/ Green Needle // Brainstorm / - Which one do you hear? #78[REDDIT REVIEW]


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    1. Nani

      brain needle, that's what someone could possibly hear

    2. fraggin out

      "im a goddamn onion mason" Woods 2020 Look its irrelevant but its the best quote ever

    3. Carl Chuang

      You can actually hear Brain needle and Green storm if you reading it

    4. Michenir Herrera

      if anyone's asking, 7:21 is a size comparison between a Dwarf Pumpkin Patch and a Goliath Birdeater, the largest species of spider in the world. 8:05 is a Poeciletheria Metallica.

    5. DM3X

      Me trying to hear brainstorm and green needle My brain: BrAiN nEeDlE

    6. Ace Of Spades

      You know what’s insane? That fact that this man has a zFold 2 on his desk. (I’m sorry if you don’t get it, it’s a tech thing)

    7. Ari Seeger

      try thinking of the word: brainneedle or greenstorm

    8. Blapp Sad


    9. Some Dumbass Kid

      bro what drugs this dude on i dont hear brainstorm for shit

      1. rejitha gopan


    10. Horton Hears A Jew

      He changed is profile pic

      1. rejitha gopan

        Because he is taking a break

    11. Liam McConaghy

      Thanks for the arachnophobia warnings

    12. awan

      "this is the new yanny laurel" is it new thoooooo

    13. SolMaxiZ


    14. SolMaxiZ


    15. Soul Reaper

      I spilled my milk everywhere when I saw the intro.

    16. Nikhilan Karthik

      Bruh im hearing brain needle am i normal?

    17. ΓΞΛקΞΓ _SO2

      5:55 cyberpunk 2077

    18. Victor Verndal

      The video with three intros

    19. noob pro

      I said 'brain needle'😅😅

    20. Austin

      He literally called the Costa Concordia cool...oops

    21. BIGBOI Drawing

      pewds: I could take on a vindicator also pewds: aaaaahhh I don't want to share the eartg with a spider

    22. Dylan R

      why did I have an existential crisis during this video?

    23. Saksham Jain

      Pterodactyls r not dinosaurs felix 😑

      1. Shivay Ramdhin


    24. Ken Lu

      I was in tears when he did the intro thing

    25. Cynthia Florêncio

      Ppl with aracnophobia: DON'T WATCH THIS VIDEO

    26. Junior Chongo

      he is doing the ironic voice but talking seriously 2021 baby

    27. micro munky

      I ended up hearing brain needle

    28. Wiktor Błażkiewicz

      I cant hear brimstorm first but i can hear both later

    29. mcFabian 678

      Im going to bed and I watch this vid and I see the fucking SPIDERS

    30. 黃古歌

      Somehow the figurine on his desk makes me want a burger, but I already ordered chicken from KFC… Ah I really want a 🍔

      1. Shivay Ramdhin


    31. Lyana Ayleen

      When felix doesnt realize the green needle thingy was a set-up... I feel pretty dank smart

    32. David niedermeyer

      There is no spider larger than a dinner plate. Don't worry your safe.

      1. rejitha gopan

        @David niedermeyer idk Name I read it in an encyclopedia

      2. David niedermeyer

        @rejitha gopan really? what is it called? I'm interested.

      3. rejitha gopan

        Yes there are

    33. Will HP

      wuts on his hands

    34. Autumn Eller

      The wind pushed the soccer ball back down, since he kicked it at the right angle

    35. Benny Solis

      I heard green storm

    36. Brenda Kivi

      Im hella confused.. how are you guys hearing green needle???

    37. Mr.chezturt

      Felix:who needs a boat! Dream:*sad speed runner noises*

    38. 藤原ちか

      He sniffed the goosebumps 7:47

    39. Wither123

      9:20 my dumbass keeps hearing both. Like it’s either greenstorm or brain needle tf

    40. Syoncheung

      when i listen to it it's either green needle or brain needle

    41. Xavier Guimond

      3:11 . What happened to Felix's education in three seconds?

    42. god's alt account

      Dude im disliking the video because of the spider. JEEZ I WANT TO KILL IT PLS

    43. Mr Noob

      10:43 that pteranodon is not even a dinosaur birds are basically dinosours!

