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    top funniest gameshow dumbest answers EPIC bros
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    1. Jessie

      British ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ is so much better

    2. tzz7playz

      Yes pewdiepie 4 States but you pronounced New Hampshire wrong good try

    3. TheAdvertisement

      11:33 Wow he actually got them all.

    4. Kassie Reynolds

      "Name a yellow fruit." "Orange."

    5. Simon Norman élève

      R.I.P Alex Trebek

    6. Jpop9750 _

      He used The Chase Australia as the thumbnail lol

    7. Rachelle Ann Mondia

      The orange was so funny

    8. Ronnie W

      You never had bat pie bro ?

    9. Zeeshan Nawaz

      you are awesome

    10. Lukas Bubliauskas

      “What is something you feel before you buy?” “Excited.” *Biggest of brains*

    11. nyah baker

      2:53 why was he so cute omg💕

    12. Killer Ace

      Can't believe felix didn't know about hannibal. Needs to definitely read up on his roman history

    13. Sara Lynn

      WhAtS tHe AnSwEr The answer was literally under the puzzle fingers and toes 😂😂

    14. SUSMIT ROY

      U enrolled in engineering , so the should have know the ans to 10.28 question. Btw I really liked the video u made on Sushant Singh Rajput Nd also doing an analysis on his lecture in a university 👍👍

    15. Kira


    16. Hash King

      I cant ahaha

    17. hara k

      -name a yellow fruit -orange -Nooo i would never get this wrong its lEmOnS

    18. Jaymer

      Pewds I’m gonna be famous 1 day

    19. James

      What did that guy say when asked what do you feel before you buy it?

    20. Nytro

      Dang I’m impressed with how fast pewds could name all 4

    21. Old Woman

      What did the guy answer when he was asked what's something you feel before buying? I rewinded several times but can't make it out

      1. Old Woman

        @Aarya Jaiswar thank you 😊

      2. Aarya Jaiswar

        he said "Excited"

    22. David Gyedu Jr.

      what are all these comments abt pewds and pooing on screens im here tryn apprecitate the vid xd

    23. RAY KEE

      “To whoever through that paper, your moms a _r a k e”_

    24. House of Clutch

      What's up my fellow gamers

    25. momo

      Poods I'm pretty sure that's a recorder, not a flute

    26. Plumb

      7:39 PAPA SAID MY NAME

    27. 99chubba

      The fact there wasn't any The Chase clips in this is painful

    28. iIJeremiahjoblingiI

      The guy at 6:56 sounds like a voice actor of a character from a cartoon.

    29. Skye Castaneda

      Pewds should go on a gamehsow to prove he could win

    30. Taasin Ahmed

      That orgasm one was the best

    31. Daniel Vidal

      10:05 are you for real, felix? what use could they have for llamas? xDDD

    32. VruwTracks2


    33. Jacob David

      Pewds is watching Ken and sayin he is right. Will I am watching him be the guest host

    34. Moa Hallin

      New Mexico......?

    35. Pablo Lloyd

      rake's a pretty antiquated term. hoe should prolly be accepted too

    36. Raj Trisha

      It's was an funniest video 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

    37. Yahia Games

      تبادل اشتراكات/دعم exchange subscriptions / support

    38. Sseroj Mirzachanyan

      Pewdiepie: *petrified* "It's all turkey!! " Astronaut *pulls gun in space* "Always has been.."

    39. Richard Manansala

      Why this guy popular?

    40. Pu1fs3s

      its actually 100.1 percent

    41. HaxoRay Diamond

      This is a ROBLOX meme Guy without safechat: pewdiepie That one kid: Pew Pie

    42. Danny Vanzandt

      She said "oRaNGe" when they asked for YELLOW. IM DYING

    43. : P

      ‘Luckily she’s probably dead now, or she’d be cancelled on Twitter’ STOP 💀💀

    44. Saintsfan 1789

      Ken plays Minecraft

    45. sugarcone

      There ain't no llamas in the Alps they be in the andes

    46. Martin Short

      I started playing tuber simulator when it came out

    47. Mabel Orton-Davies

      13:17 pewdiepie she was joking. she later admitted in an interview that she had absolutely no idea so said it as a joke.

    48. Mabel Orton-Davies

      plssssssssss can i have 10 subs? thxxxxx

    49. COD noob

      Can I mention pewdiepie said new York city was a state

    50. Groupe Halawa

      Peace be upon you. I am from Algeria and I am a content maker with my friends. I hope that Biodebay subscribers subscribe to my channel. Thank you.

    51. Amanda Herrera

      “ENJOY NOTHING!” 😂😂😂

    52. Monique Vigil

      When he knew that New Mexico was a state in the United States while alot of people in the United States don't know that New Mexico is a state in the United States.

