Getting Cancelled Speedrun Any%


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    ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 23 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


    1. Moomoo_ 46th

      I get why obama didn't apologize

    2. Dio Brando

      rip sives eyes

    3. I̶N̶F̶I̶N̶I̶T̶Y̶ Z̶e̶r̶0̶

      I learned that someone can be “out-deviled”.....goddamn...

      1. I̶N̶F̶I̶N̶I̶T̶Y̶ Z̶e̶r̶0̶


    4. 00100010 00100010

      I work in a histology lab & have to touch the teratomas

    5. Ali Almuhannadi

      Fuck I googled Teratoma

    6. gisa jäger

      You learn growing up in America that Americans dont apologize for much of anything and if they do its sarcastic. im ashamed to be a part of America even though my ancestors were forced to be here. In school they refuse to acknowledge that generations of men women and children were affected by those pink bombs they were dropping in the war and to make matters worse we refused to pay for their medical help and aid. it wasn't until i was 29 that i found that information out.

    7. Sonali Dutt

      I once googled "Blue Waffles" even when my friend warned me not to, I regret doing that till now. And hence, I could tell by Felix's reaction that Teratoma is something worse. So, don't google it guys, trust me you'll regret it.

    8. gh15

      this is nasty shhit speedrun, not cancel i was fcking eating

    9. Steven Lawson

      Hey all Just a quick message to say Google tertoma It's funny.

    10. Forest

      8:13 Just as my parents walked in...

    11. Nolan Patrick

      7:13 D E S U C U M S I Z E D

    12. FearlessDude637

      8:30 explain plz? And 9:35

    13. officialtoadchild

      (7:35) And on that day... Felix Kjellberg died in the moment he saw pure horror whilst searching up what is known as 'teeth tumors.' Rest in peace, Pewdiepie/Felix Kjellberg 1989-2021. (edit) It is said to be known that his editor, Sive, is uploading old, forgotten videos to the channel once again, in the state of trying to keep Pewdiepie/Felix Kjellberg alive.

      1. Edgar P

        This is why I don't read the manga so dark

    14. Jack Miller

      Hey Pewdipie remember Vespa

    15. 184

      8:30 I don't get it

      1. Kjell Maake

        I think it's supposed to be the meteor that killed the dinosaurs

    16. Ivy Pialago

      7:37 then don't search "Art of Zoo" in google.

    17. homie Cat

      9:36 I dont get it can someone explain to me pls.

    18. Ammar Yasser

      When he said don't google it I just went and said how bad can it be ........ Now I wish I can wash my eyes from what I saw

    19. TaKeOvEr

      Someone explain the sun meme

      1. Kjell Maake

        I think it's supposed to be the meteor that killed the dinosaurs

    20. ofirarg

      if an american president were to apologize to japan it will probably lead to a diplomatic crisis with china and the korea's. the apology might be viewed as an admition that japan had the moral high grown during the war and justifie future changed in its pacifist constitution and claim that japan was a victim in ww2 and not an aggressor.

    21. Jackie Wantland

      u made me look it up :(

    22. Black Fish

      Nice now do it live

    23. Sabrina Schivo

      I had a teratoma in an ovary! I had it removed in january

    24. Friedrich M. Beachy

      "DON'T GOOGLE TERATOMA" me: *googles teratoma* ...

      1. Kjell Maake

        @Friedrich M. Beachy OK. I belive that.

      2. Friedrich M. Beachy

        @Kjell Maake lets just say it's mentally scarring. Absolutely disgusting.

      3. Kjell Maake

        How bad was it? I won't search it btw

    25. sarus117

      A full on invasion of mainland Japan would have killed millions more than us dropping the bombs. It was the better option, cause Japan was not about to give up. America even dropped tons of flyers in Japanese warning civilians of the attack many days in advance.

    26. JuMixBoox

      Wait, was that Hand of Blood? Weird crossover, bit slightly less random than HollyLP.

    27. Dameon Kenobi

      Pewds thinks he stores pee in his testicle... let him know his bladder exists.

    28. Jakeb Croy

      Regarding the apology from America. They kills our guys we kill theirs. Is war

    29. Dekadin

      Was Hannity talking about the youtube video Spider in my Room (I'm Tryna F*ck it)

    30. Naygoats

      teratoma more like forbidden jelly bean

    31. Viktor Lee Thorsson

      Thanks for helping introduce me to sacrococcygeal teratomas, Felix. It's not everyday I find a new fetish.

    32. Connor Fernandez

      If you think about it America created godzilla If it not been for the bombs we dropped we would not have Godzilla

    33. Doraemon

      I actually didn't google teratoma .... Anyone who actually googled can tell me how bad it is from 1-10

    34. Doraemon

      I actually didn't google teratoma .... Anyone who actually googled can tell me how bad it is from 1-10

    35. Doraemon

      I actually didn't google teratoma .... Anyone who actually googled can tell me how bad it is from 1-10

    36. Doraemon

      I actually didn't google teratoma .... Anyone who actually googled can tell me how bad it is from 1-10

    37. Doraemon

      I actually didn't google teratoma .... Anyone who actually googled can tell me how bad it is from 1-10

    38. Doraemon

      I actually didn't google teratoma .... Anyone who actually googled can tell me how bad it is from 1-10

    39. Doraemon

      I actually didn't google teratoma .... Anyone who actually googled can tell me how bad it is from 1-10

    40. Savannah S

      Handofblood made it into a pewdiepie video

      1. Luca


    41. Ezequiel Garrido

      7:31 thats what she said

    42. Jordan's Animated Stories

      Pew die pie I need your help. I googled teratoma!

