Funny Among Us Memes Haha / [MEME REVIEW] 👏 👏#85


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    funny among us memes hehe
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    1. Devil Cat

      At 4:54 i was like: wait I thought I made that meme

    2. Loay Katour

      Like chie guarda pewdipie perché la moglie ita Pov alla fine non e vero

    3. captain bruh

      Ok pewds i will become a nerd

    4. manzi YouTube

      Pewdiepie needs to make a meme review about the grubhub ad XD

    5. ash_21

      Not me rewatching all his videos while waiting for him to upload

    6. Izuku Midoriya 緑谷出久

      People: pewdiepie cant play minecraft! Pewdiepie: hold my pp

    7. Bronson Heath

      I'm new to the channl

      1. عبدالرحمن العثمان

        Welcome 🙏🏻

    8. Narancs109


    9. Narancs109

      Dantdm no beard Félix in öné day 100 centiméter beard

    10. lloyd christie

      Let's all acknowledge that pewds said what a year im so happy at 8:29

    11. V a l e n t i n e S l e e p y B l o x

      anyone remember the beard in doki doki?

    12. Meryem Dağli

      2020 was amongas is : Who is imposter 2020 say is : İmposter was korona ....

    13. Kyoko

      Your pfp looks like my 9th grade history teacher But now I'm in the 10th grade lmao

    14. Eli Walabee

      PewDiePie and Mr. beast or one of the best PApromrs change my mind

    15. Teddy Chen 5529

      PewDiePie: **Sees baby sitting on scan** Aww... That's cute... **One second later** PewDiePie: **Sees RICK ASTLEY** SIKE

    16. Nena Marie Santos

      My son subscribes all of you vids

    17. bendy

      3:43 monika is a b



    19. sidasims

      I dropped the 577 569th (nice) like

    20. Katherine Ahn

      Meme Review 👏🏻!

    21. Typical Private

      Lmao. Me and my friends played Among us when it wasn't well known. Lol. And now with all the among us craze, we just looked back and said, damn, we coulda started a whole trend if one of us was bold enough to make videos about it

    22. ItzSheeps

      It’s still not dead

    23. Parth Borkar

      Pewds calling Hoppip Ditto, Bruhhh... its the water type who is an imposter pewds

    24. max mora

      dislike this comment

    25. EGGY

      English severs Spanish speakers Is for me

    26. Davis Reed

      More meme review

    27. PlantBoi

      Sephiroth in smash

    28. OneManPunch21

      Pewdiepie is failing to defeat cocomelon cmon defeat cocomelon! Cocomelon reached 100M subs now...

    29. Jack Fienga

      how this brother got 108 mill man tell that to mr beast hell no but what he good tho

    30. JustThinkenStudios Official

      crewmates normally say “it’s me” impostors normally say “it’s not me”

    31. Benjamin Nuhn


    32. YAH GYAH

      yo mama

    33. Grͬiͥmͫ Ģæməŕř

      I hate beard

    34. Tucker Ward

      bruh memes

    35. Ludvig Karlsson Kling

      var är våra svenska människorna

    36. Michael Elischer

      Hot Take: LIGMA BALLS

    37. bruhinfantry 1

      100% anyone who says "anyone sus?" Is an imposter

    38. Horilal Napit

      Very bad

    39. Mr Elmo Man

      Cool intro

    40. wildhorses runfree

      Among us is like playing poker

    41. wildhorses runfree

      It's wholesome!🤜🤛

    42. Lukenn

      One story: When i was playing on Polus, there was this person who kept pointing fingers at me with no evidence! And everyone believed 'em!!!

    43. 05ishaan Maurya

      Happy new year

    44. Seth Shoemake

      Matthew McConaughey should host meme review?!

    45. HolyYT

      Meme review died F

    46. Tyler Laravuso

      I have a PAprom channel but not on this account

    47. Tyler Laravuso

      all do it

    48. Tyler Laravuso


    49. XXX expanio XXX

      Im happy meme review is over pewdiepie shot all the memes and put them down :(

    50. Great Gator

      Have weird al yankovic host the next meme review

    51. Sophie Menjivar Landaverde


    52. Atalay bilik


    53. Tsukishima Kei

      Spaghetti is noodles Felix.... it’s the sauce that’s the bolognese part. Also I just learned that one single piece of spaghetti is called a spaghetto 😊

    54. minecraft gaming

      I saw the thumnail meme before

    55. Kazuma

      0:13 r/unexpectedjojo


      yes. i know a lil bit about ancient mythological greece, quite a bit actually

    57. Márton Puskás

      Disliked for Among Us garbage

    58. Lysander Reign Masangcay

      What's up Gamers Pewds

    59. AisyGaming 2021

      Amazing intro 10/10 and how did u make a mine cart with words?

