Cringe Compilations Needs to be STOPPED


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    1. A D I E


    2. Pedro Borges


    3. Anthony Wandowicz

      Can I be your ed McMahon

    4. oSakuta


    5. Marsya Zukrina


    6. robbo _96

      Wow what little respect I had left for Jared Leto has suddenly gone

    7. AtomicSuperMe

      I like how pick up artists look like people that needed help from pick up artists

    8. Cassie Jayy

      Woulda been dope if the first 3 min weren’t ad. You used to be so funny and original /:

    9. Sam

      Nearly 👏 three 👏 minutes 👏 of 👏 sponsors 👏

    10. Rowan Dignam

      City council dude looks like yellow triangle angry bird

    11. Gyoza


    12. Edwin Pratt

      Idea: PewDiePie glasses frame

    13. Jakub Vala

      lol first 3 minutes about totally pointless talking about the merch OMGASDOFIJAFKJASGOJ@#$q$TQW4 WTF???!

    14. Mariano Salas

      Dawg that hand sanitizer Clip was it for me ✌🏽

    15. canecorsoxena

      Seeing a 38 year old with cat ears is cringe enough lol

    16. Priyanshu

      Subscribe to t series

    17. MuR Ch

      Not cool Pewds i want a phone case for my phone huawei nova 3 not 3i but nova 3 😔 and i don't know if it's even could. Be shipped to Egypt >


      Pfffdssghhhhh i need pewdiepie condoms

    19. Smee

      We mexicans call white cringy guys Cringos

    20. Kelarys

      It's hard to get through a cringe compilation without taking hefty breaks, at least for me lol. Poor Felix

    21. Naima Hossain

      The video starts at 3:07 btw

    22. RAHUL ROY

      Hell of promotion for rhino shied especially the micro fibre cloth😎

    23. Heitor

      someone know if this phone case is also sold for south america?(brazil)

    24. Ondřej Machovský

      there's a grammatical mistake in the title

    25. dani davido

      EEEEE I haven't watched his videos in a fat minute and I accidentally clicked and heard his voice....the good times

    26. ExtremeBálor

      Sip, soy mexicano y vine por El Cringe

    27. Kenzelle Taylor

      The comedian in the first clip was making jokes ab stereotypes im pretty sure, and I think (if I remember correctly) they assumed his race 🤣 and felt like what he was saying was inappropriate because he wasn’t“politically fit” to say those things in this sensitive age

    28. Camden Brewer

      Video starts at 3:07

    29. Araara Hanzo

      If u didn’t die when he said that subtle HEY 😂😂😂 u not a fan

    30. Mugeno

      Guys thanks to this video I realized you can clip videos in youtube it's a new feature 😳

    31. Bee Jean

      Wendy Williams needs to stop taking Beno before her shows

    32. Jake Evans

      The real lex luther is the man in the court room 🤣🤣

    33. Panda Monium

      Biggest PApromr with a hella professional editor Can’t level the audio

    34. Sam Grizzanti

      I ordered within 10 minutes of seeing the video and it was full price Also you actually made me interested in a sponsor wow

    35. John Parker

      Pewds The cringe is the women interrupting the stand up, not the stand up


      intro is cringe

    37. CastledMallard

      Custom Buns

    38. LeBron Jericho

      Wendy Williams, double homicide

    39. LeBron Jericho

      Haven’t watched in a min but bought case instantly lets goo

    40. Bisma Naz

      Pewds 'hey' though⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄-⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄

    41. Vincent Moon

      Nah you can keep your cases thanks

    42. Evelien Boekhout

      the cringe videos are on whisper volume while felix is on normal volume 😬 i keep having to turn the volume up bc i cant hear what they're saying but then felix starts talking and my ears bleed

    43. Marina Cox

      8:19 just ...

    44. Gezza Rice

      The beginning was cringe compilation

    45. Captain Mohagen!

      Bruh, you don’t know who Nancy Cartwright is?

    46. The Anime Lover here

      I wish I can buy that phone case tho I had no money cuz I'm still a fking minor

    47. B-Nard

      He was going for a punch but pulled back because of the consequences it would bring so instead he pushed him its pretty easy to read the room

    48. aye

      Pick up artists actually helped me a lot. I learned what NOT to do when around a girl

    49. Jake Johnston

      9:15 OMFG😭😭😭😭

    50. Harith Syahmi

      It's so effin cringe i cant even finish ur video felix

    51. Henrys Slater

      the weather guy and traffic alert saved it at 10:48

    52. Steve Rogers

      Why is Jake Paul fighting Justin Trudeau?