    43. saurabh Kaushal

      7:37 I should've listened. 😭

    44. Eww

      Subscribe to MrBeast

    45. Hznuky_Phaser


    46. MrKris286

      Why would you need radiology for a snake bite?

    47. Pew Kira

      7:20 yes I'm sure that's normal my man

    48. Superpellexl

      Can someone explain what's funny about "it's not the sun" at 8:30?

    49. High Ground!

      4:12 gotta love sive

    50. Best copper 1

      3.1 million people now know about teratoma

    51. Best copper 1

      Why so sus?

    52. Zack the Th1ng

      The Dinosaur bit was cool, especially considering we have proof that one exists.

    53. Paris Carbo

      7:37 Man, I used to study Biology and Chemistry in my high school and I had to google genetic diseases and teratogenic agents in babies... you don't get impressed so easily after that... :'v

    54. Hey It’s Jone

      i shouldve taken pewds advice and not looked up teracoma, im scarred for life

    55. Luis Espinoza

      Tu madre por si acaso😋

    56. Nick Paton

      Googled it right After and ...

    57. Oyk

      "Don't Google", then proceeds to open DuckDuckGo.

    58. 森林ヴィンセント

      153k$ for snake bite... holy fucking shit... long live socialist medical care.

    59. LeslieDaOne !

      can someone explain the minecraft one to me

      1. Brismo TheHunt

        Which one

    60. ironwolff718

      I searched up the tumor thing and went to images cause I was curious... I wish I never did

      1. Kjell Maake

        Would you say itw the worst thing you've seen on the Internet?

    61. Kaiin Hathaway

      usually i google something when someone tells me not to but this time I don't think I will

    62. Right Ment

      Pewds: I would never drink pee Also pewds:1 dollar pee vs 1000 dollars pee

    63. Tasripah

      wow amazing this is a great video I come from Indonesia thank you

    64. Yaxxy Desu

      I googled teratoma. sorry

    65. Sweet Carrot

      Well America can apologize to the Japanese when they apologize for when they captured innocent korean women and made them sexslaves or when they apologize for the atrocities committed by the Unit 731. I am Scandinavian and I think that everyone SHOULD apologize for their actions before demanding someone else apologize.

    66. Chobo Moon

      0:43 you also get to smell something good

    67. Diego Martinez

      Explain 8:35

      1. Brismo TheHunt

        Thats asteroid/meteor

    68. Die Ente aus Undertale

      Yoooo handofblood is such an cool yter

    69. Tarek Kad

      had to learn about teratomas in school...this just reminded me i need to review instead of watch youtube...

    70. Inconsisblox

      3:48 yes I’d drink pee for a million dollars, because it already happened.

    71. God

      Some things just don’t need to be learned

    72. Dale Hall

      I wish I could unlearn that a human on average sheds 30,000 skin cells per hour, and dust is mostly dead skin and dust mite shit....if any adult reads this....please invest in whole home indoor air quality products.... please.

    73. Paul Crump

      We have not apologized for what we did to Japan. Because we're not sorry. And we'll do it again if they get out of line.

      1. Shattered XeNova

        The US is out of line, where's our nuke?

    74. László Nagy

      I usually google stuff people tell me not to. Most of the times I'm good with it too. I have a tolerace for stuff like that. But even I draw a line there. I don't wnat to know how it looks like.

    75. Evr

      5:52 that's true lol

    76. JD Linton

      immediately searches up teratoma wit noo fear

      1. Meme Life

        No no no no no

    77. Nathan Bunney

      Japan never apologized for WW2 either soooooooo

    78. Dylan Lafreniere

      Google trends:👁👄👁 what the fuck is wrong with people this week.

    79. Squishy Squidward

      How to finally give yourself the push you need to jump off of a building. Step one: Google "teratoma" Step two: Go to images Step three: Scream

    80. aMyth

      Don't Google tertoma Me who's cares let's Google Help me wtf someone plz kill those shit Aaaaaah

    81. Felix

      Hand of Blood bei Pewdiepie o0

    82. Flipchip Chips

      Can someone explain to what teratoma looks like


      9:35 what is the pattern?

    84. Jazzy Dude

      6:59 the disturbing fact that I wish I could unlearn is that " Fathers don't come in a child's safe circle."

    85. Lauren Lee

      The tumor thing is still haunting me.

    86. Swarm VFX


    87. Leela Biswas

      What an irony, I just saw a t series ad in this video.

    88. Matthew Flooren

      pewdiepie 2021 "its in there ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!" me wispers "thats what she said."

    89. Jasper 0529

      3:07 Letterkenny!!

    90. diecast jam

      The bill for the snake bite makes me glad I live in the UK, and not because we have the NHS but because we don't have snakes, well we do but they are really shitty and small.

    91. andrewtationism

      What is teratoma im scared of googling it

    92. dogged Martial

      Can someone explain 8:35 im lost🙂

    93. dioensive

      8:34 WHAT IS IT

    94. Drjkl Fooryoup


    95. Doge The Furry

      I am an American, pewds. And I am here to tell you that we did say sorry by giving Japan by giving them 198 billion yen. You're welcome for the quick history.

    96. Gyomei Himejima

      I swear he was just throwing those warnings around as within 11 minutes there's 23 times you'll see it

    97. phrog

      kinda sad how he has to clarify that it's sarcasm everytime he says something, y'all cancel him for anything he does.

    98. Nikolaj Knudsen

      japan should apoligise for nanking. worse than hiroshima

    99. ansh pandey

      i want to die

    100. Angry Sokka

      If you have played doom. Look up teratoma it doesn’t look weird especially if you played doom today