      1. Garandalve

        armor stand and a letter banner



    61. The Reaper Boi

      People checking comments and liking: Me: is for me?

    62. ThunderZeus 4925

      this might be lwiay

    63. CandyBomb

      Last time i saw someone put the imposter on ENHYPEN video😂

    64. Reuben rk

      Me who is a math gamer: Goddamn pewd, you've given me an idea

    65. Piggygamer8434

      Strangers:Noodles Pewdiepie:YOU DONT SPELL IT LIKE THAT

    66. Jamel S99

      7:17 whats the name of the movie/series 🙂

    67. OH meng

      im a new friend si frm philippines ls tanx for sharing ur video kindly vsit my main (omeng & yani) thank you

    68. Kallan Bee

      Hate me here, but I never really liked among us. The gameplay is just boring for me and I think it’s just a super overrated game. It’s also annoying because it’s all anyone is talking about.

    69. Suheyb Keyse


    70. Rampant Jarl


    71. Ben Forbes

      Is for me?

    72. Lorenzo Lumakin

      You are a lier you are not like dream you are not a speedrun

    73. Glitch Gaming

      you are so much better the t-seiris

    74. larxz •

      Brasil?; -;

    75. Jagga Gaming

      Bai mere 1000 subscribe kra do please 1sal. S mhnt ker rha hu

    76. ForSaleReally Games

      Admin: Swipe Card Cafeteria: Upload Data, Empty garbage Communications: Upload data, Divert power to communications Electrical: Upload data, Fix wiring, Calibrate distributor Engines: Align engine output, Divert Power to Upper engine, Divert power to lower engine MedBay: Submit Scan, Inspect sample Navigation: Chart course, Upload data, Divert power to Navigation, Stabilize steering O2: Empty chute, Divert power to O2, Clean O2 filter Reactor: Start reactor, Unlock manifolds Security: Divert Power to security Shields: Prime Shields, Divert power to shields Storage: Fuel engines Weapons: Clear Asteroids, Upload data, Divert Power to Weapons

      1. ForSaleReally Games

        Those were the tasks from skeld :)

    77. Gru


    78. Candy Eyes Plays

      Are we having noodles again

    79. Harrison Melton

      5:06 I was in the game. my name was bat and I was black.

    80. Another AvatarLover

      Felix: _[spends 8mins 30 secs on Among us memes, 30secs on the next meme]_ *_STONKS_*

    81. ItsMissRainbowNuggets-,-

      who missed 2022? 👇

      1. Shitshow Marvy

        w h a t

    82. Beatriz Anton Torres


    83. yousef algahim

      intro is godly

    84. Kelly Cole

      I've noticed a lot of people will try to take over the conversation when they're imposter but when they're crew mate they'll sit and listen.

    85. CsabaTOn [̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅є̲]

      Who is this enber? you are

    86. hagosojos nash


    87. short videos

      when pewds laughs at a tiktok: 😔

    88. Dev

      lets get likes to 666

    89. Liamplayz473


    90. alburch8080

      24,527 one lets go

    91. Insta-Tech

      when this video has 5.6K dislikes but it's EXACTLY 5.6K dislikes: i ' l l a l l o w i t

    92. mi81 tkne

      This dude sux so bad. Most unfunny faker on yt. All he does is shout every 20 seconds, that's his whole act.

    93. Kaur Viita

      It was the funniest video what I ever saw in my life Me: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    94. Done

      Crewmates: Lobby - Start Body Reported - Where Emergency Meeting - What

      1. Mikołaj Dardziński

        Imposters are saying the same things

    95. maafi caafi

      myah ayhm

    96. Steve

      who love memes

    97. Kamryn Bee

      ITS NOT NOODLES - pewdiepie 2020

    98. Jasper The Dragon

      Is for me?

    99. Red plushie crew mate! ඞ

      I love that intro

    100. M Hassan Khalid

      Omg the Intro cant stop laughing