anderson vibes from blonde woman idk

    82. KoniginElle

      I wish it's easy for me to find a friend; the way Muhammad found his at Walmart. lol

    83. BRAFLO 911

      My name is mohammad 🤯🤯🤯

    84. safouen Bargaoui

      as a tunisian guy, I find it really distrubing that many dudes from my country do loads of shit with foreign women to get visa, it's really so damn disturbing and depressing

    85. Nancy-Grace Forkah-Musoro

      That lawyer looks like Jonah, from David Dorbricks vlogs. 🤔

    86. Mohammad Marsiawala

      Mohammad sounds like my family doctor

    87. Zakariaya Salman

      How do woman find him attractive?

    88. Conner B

      When did Jonah become a lawyer

    89. Moni Qay

      luisa is such a upgrade 😭😭

    90. StereohearT.


    91. David Konevky

      Danielle may look old, but in the inside she's just a bratty 13 year old girl.

    92. Elise Mathieu

      Why does his lawyer looks like a PAprom parody actor

    93. Jasjeet Singh

      damn who took off mama's lips.

    94. Jasjeet Singh

      12:20 whoa she really struggled protesting to have sax with her hubby.. in front of her teens wtf.

    95. Jasjeet Singh

      my man like older people so much that he has a wife like a mom and friend like a dad....wait...why does it sound so weird?..

    96. prynjxism

      Pewdiepie is just like any other of us.... reading comments while watching video

    97. Zierith E

      He doesn’t seem like a great guy.

    98. Gio

      When you relize this entire thing is just a massive jojo reference

    99. Hlrulez1

      loved the jojo reference

    100. StigmataLab

      Id also be 41.. this year 😭