Cyberpunk 100% Story No fun Here - Part 4


1.6 ਮਿਲੀਅਨ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼263

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    1. Alex


    2. Kreexz 悼

      Like si hablas español xddd

    3. PewDiePie Sucks Ass


    4. Yaroslav Lapin

      38:58 lets appreciate the fact that you can still see it in the mirror

    5. Hassan Ali


    6. Groupe Halawa

      Peace be upon you. I am a content maker with my friends. I hope that Biodebay subscribers subscribe to my channel. Thank you.

    7. dog person

      lmao I thought that 18:55 was the funniest thing I've ever heard in my life for some reason

    8. King Cobra

      Felix: "Dont tell Marzia, just this once." Me: "You did it with a guy! And not even with a transwoman but a fit dude!" *facepalm* Felix: "Dont tell, there will be consequences." Me: "No shit."

    9. King Cobra

      Im starting to think Felix isnt used to rpgs.

    10. Fork B

      Gaming starts at 4:00

      1. Fork B

        F**k I hd it up to 1,25 the speed. xD

      2. Fork B

        Is it jsut me does the girl he's on a quest with sound like she's talking at 1,5 the speed?

    11. Welpora JackWelp

      I think pewds is thinking of the Philippine war as they developed the 1911 because the service pistols used couldnt stop the jurementados fast enough

    12. Stal

      Does anyone know the name of the song in the stream intro?

    13. Average Sion Enjoyer

      Why does pewds do everything to make this the least enjoyable. I want to watch someone else but i already got so far with pewdie that i dont want to choose other lets pplayers that play without english dubbing smh. Why does he always pass away on smokes, alcohol and chose the separate beds? Is he trolling?

    14. Average Sion Enjoyer

      why does the stream start uin the middle of a mission? Last episode ended after talking with judy and now we're in the midllee of shooting? why?

    15. Youssef Abdelrhman

      Can we pass 100k with no subs 😘

    16. Youssef Joo

      Omg that moment when the 2 standing guys pushed pewds of the bike and he ran towards them i recorded it 1 minute clip and can't stop watching it 😂😂

    17. Aby

      thatis why this game hasbeen banned from the microsoft and sony store,,,and they should be sued to teir last cent, for trying to push progressive san francisco pervert ideas to kids.

    18. SkyTzy!!!

      God is good all the time Jesus Is King amen!!!

    19. SkyTzy!!!

      God is good all the time Jesus Is King amen!!!

    20. Pola & Tiger

      Game 100% no fun! Very cringe!

    21. Aeri Baeky


    22. Angeloid Arti

      39:16 the mirror

    23. Bar goldman

      46:52 The way Keanu turned away from Pewds kiss

    24. Konrad Paczek

      Pewds “stop, I’m a married man” to the female *dancers* but when he sees a male he pays him and keeps watching

    25. Konrad Paczek

      Pew’ds “this guns sucks” (pulls out a carbon copy of the gun) “this gun is way better”

    26. Anthony Berganza

      Who els likes waiting 3 days for pewdiepie to start his streams i do

    27. RickyT23

      Panam's MY chick!

    28. egroeG

      Nice stream

    29. Godlysunfury

      Why are u not useing the dmr from earlier 🤣

    30. pranshu Sharma

      Play red dead redemption 2

    31. Filip Łuszczykiewicz

      give the fucking starting soon music now

    32. Aditya Bhattacharjee

      1:50:16 pewdiepie is a racist

    33. Brandon Yip

      The amuck texture revealingly snow because soybean densply plan save a robust rugby. laughable, outrageous calculator

    34. rss king

      cyber punk 2088 is available in play store. and it has 4 star ratings, which it doesn't deserve.

    35. [M-H] Enterprise

      Thanks my dear friends so much

    36. Sebastien Douse

      Jeez the attention span of this guy. I try to watch him play cyberpunk but it’s so aggravating when there is a super serious moment going on and he’s swinging his dick about in a corner. Like bruh there’s entertainment and then there is being a spaz

    37. Crazy Gaming

      I love Keanus voice, it's so unique.

    38. Dax__VI

      whaaaat? never played naked pokemon? you know it's fun right?

    39. Dax__VI

      this was the most glitchy and bugged gameplay ive seen of this game

    40. Three Kings

      nice well done good job

    41. Hello Me Hello me

      Even though he remived the screen, we can still see it on the mirror hahahah. 39:13

    42. Coblex

      Knee caps

    43. Bryn O'Callaghan

      Pewds: woah these are way better Also Pewds: continues to use the bad ones

    44. KENZU

      You see poles even he plays cyberpunk bravo Poles!!!! I myself am hah Widzicie polacy nawet on gra w cyberpunka brawo polacy!!!! Sam nim jestem hah

    45. saul123 cool


    46. Nic Raines

      52:39 when you give someone “PPSD” from driving 🤣

    47. owen wilson

      No...i think you know what you did felix

    48. Henday

      I hope I can be like pewdiepie ❤🇮🇩

    49. Cdog Orio

      At 39:00, look in the mirror behind him...

