Going Through Your Partners Phone...



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    1. Reese Schmidt

      haha mary doesn’t have anything to worry about considering ken doesn’t even know what dms are

    2. Leslie Hardeman


    3. Valente Razo

      Perry at 4:57

    4. iiiBlueberries

      Pewdiepie are you using opera gx lol

    5. Fight nirshninja

    6. Raymond Melendez

      Yo pewds you made me die during the Bruce Willis argument cuz I agree with cinnamon. But they way you reacted had me laughing my ass off!!

    7. Robertmaxity - Blender Videos

      I never close my tabs either that's why I have 64GB of ram now ^^'

    8. Lollygagger

      2:18 did he just say😳😳 Ding ding ding ding ding ding ding Dididing

    9. izzynski

      Bruce Willis is handsome and Tom Cruise is hands on and not handsome at the same time.

    10. Robertmaxity - Blender Videos

      Hey I remember some of the cheat codes at 2:01 :D good ol' times

    11. Caidence Czewski

      im marzia fs, i feel like if i close my tabs im gonna die

    12. Charles Lizana

      Ken must have been working on vocals for his rock band before this podcast with all that reverb/echo on his mic.

    13. The official Jack

      Ken has the PewDiePie case I have

    14. kk

      The dabate whether Bruce Willis is handsome or not shows so much what men consider an attractive man and what woman do

    15. RamenShaman


    16. silo


    17. Dylan W

      5:34 I think they are both dying

    18. Probably Alex

      1:59 thanks for the gta San Andreas cheat codes sive

    19. aman_zxcx

      After I had a breakup I even changed my phone cz I felt so insecure looking at it lol 😂

    20. Maze Tok

      me *cries in single*

    21. Joel Blake

      I like how it’s not even an Alienware computer

      1. Joel Blake

        At 0:30

    22. Cake Sensei

      It's so wholesome to see Ken constantly make Felix laugh!

    23. S.M Peachy

      Simp for Ken 💕

    24. Charles-Olivier Marchand

      the guy is still insecure, he got cheated on. It lasts quite a long time on the heart. Of course, he's going to hurt anytime he sees the past of his GF

    25. Mattpool

      Its so wholesome that ken has the PewDiePie rhinoshield case

    26. wnnalis cioov

      Its actually so cute that Marzia doesn’t think Tom Cruise is handsome cuz it means that she thinks Felix is more handsome than him 🥰

    27. Lucifer

      love their friendship

    28. Techno Synth

      I'm just gonna stay quiet with my 112k photo's vibing in my gallery

      1. wnnalis cioov

        Bro you so fucking funny 😂😂

    29. Jordan Taylor

      Ken's got a blue Samsung Galaxy S20+! My man!

    30. OWL

      FYI for everyone out there. If your gf/bf holds onto photos of their ex because of "memories" they aren't over the relationship. Especially if they are intimate.

    31. Evan G4ming

      Whats this clip feature never seen it before

    32. GST Monkey

      The fact that ken has pewds phone case is so nice

    33. Stormy

      The guy in the pink shirt might have also been trans.

    34. Kate Helen.

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    35. Kate Helen.

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    36. Andy Weesman

      Is it sad that I can tell you exactly which uncle is Bruce willis?

    37. Pyro Pete

      Me chilling with 57 tabs open that I haven’t used in a month but am just too lazy to clean them up

    38. YUH VIBES


    39. Lymonalphablob Carlson

      This is 80 percent commentary, 10 percent looking at pics, and 10 percent ACTUALLY WATCHING THE VIDEO!

    40. Pan Trash

      extreme jealousy is a huge red flag

    41. lazyshit67

      Anyone touches my phone: My memes are not a representation of my morals or political views.

    42. JContVA

      for some reason my playback speed was at 1.25 and I didn't notice until I was 12 minutes in-

    43. Megarbetz

      121 tabs open Life of a programmer

    44. The only Jesiah

      Bro you so fucking funny 😂😂

    45. Luke J. / Nexus

      Ken could do anything to me

    46. Code_ kliffy

      Marzia is a racist ,she doesn’t view colored people as human because they aren’t included in her perception of everyone

    47. Tet

      Schrodinger's pp

    48. Monsieur Hood

      “The Phantom Weiner”

    49. Laken Kline

      Consume suasage

    50. Yan Terahn

      Phone is private business full stop. If you don't trust your partner then YOURE the problem and should leave. Find someone you feel comfortable enough with, to not completely invade their personal privacy.

    51. LøneNaddog o-o

      Ahahah...- I looked through my parent’s old phone (yes, I’m a child), they did ‘it’- T-T

    52. fewly person for thee rim FF

      I'm loving the calabs right now!

    53. Christina Marie Hicks

      Radiac so busy ..gee eric, joel his woman..most interesting video ever..

