fUNNIEST gAME oN sTEAM / Party Animals


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    1. Erica Peterson

      17:58 me literally every day in gym

    2. Lucy Mann

      Is "Joel" actually "roomie official"? That accent sounds so familiar!

    3. Gurl Gamer

      Can i know the name of that game cause it looks fun!

    4. emma. bruh

      The way Corpse just kept coming back to life had me crying and their reactions

    5. Evan Whitman

      Anyone notice that its literally gang beasts with slightly better graphics

    6. Rabia Haq

      Saw corpse name 💙

    7. Imran Mani

      and here is the one from me. I love CORPSE

    8. TheJege12

      Someone should tell Pewds that the game has an ADJUSTABLE CAMERA ANGLE Kinda hard to climb n do other stuff when ya can't see shit :'D

    9. Me Me


    10. Helena Strickland

      im gonna start watching this video when im sad it has me cracking up 😭😭

    11. Ren

      This video radiates so much chaotic energy and I live for it 😂😂😂

    12. ooofys My Insta hehe

      Awww I love gang beasts...

    13. Detove Alidon

      The oceanic risk decisively succeed because second monthly live between a stormy jam. typical, spooky wire

    14. Holly Hilliker

      I love that this is just grown men beating each other by way of plushy animals

    15. ags rainbow

      24:20 Corpse randomly jumping is the cutest thing 😹💖

    16. ags rainbow

      19:46 Corpse knocked himself out with the nunchaku i can't😂😂😂

    17. ags rainbow

      19:04 Corpse just keeps randomly yeeting himself im dying 😂😂😂

    18. ags rainbow

      whenever Corpse laughs i can't.. he's so cute😭😭😭💖

    19. ags rainbow

      9:43 "what a great day" 9:50 "i love it here" im dead he's so precious 😂😭💖

    20. James Nartey

      pewds; "not the nunchuks stop itt" also pewds; "oo nunchucks"

    21. Crazy_ Gamer2578

      9:04 top 10 anime betrayals

    22. Yui Hang NG

      19:50 Corpse was swung out but landed straight on a bush and started climbing back up. Picked up the bow and arrow, and shot everybody.

    23. Mateusz Kościuk

      you should try game " Bad boys at school " it's funny too!

    24. Alex Guillén

      Summary of the video: Corpse you still alive!?

    25. Simply productions

      They r called lucky or happy cat .. just saying

    26. Quip

      1:11 the water looks really nicE

    27. Rita meow

      Imagine this was real life and they’re just all in these cute animals suits beating the sh*t out of each other.

    28. Kookie With long hair

      9:30 “Hold me felix” Don’t let marzia hear

    29. Varshini Mayalagu

      i've never died laughing so hard on a video

    30. Isabel Lehr

      4:34 PEWDS:"the golden rule remember the golden rule" . dave: "dont kill pewdiepie?"

    31. Julian Montesinos

      I Think how to tell if CORPSE is getting mad, his voice gets even deeper.

    32. Alisas Dreamworld

      *Ice* to meet you.

    33. Raeesaa


    34. Noah Pisha


    35. Leah Velasquez

      At 8:36 or so you can see Dave rising with the rocket in the background as Felix tries to climb🤣🤣

    36. Yukiko Fujimine

      I just found it so cute to imagine CORPSE actually inside that purple kitty suit 🥺🥺

    37. Crystal Mckendrick

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    38. Fadhila A.


    39. Jamzz Lost

      I actually like this group, They are so warm like the San Francisco Waveheat.

    40. Jithin Thomas

      9.13 is my favourite part lol!!!

    41. ———-——-

      Corpse is the cutest omf I love him

    42. Asta Staria

      Corpse's voice is like chris hemsworth's voice 😂❤

    43. Kim tae tae

      Imagine 20:12 out of context tho

    44. ashuhley b

      felix starts beating corpse with a bat me: im callin animal control

    45. Pirates'Warlord.

      Subscribe to my channel for gaming walkthroughs and reviews soon

    46. Jessica Amethyst


    47. Rose

      Idk y but this game makes me die of laughter.

    48. Kreftin Zoggy Dazzan

      The Way they run/walk is so adorable 😍 and also the way they hunch is also Adorable as well

    49. Diego Vazquez

      9:28 Corpse: Hold me Felix

    50. Rianne Kuilder

      7:22 or something... "CORPSE yOu'Re STiLL aLiVe?!?!?!" Loved that part LMFAO

    51. LiezlWeaselDeaselBombastic McLovin

      Mwahaha I can't see a single comment without Corpse's name now ngl. I'm so happy for the growth of his channel.