    50. zein husna


    51. Kenny B.

      Lol he was literally about to get a quest reward but with his attention span he’ll never get anywhere in this game.

    52. moe lester

      2:15:46 that went from 0-100 real fast

    53. bwyan100

      Kinda mad pewds isn’t interested in the panam romance

    54. Erik Stefan

      Spink was nice sfer suih CF did juior vgred

    55. Maniac Gregor

      gay picture ? that will be banned in Poland. This is how backwardness is spreading in there.

    56. Dee Bea

      it was dissapointing when Pewds put on the boots, missing out on that final secret cutscene :(

    57. Sorenkair

      2:15:50 what happpened there

    58. Aniket Desai

      Pewds please react to some famous "Indian PApromrs"😂✌🏻

    59. Mathew of borg

      Accidental gay porn was not something I thought I’d see here. Still good though

    60. James Ashton

      Can anyone tell me what plants are in the intro of this stream?

    61. Alvinloser1

      LMAO "we're gonna play Pokemon, right?"

    62. Jsweizston

      51:13 he is channeling Tommy Wiseau..amazing.

    63. Pace7 Gaming

      I've never watched gay porn with Felix until now.

    64. JackTheRipper 774

      did not expect him to cheat on marzia with a guy lol

    65. Dudette

      Anybody else confused as to what’s happening in the beginning..

    66. Микола Калініченко

      So what happened before? Like after part 3 stream?

    67. Riccardo Angeleri

      38:30, pewds covers the gay porn, you can still see it behind him lol

    68. Mark Jasmagy

      I fast forward right to where he bones 🍗 the guy

    69. Ethan WheatThin

      Summary of 2020 in 5 seconds --> 1:38:15

    70. Wolf 101

      The symbol for the car called the Thorton looks like the Talbot symbol

    71. Gregor Martin

      Continue cuphead

    72. Mr-X GAMING


      1. Mr-X GAMING

        Don't k ow what am I saying

    73. Volume 1



      50:56 what's with the ad?

    75. Game X

      Я русский

    76. Soren Axelson

      5:55 If you think that samurai were around in WW2 please never talk to a public audience about history...

      1. Lm7147

        The Japanese in ww2 still branded them as samurais

    77. Angel Villegas


    78. Yeroslav Ostapchuk


    79. Xoxo Jessa

      Don’t act like you’ve never played naked Pokémon before.

    80. Andy Tepezila

      Very good

    81. Robert Devlin

      Thank god there isnt a mirror to see the screen

    82. bruh

      haha u just rage quit, cringe.

    83. BeyondAir

      when you running out of ideas

      1. Lm7147


    84. Clinton Dang

      This dude runs into a rock, complains that he can’t move, and proceeds to call the game buggy.

    85. Melissa Jones

      38:11 he zooms in on his webcam but we can still see it in his mirror

    86. Andrew Dobbs

      15:29 is that an office reference?

    87. BraZZers com


    88. Ultraius

      It's not a PewDiePie Cyberpunk 2077 stream without Pewd's not paying attention to his ammos

    89. Some Random Dude

      In almost all of the missions, it doesn't even matter what you choose to say the outcome will be the same. So disappointing when coming from the witcher games. Can't even use bd's you buy or find and the quick hacks for the monowire have been removed. The more I play it the more I notice that things I looked forward to aren't even in the game anymore.

    90. ShaneX Leo

      Please upload the missing part between part 3 and part 4

    91. Monza1966

      39:41 "it's....a guitar?"

    92. T Tyler

      Does this bruh look at the objectives

    93. B I K I N I A R M O R

      I think pewds talking about the time when the 1911 pistol was invented when he was talking about the "samurais who got drugged on ww2" ----but actually are not samurais and not ww2 but rather I think are an indigenous people in the south east who are getting some "freedom" at that time (some natives in the philippines I think) who are good with their blade and had a very high morale and resistance to pain due to some says some kind of a drug and the americans had to replace their revolvers but yea sorry for that, just like me some historical shit

    94. hiroakiendo ihachino

      minecraft plz

    95. Dog The Doge


    96. Jesse de Jager

      How does he zoom in? Can’t find the controls for it...

    97. Ryan Deeken

      this is a very hedonistic game ngl

    98. Guri Dhaliwal

      Intro saying no fun here still m shamelessly come 😒

    99. Dog The Doge


    100. StitchedinMack

      35:10 you’d be surprised

      1. trayer 4