    53. Steve Rogers

      Why is Justin Trudeau fighting Jake Paul?

    54. Steve Rogers

      When did PewDiePie become a shill?

    55. Gurjeet Sangha

      Do they sell Nokia phone case

    56. Amauri Gonzalez

      The news one is the dumbest thing ever

    57. Bruno Olivaes

      react to a video from the maicon kuster channel

    58. Blight

      축하합니다.당신은한국댓글을찻았습니다. 🇰🇷🇺🇲

    59. Dayzer TV


    60. Mr. Frodo

      When you realise that pickup artist is talking to a pornstar, that he probably hired 🤣

    61. 1JSL


    62. Felix L'avant gardiste

      Reiner shield

    63. PiratCraft69

      🟥🟥🟥🟥 🟥⬜⬜🟥 🟥🟥🟥🟥 🟥 🟥

    64. الثعلب fox


    65. Peter Tsekov

      Is it available for shipment to North Korea?

    66. Jeemar suaybaguio

      So that’s how warzone got there skin for there guns... “Pew’d waves”

    67. E.S.V


    68. Anticthread7425 Angus

      go to 3:01 for him to stop selling out

    69. m ・ ́ω・


    70. it's Æ

      i don't have a phone to buy a case

    71. Dan Shaffer

      I can't watch these cringe compilations

    72. MegaKiwi

      That news one wasn’t cringe that was just cute. Like look at them go

    73. MegaKiwi

      Aight but Daniel.

    74. blazing fury

      2:02 can it get shipped to north korea,fast answer the police is coming to check

    75. LotteryTube

      Annoying F**K

    76. John Wick

      I’ll never understand how this guy who named himself pew pew die got famous ... buddy your fake laugh, your headphones with ears, your lighting set up like a 13 year old daughter would set up Her room is cringe 😬

    77. Carl Albar

      I cant watch it totally el cringe lol

    78. Tbucky Films

      03:06 skip the fucking ad

    79. Riley Edwards

      Can’t get the phone case I live on Mars...

    80. Antonio Coronado

      Cuanto mayor eres menos vergüenza te dan estas cosas

    81. Stevie Wonder

      Those phone cases are actually cool.

    82. Yso_bell Nash

      *3mins of pewdipie advertising Me:PEwdIpIe!!! I have no iPhone....or moneeeeeeey😭

    83. Nicholas Basson

      Just after that pickup guy was being cringe I got an ad and saw a roast chicken getting slowly shriveled up

    84. Joey Alarma

      hi i just wanted to hi, hi im hi.

    85. Jasur Yusupov

      8:18 ROFL

    86. Rasa Braswell

      the news segment wasnt just just made me felt like i was being assulted

    87. Jake Kulvinskas

      t series is almost at 200 mill...

    88. Iz_Kayos

      Zac.liebenberg02 on Instagram

    89. ToxicNT

      Thank god, 4 minutes of upselling

    90. Keileb Santiago

      How to gain subscrbers? Can you guys help me?

    91. Keileb Santiago

      How to gain subscrbers? Can you guys help me?

    92. Jakub Wolski

      gosh, when Felix said that "hey" i literally choked on water

      1. Hashim Chikku

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    93. pls 01

      I smoke megaman, if he acts mysterious he gets hit with my ray

    94. Aaya Haya

      here 3:15 thank me later

    95. K_I_S_H_A_N .A


    96. You Tube

      0:30 Not that I would throw my phone at the Malenium Falcon anyway.

    97. moist nut

      the santa barbra guy reminds me of when you are talking to a random npc or some shit in skyrim and keeps saying shit completely off topic to the last thing he said

    98. Mackie Warnes

      Mickey mouse is a national treasure, how dare she

    99. TealSunMavra

      Someone please tell me that isn't how Jared Leto actually treats fans at concerts. I've never seen him at concerts so I pray that this isn't how he really acts like. I hope he was just joking around and didn't mean to sound like a jerk.

    100. Darius Penner

      Gotta love the guy spitballing his god awful standup material in front of a bunch of city representatives