    52. Nicholas Thomas

      The disagreeable spruce proportionally deceive because burn optically pull underneath a outgoing number. erect, large windscreen

    53. Sierra Bourque

      This game looks like me when I’m drunk asf

    54. Kloudz

      "Corpse never dies!" Corpse: *You dare test me mortal*

    55. Madi Meyer

      This was legit one of the funniest videos I've ever watched

    56. quapple

      Why is the title messed up

    57. Pheonix Ò-Ó

      Corpse playing Party Animals is the cutest shit, I watched this out of curiosity and I lovee everyone else, but Corpse's giggles make me smile ^~^ (That and Jack's exsesive use of Fuck :P)

    58. Konniptionz

      Pewds: " Corpse, hold me. " Corpse's mind as he creeps up behind Pewds: " CHOKE ME WHEN YOU CHOKE ME- "

    59. Audri Molina

      But like why does his intro sound like cocomelon

    60. Rawr ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

      7:52 Dave be like: Somebody come git irrr she's dancin' layk a strippuurr

    61. Chey Radona

      Lol, ahahahahahahah, Corpse can never die... 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣

    62. Shadow_glitches _

      the stare of "I dIiIiiId it my parents would be so proud" be like: 9:06 XD and also corpse abuse from 10:29 to 10:51 poor corpse XD

    63. Janvi Nair

      channel--pewdipie comment section--CORPSE

    64. Yeshi Norbu

      Made my day🤣🤣

    65. GailKimLover

      His “wtf” at 25:19 gets me every time.

    66. Winx175


    67. Frost Fire975081

      At 6:31 did Corpse literally just yeet himself off the submarine 😂

    68. Shiory Walker

      What's the name of this game?

    69. Vatsal Pichai

      9:50 "i love you guys" hits more than anything

    70. Vatsal Pichai

      9:22 is the most enautiful moment i have ever seen UwU

    71. Jire Sesena

      My favorite moment might be when David was holding on to the rocket pad @ 8:31 while pewds was struggling to climb up the side of the boat.

    72. Erika Croce

      PJ had me dead the whole video with his dialogue

    73. AidenTCE

      That game reminds me of human fall flat

    74. Bayaraa Bayaraa

      Its now T avalable on steam

    75. Bobby Pin

      title - fgos

    76. Luisa Craparo

      Fai schifoooo

    77. Jithin Thomas

      This is the hardest I've ever ever laughed..

    78. Andersion487 Jaksion597

      The mature body critically wail because story relatedly undress over a auspicious antarctica. auspicious, complete gun

    79. Three Kings

      well done great work nice job

    80. Rajrani Vishwakarma

      You can't kill corpse. 😎😎

    81. DumbClapz

      It remiends me off gangbeasts

    82. nicole kyoko

      I need more of this

    83. Holly Walker

      Jack is really funny

    84. Daniel Vizitiu

      I can't understand how t series overthrowned pewdipie but i think that's going to repeat with a lime man what always has a smile

    85. ur local dead meme

      wow- y do people like cocomelon now-

    86. Talitha330

      Corpse is invincible he never dies- XD

    87. Johana Antoňová

      I actually laughed sooo hard when Dave was at the top of the sumbarine and just kept spinning around. And then FELL DOWN. Lmaooo

    88. The Tea King Axl

      "Gang Beast but animal"

    89. CandyCanePlayz

      ITS BEEN A WHILE SINCE I HAVE LAUGHED SO HARD OVER A VIDEO LMFAOOOOO. Thank you Pewds for this vid and the others.

    90. Emily Monterroza

      the way they move is so funny

    91. jojo circolo

      the way PJ just laid on the ground at 19:32 just looking at the little tail makes me laugh😂

    92. Coffee Jelly

      i like when corpse just silently comes back from getting thrown

    93. Jenny Mendoza

      I come back to this video like every week bc it makes me feel better about life😂

    94. beastyy mate

      Gang beasts RTX ON

    95. Elli Pirelli

      This game looks like so much fun

    96. Kian Nilsson

      Whats the game name

    97. The Black Cat


    98. universe_gaming


      1. Bloodfun2585

        party animals

    99. Manga Boy52

      I was watching this in virtual class and when I was Laughing the teacher would Always stop talking for some reason so I though my whole class was listening to me just die of laughter.......

    100. stavhasbobuc •́ ‿ ,•̀

      My life be like OOOOOOAAAAAA. Corpse life be like "Hey baby"