    54. Nytro

      I live the fear in pewds eyes when he notices marzia 😂😂😂

    55. Nytro

      Loving all the ken reaction content

    56. demonslayer64


    57. Tomato Boy

      7:07 is so relatable. lol

    58. entity2j2

      through the mirro u can see him spinning round a knife lol

    59. bilishu aliss

      I love how everyone's going crazy over the few seconds of Marzia in this video. Cuz same.

    60. Evie

      I agree with Marzia lol

    61. cheyyaz

      Color order? Yes, same!!!!

      1. bilishu aliss

        has a lot of pictures of our hamsters on it XD

    62. doge mill

      legal, mas oque tem no esconderijo?

    63. penguin 0912

      I agree that Tom Cruise and Bruce Willice is not as handsome as everyone think they are lol

    64. Captain Howardo

      The Ken x Pewds videos are some of my favorite

    65. Anna D

      110 million subs 👌

    66. Igit Igit

      I can't believe I worked with Ken's mom lmao.

    67. Osvaldo Angel

      You have to react to Unghetto Matthieu’s videos of couples switching their phones

    68. Joey Peck

      why does joey look like hawks

    69. Tekuru

      bro people with photos of their ex smh, my ex has photos of me and her on all her shit still and shes engaged and has a kid with another dude now. Like at some point youd think youd wanna delete it yea? She just hit me up not to long ago and we talked for a minute and she still has ALL of them in her memories and like god damn come on

    70. Wulf

      Marzia says Tom Cruise looks like everyone's uncle? Look up Tristan Rousselle on Google, that's my uncle and I agree that Tom Cruise kinda looks like my him.

    71. first notyder

      and laptops sh*t

    72. Wilhelm Carlstedt

      React to phone swap

    73. Ariel Harmony

      I’m a sentimental and emotional person and I’m losing my memory. I take a ton of photos and videos so that I can remember things. I have videos and photos from most of my exes simply because having those memories is too precious even the bad ones. You don’t realize how important memories are until you lose them. I’m 32

    74. Shiro Night

      My wife had 150 tabs open on her phone I close them week later she was back to 50 🤦🏾‍♂️

    75. Cami

      I never get bored by this Bromance.

    76. Tawer Zadok

      Stop pausing so much guys.

    77. Kathrine L.J

      In our relationship we always ask to borrow and dont go through the phone. For a periode my boyfreind had a better phone camera so I borrowed it to take pictures a lot. Now he has a lot of pictures of our hamsters on it XD

    78. Hockeyman 86

      Felix is right if I see someone on my phone I want it back.

    79. Maryna Lepcha

      Its like you know you aren't going to steal from a store but when they look at you u start to panic.

    80. adele ah


    81. emseasea

      realising how useful bookmarks are really saved my laptop from constantly having to run hundreds of tabs open all the time

    82. Riley Sollerud

      I agree with Ken, Cruise has had way to much Plastic Surgery these days.

    83. Sead Kosova

      Video e loj te pa kuptim

    84. Sead Kosova


    85. Laylaa Moorad

      Just got a tseries ad on pewds vid

    86. Green Horizon

      Pewdipie: reacting to videos PAprom: *GAMING*

    87. Kurai Shonin

      As someone who got my 2200 tabs down to 1300 tabs I feel so called out right now. Task manager says I'm now 1.5gig usage not 4gig DX

    88. MusicianWolf 17

      My channel is MusicianWolf 17

    89. MusicianWolf 17

      Hi pewdiepie, I have a new YT channel and a shoutout would really help it. If you ever see this message, I hope I can get a shoutout, thanks.

    90. Joker Junior

      that was a new kind of rick rolled..

    91. Taurex

      19:24 that’s nothing. I probably have literally more than a thousand tabs in my browser rn. It takes like 20 seconds to open it every time

    92. Vander Sellers

      Every kid ever 1:08-1:10

    93. Elvis Lee

      Why’d he stop doing 90 days fiancé 😞

      1. Drug_ Dealer

        Because of copyright or it got boring

    94. Ashe Game

      They talk about it so casually as it passes by where the partner discovers the porn. I'm guessing they don't want to know what their partner likes. lmao

    95. Caffeinator

      bruce willis does look like my uncle tho..

    96. solid


    97. Glen Coco

      The elderly woman had Figgeroni and her husband had Robertatalloni at 18:21

    98. Janet Williams

      I saw 4192_victor comments on Instagram so I decided to hire him, I was amazed when he hacked my lover phone and WhatsApp without his knowledge

    99. Janet Williams

      I saw 4192_victor comments on Instagram so I decided to hire him, I was amazed when he hacked my lover phone and WhatsApp without his knowledge

    100. Eduarmando Mtz.