Fall Guys: Live Hedgehog Edition!


3.9 ਮਿਲੀਅਨ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼359

    My hedgehog dogy gets put to the ultimate test in an obstacle course
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      *Very impressive, powerful video ... tongue falls in jaw, keep up the good work*

    2. egroeG

      Pewdiepie is cooolllll

    3. Natasha Childers

      What garbage. This video is obviously not meant for me but my daughter made me watch it and i have to respond to justify the loss of 11 minutes of my life

    4. Sefanaia Degei

      Please don't use my God name in vane

    5. suchok _

      I thought qr code was a secret 7:59

    6. Castro123

      R.I.P slippy

    7. raied King

      I love Felix and Marzia

    8. CsabaTOn [̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅є̲]

      Who is this man? you are

    9. EXILØ

      Sometime I just bring a hedgehog home and feed it and pet it and put it back where I found it 😂

    10. smallbeetle 13

      jabba the hutt

    11. верь в себя верь в себя

      Кто здесь и з Росии



    13. Ростислав Лисьих

      And so this is a hedgehog

    14. Ростислав Лисьих

      This hamster likes it !!

    15. da wae plumber gaming

      Imagine marzia saying onii chan ;-;

    16. MadMiss


    17. Ef-ef Fernandez

      "special effects, sive would do it" lmao 😂

    18. pax

      There's something so cute in a thirty-year-old man cheering on his pet hedgehog as it crawls through piles of styrofoam.

    19. diner foxy


    20. Ashutosh Garg

      Neo and morpheus vs doggy, 2 on 1 handicap match.

    21. sunblock64 XD

      hey guys it's me pickle twist

    22. Akshat Manga

      Hedgehog's thug life

    23. italian_scout


    24. iUexx `

      Good film pewdiepie

    25. Mr.BaconLord

      This was so assuring, I needed to know how Dogy was. I am glad that he is alive. Also how did Pewds get an albino hedgehog? Those are extremely hard to come by.

    26. Govind Singh Shekhawat

      P -----> pig , P --------> PewDiePie

    27. starberryxjam

      is anyone gunna ignore how nice theyre house is tho

    28. Rakurai Taiyo

      Dogy ^.^ he's so cute. Glad we still get these kinds of videos even though Marzia doesn't upload anymore



    30. Togory

      The hedgehog 🦔 is very 😊

    31. JS Koh

      7:05 *_DOGY SANN_*

    32. ana

      i love maria's editing

    33. J New

      this reminds me of playing in creative mode in Minecraft

    34. Joshua Ramos

      When are we getting Fall Guys: Dead Hedgehog Edition?

    35. Ossamabinladen007 Borntofuck

      I would just squeeze that thing and kill it👍

    36. Anch0r

      Top 10 unanswered questions: *What is the*

    37. Luke Ellis

      hey he peed at 10:15

    38. Maulana Irsyad


    39. Plasmid Boi

      Omg haven't seen that adorable little creature in so long!!!!

    40. Amir Last

      Lol look like Runescape training area

    41. Knight Lancern

      Stop pushing his butt.

    42. shattered star

      Remember when Pewds calls us bros instead of gamers? Me too

      1. shattered star

        We're not his bros now :(

    43. Uchia’s Graveyard


    44. Eric Tselovanskyi

      Nice rat you have there

      1. Knight Lancern


      2. Eric Tselovanskyi

        @Knight Lancern it is

      3. Knight Lancern

        That ain't a rat

    45. 小骏

      👈🏻 Challenge the most disliked videos, if you are interested, please come to my channel to see👀

    46. monarossa

      You seven years before we ar gnocked

    47. DOG

      Found this while sonic the hedgehog is in the fall guys item shop!

    48. Ray Umemoto

      Pewdiepie:HE STRONG head chog: NEEL BE FOR YOUR KING

    49. øwø [Abby] øwø

      The new sonic movie looks great 5 stars 👏5️⃣👏

    50. Mario Ureña

      pewdiepie could play with you fall guys

    51. shaurya gaming

      Is he your pet

    52. I0000 Subscribers white no content

      Hello 👋

    53. Jerp

      8:03 dogy was too fast in this clip

    54. Priscila Romero

      eh hola?