    53. Boma Onyeagucha

      lol in my country oranges are green or yellow or green and yell

    54. Brinkamania

      You should read up on who Hannibal was because he was interesting

    55. YetAnotherGamer

      5:55 wtf did he say? I watched that part about 20 times, can someone tell me what they heard?

      1. Wiggl3s _

        Looked down the comments and someone said he said you feel “excited” before you but something.

      2. Wiggl3s _

        Omfg I can’t make it out either. I’ve replayed it like 5 times and I can’t figure out what it is he’s saying.

    56. Liam Corcoran

      Bro I love how pewds a Swedish man knows more about us states than an American man

    57. Godzilla

      Now I imagine Tour de France with SUVs.

    58. MÖzil 99

      Wait It's all Turkey? Always Has been

    59. Like subscribe Pls


    60. Hossam Jihaz

      I was waiting for your reaction on steve harvey's nani ...

    61. Fred Fred

      What’s the answer even though it’s on the screen in big text

    62. 3A07 Hee Chi Him David 3A07 許智謙

      Love pewdiepie

    63. Rip It Off

      10:33 I'd like pewds to play the saddest flute at my funeral

    64. Shieda Kayn

      Hannibal lived in Africa

      1. Shieda Kayn

        anyway in Africa they didn't have llamas, those are native to South America

      2. Shieda Kayn

        specifically carthage

    65. PotatoAimNr1

      What was the one about feeling before you buy? I can't hear what the dude said.

    66. Taehyung's Saxophone

      Host: name a yellow fruit Ms Contestant: *orange you glad I didn't say banana?*

    67. MrZombiesnip3r

      We need Felix On Who wants to become a Millionaire.

    68. Cam Davidson

      why does Felix know more about states than me

    69. Nyameer James

      This made me feel big brain 🤓

    70. superserious reviews

      Gottfried with the zinger

    71. Aya Ahmed

      Dude I like PewDiePie to the extent I like the video before even watching. I love him that I want to support him regardless cuz I know how it can be hard sometimes for people who have jobs like his. Sending you love from Egypt✌❤

    72. m k

      For those who have air pressure microwaves : Make sure to use air pressure surge protectors just in case someone opens a door while you have a window open or you're gonna be in for a bad time.

    73. Robert Kamminga

      Llama's?! Seriously?!

    74. Dyllan Montoya

      13:09 she's technically not wrong there considering we all were once apes, but then we evolved into humans after a long period of time.

    75. hargreaves

      5:54 what does he say here? i don't understand what he's saying lmao

    76. Sycan Slowed

      10:25 why is noah beck here

    77. lirycstwo

      can you subscribe to me XD

    78. Rudel Vilches

      Unbreaking cells so that is pretty much the good content the good kind is video games like Minecraft too much use sometimes Fortnite beat Minecraft so cutie pie banned from fortnight?

    79. Morgan Grosse

      Why tf did I get a ad for flex period products.... and why am I u comfortable with a ad talking about menstrual hanky panky

    80. Lieutenant BaconWaffles

      Sing a song of sixpence, A pocket full of rye, Four and twenty blackbirds Baked in a pie.

    81. Lieutenant BaconWaffles

      Pewds looks so sleepy, like he pulled an all-nighter. Wait... There are elephants in the Alps?

    82. Don’t read my about Page

      Don’t read my channel name

      1. Don’t read my about Page

        @hargreaves thanks

      2. hargreaves


    83. Kimberley Gray


    84. ANOOBis

      Whats a hoe yes i wonder

    85. Masked

      I’m sorry but... economics was actually the right answer NO YOOOOOOOOO

    86. madeline woolsey

      A rake is a Victorian term used to describe people as whores

    87. Gael Elio


    88. Gweedapopalis

      I live in New Mexico and I didn’t even think of New Mexico for some reason

    89. Charu Sawant

      Did he remove some part of the video, I think it is cut at 13:33

    90. Mike

      6:17. FUCK. Hahah

    91. john

      1:11 pewds is actually blind

    92. Taylor A.

      Turkey Turkey TuRkEy!

    93. Taylor A.

      He’s Swedish and could name the four states that start with new quicker than I could say one. 🤦🏻‍♂️

      1. Mitchell Sabanovich

        hes smarter than i am

    94. Erick Antonio Lozano Sanchez

      T U R K E Y !!!

    95. milkk_carton

      5:06 I've left my shoes on all night before on accident lmao

    96. Logan Martin

      I'm soOooOoooOo sorrryyy


      Me ajudem a bater mil inscritos, quando eu bater mil inscritos, vou gravar um vídeo dançando no banheiro PELAD1NHA😈😏

    98. Anonymous 8650

      The plum thing was in an adventure time episode that’s why I knew it

    99. PBboiii

      I miss alex

    100. Grodan Ramsay

      I accidentally noticed all the dumb answers were by the black people and the cleaver/funny answers were by white people. I like it