    44. Anton Oliver

      its the ikea spider

    45. Nemuri NoKami

      Nostalgia goes Pfffft

    46. It’s Ab


    47. crazy Tricks


    48. Toasty me

      he needs a big boat to play call of duty in real life

    49. Patrick Hand

      Why did I not see this vid when it came out That shits insane

    50. M J


    51. Khane Bendecio

      5:53 "Enemy UAV above"

    52. Jayden Kim

      6:10 Killer Bean moment

    53. Oliver Hauksson

      me doing any school presentation: 9:22

    54. ZACKI J-Mmi

      Bruh! If that drug is invented then the world would be a better place!

    55. Christopher Groenewald

      Will Smith says stay at home. Will Smith lives in what essential is his own small town

    56. Sandi Putra Rahayu

      Halooo PUDIDI

    57. soxx

      brain needle

    58. Nick Games09

      Hahahahah Ben 10 brain storm

    59. Reuben maennchen

      you know Felix is scared when he is the smallest thing on the screen

    60. fastlane gamer


      1. eyal yonai

        Yes you do have a membership

    61. Anirudh Gupta

      The intro was like me running Minecraft in my pc

    62. Ashley

      I hear brain needle everytime

    63. tinagarwal

      13:44 how Sasuke actually got his Mangekyou Sharingan

    64. hunk 24

      The green needle thing I heard brain needle

    65. hammad ayaan

      everybody gangsta until pewdiepie puts 3 cocomelon intros

    66. Jeremy Bouwhuis

      7:20 Good ol goliath

    67. Ni Ce

      9:38 reminds me of that thing in Bleach that the crazy looking dude with blue hair made for the other less crazy dude with pink hair

    68. bob ross

      F sience-pewdiepie2020

    69. Ro met

      Great! Never can't be too mani intros

    70. i. j

      Even felix kjellberg doesn't know who Yuri Gagarin is

    71. Sour Lemon

      Uh I didn't get the first one

    72. Stella van Lambalgen

      I love how PewDiePie was just grossed out by half the things he saw

    73. Ashton coles

      Sorry to say pewds but 32 people died in costa concordia

    74. Adrian


    75. Ashu Patil

      I don't know why , but I heard "green storm"

    76. Mr.Nobody

      thanks i cant sleep now 7:24

    77. Thomas Higgin

      Im pretty surr that the drone shooting people os from Brazil

    78. Jonas Mejer Pedersen

      *when more than 31 people died at the costa concordia including 2 found in the elevators*

    79. Ragdollkitten Lover

      Is it bad I heard brain needle multiple times 😂

    80. Amgry Retordilla

      i hear *eeEEeuehhehhshheh*. i hear nothing help

    81. PC Life

      9:38 Fucking tsukuyomi IRL. XD

    82. swastik srivastava X C

      7:30 I mean in rick and Morty the peace treaty between spiders and humans took place we don't have a choice do we?

    83. Zar2M

      We are so fricked

    84. Mademow


    85. Dante Alivieri

      That's insane

    86. STEVE

      Felix was more normal in this video

    87. Alex the Gordo

      This is a scary episode

    88. Chelsea Valencia Chairil

      10:03 LMAOOO 😂😂😂😂

    89. Liciam

      dont worry, the dam broke bcs of the massive floodings xD we spin normaly again i would say haha

    90. The RA

      Still "Brain Needle"

    91. plisskeneye


    92. Aditya Panda

      Meanwhile me hearing Brain Needle

    93. Mycobacterium Tuberculosis

      2:11 is that Volvo truck?

    94. Anushka

      nooo why the spider i shriveled inside

    95. Iamthesenate

      10:00 it’s better that the prisoner spend half of his lifetime stuck in prison and lose their jobs and his or her family members may die in that timeline compared to 1k years where u lose nothing but a few hours.

    96. jordyn mcgowen

      “I don’t want to share the earth with that thing” My new fav quote

    97. Synixlia

      I heard brain needle

    98. Lane Jordan

      That is real it's called a giant huntsman spider

    99. Ikhwan-san EQ-01

      9:53 So... Itachi's Tsukuyomi?

    100. Conor Goddard

      I’m not sleeping for the next 2 months after that spider THANKS SIVE FOR ADDING THAT IN YOU F*****G MANIAC