    55. Sabry Gaming SG

      I love you

    56. Brianna du'bery

      When did they get a hedgehog

      1. TheClasssy

        Like 4 years ago

    57. Yuy Vvjw

      Omg an albino hedgehogg? WHAAAT?!

    58. Kyle W

      the name should have been: "harrassing my hedgehog"

    59. Kyle W

      Doggy: sufficating in the monster toy thingy Pewds and marzia: look he is so cute and strong

    60. Alyx Hilario

      "I've seen other hedgehogs online and they're alot better than you" *finally goes thru canon*

    61. Werefox32

      Shame on me for expecting Felix to have a shit ton of Hedgehogs for this experiment!

    62. Epic Blaze


    63. Miszz Lalaa


    64. Zack Snyder

      I still wonder why he hates hedgehogs in Minecraft XD

    65. Minecraft Man

      Sub to me lazerbeam hattingh

    66. Moonbeam13

      Well I found my spirit animal.

    67. ibrahim777 pro


    68. Maya Yo

      This is the cutest video I've ever seen❤

    69. Aussie Serb

      Maya and edgar we still love u

    70. Nikunja Kalia

      Legends know the title has been changed

    71. Taras Play Games

      Кто руский?

    72. Young Hedström, Fredrika Bremergymnasiet BA20c elev

      nice pewds does anime noises 1:17

    73. virus new

      I don't speak english. Very little. A brazilian? (Translation: Não falo inglês. Bem pouco, algum brasileiro? Tradução) pewdiepie sucks! I did everything on Google translator.

    74. YouTube Africa

      @pewdiepie dude I found your twin. Uploaded 19second video just for you to see. By the way I’m from Africa . Help me

    75. Get_ Good

      Did anyone else have a PewDiePie ad to start off with and you thought that was the video

    76. Sandhya Bhise

      Intro ?

    77. Yesnt

      Wait didnt felix have a toad

    78. Straw Head


    79. Straw Head


    80. Karel Feril

      He's so supportive!😂

    81. Lost in the Woods

      Obviously he wouldn’t be able to do it, you forgot to spray paint him blue

    82. Desta Aj

      Everything about to death

    83. SMG 4

      What the hedgehog name

    84. _Patty _

      1:01 Look at Marzia filming ( her reflection is in the mirror ) Srry for bad english I’m still learning it

    85. Juliana Cin

      Dog *Barks* Pewdiepie: 👁👄👁 "No!!"

    86. Adventure 21

      African teen builds Lamborghini from scratch. @YTjMVYeIZA/edit

    87. Veron Cai

      The zoom in of Doggy's shaking leg on the bridge of death killed me 😂😂😂

    88. Sam

      Doggy makes quarentine a lot times better. 👌👌

    89. Maud

      has someone scanned the qr code on 8:00?

    90. Sam

      *Anyway, now you know* Lmao nice vid.

    91. Maud

      6:10 shoutout to Rip n Dip

    92. •اميرة الجنوب•

      🇸🇦Wow, Biodeby buy a beautiful hedgehog. I am last interested in studying remotely on the platform of my school in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I am from Saudi Arabia. And I love the BodyBay channel, would you encourage me to buy a hedgehog?

    93. JS Koh

      *DOGY SAN* 7:05

    94. NightPhrogz

      My fan game senses are tingling... Doggy the hedgehog...

    95. Celestial

      This feels like torture for doggy :(

    96. Fatgaming

      awesome, i play this game too. greet from Indonesia

    97. Iga Elva

      New subscriber :) i know you from tiktok 🤣🤣 From indonesia

    98. LeslieDaOne !

      8:00 anybody else scan the QR code?

    99. Sultan Z

      He is partially blind because he has albinism

    100. Me Me

      That was so adorable, plus I think doggy has big 🧠 very smart. But mostly adorable ☺ 💘