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    Mildly Infuriating:
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    1. Justin Jonathan

      felix, don't stay away from bread because "it has too many carbs". You're smart and carbs are not the problem and you actually need carbs, especially now that you're working put now. Energy needed

    2. Taf Toc

      Fuckin western spy

    3. JX_A


    4. Khan Kam

      bro plz help me to 5k subscriber 😣😑I am hard working on PAprom Channel name 👍👍🇵🇰🇵🇰 GOG HAVOCYT

    5. Prinempal

      space needs more space! its annoying indeed.

    6. Herbert D' Jesús

      Seeing pewds and Ken messing around with their phones together reminds me of that Leonardo Dicaprio and Brad Pitt meme. They're like dads showing their barbecues to each other.

    7. Zebulon Stampfler

      Dude Ken shouldn’t just leave America if he hates it so much

    8. Eveydude

      13:56 and also, if I misspell a word, it overwrites the actual word with the misspelled one

    9. Brayden Aguilar


    10. Jion Jesk

      Wow... I haven't really watched any of the ones with Ken. But this mimicked the feeling of hanging out talking with friends. I don't really have a social life so this was nice for me. {: D I think/react out loud. So I was saying my thoughts and reactions out loud to myself. Which also makes it feel like you're actually hanging out with people. I don't know if that started sounding weird/unhealthy. Its more fun to react and think out loud though. When I say something out loud, its usually funnier.

    11. gisa jäger

      23:57 tbh i feel the same way the crazy amount of ppl who kill their kids or just leave them to fend for themselves is crazy. same with animals.

    12. Isaac Dantas

      Have Brazilian here?

    13. TEO LIAN YOONG Moe

      Still remember the song:BITCH LASAGNA

    14. Mosta baba

      Unpopular opinion: I don’t think child labor is always bad

    15. Toddyqwest Chicken knight

      Right now a few years ago I’m elementary it costs $2.75!

    16. Lucy Heartfillia


    17. nodnal Шас

      Sive should’ve downgraded Ken’s camera quality so PewDiePies would be better than someone else’s for once

    18. Sybato

      Felix: "I want a fridge that can walk to me" Also Felix: "[Roombas] are useless"

    19. FarFam_Official

      Sub indo plies im gk bisa bahasa inggris

    20. Myles Johnson

      I work for McDonald's and am currently still working during the pandemic and I didn't even get a pin

    21. E M

      @9:40 Some windows have double glass layers to conserve energy but the two glasses act as a magnification lense. RIP that keyboard. I wonder if they will figure it out. Pobres.

    22. Lauryn Almeida

      not like felix will ever see this but if you price something higher than you’re willing to sell it for, when someone try’s to get it for cheaper you’ll end up getting the amount you actually want.

    23. Nerak995

      We had huggeee groups of feral chickens in my neighborhood growing up cause some chickens got loose at some point an they fuckin thrived

    24. NedMM

      6:26 who is she doe

    25. zemus doge

      Ken and Duncan Trussel podcast would be fucking amazing

    26. noob

      Yo bro

    27. ЕНОТИК NEW

      Привет я русский

    28. Luckysquirrel1256

      Ken freaking out about the 14 year old having a job thing is funny. There are a ton of states we're 14 is the minimum age since that is Federal Law. Heck in Illinois you can technically get a job at 10, but it is super rare.

    29. Kaleb Fisher

      Did you have to censor “Warner” ??

    30. Cokez

      Lunch now is $5.00

    31. TheBomber

      pewdiepie solution for lunch fees is socialism. sorry bud but this is America

    32. Selena Smith

      I hate fkn HULU. You gotta sub to watch commercials, then pay more without commercials. Then pay MORE (like 60 bucks a month) to be able to watch just a little bit more. Tf hulu

    33. Selena Smith

      9:31 'sun melted my keyboard' *they live in phoenix. Phoenix, Arizona* i know this because i, too, live there. I bake cookies in my car

    34. Selena Smith

      It costed 5 bucks for a slice of pizza and a carton of milk. Or an uncrustable sammich. We werent allowed to go off campus to buy real food that can fill us up either. And they obviously didnt consider ppl with allergies or certain diets like vegetarians or vegans. Fkn stupid

    35. annascooking today

      wait, your netflix prices go up in america?

    36. mr painter

      wtf was qan doing at 5:52

    37. _gh0st.k1d_

      at school for me lunch is 4 dollars lol

    38. artyurad

      Can't he just turn autocorrect off lol

    39. Mr. Oxytocin

      PEWDIEPIE PREDICTED THE "DISGUISED TOAST IS CANCELED" EVENT. in all seriousnes, help him Pewds. when i see him(DToast) cried, idk why.. but i think about You Pewds. P L E A S E ! !

    40. Brent Downs

      Bruh the smosh edit killed me

    41. Racktoar

      9:20 Had a teacher done that to my kid I'd have a talk with them. And if I noticed even the SLIGHTEST reason the didn't enjoy teaching my kids, or teaching kids in general, and this was a way of petty payback, I'd fucking sue the living shit out of them. That shit is NOT OK... That's not mildly infuriating, but heavily infuriating!

    42. Wheresmy240

      I can tell you that they do not pick people who are normally nice or warm to be the greeters at stores. I used to work at walmart and the door greeters were always the most miserable old assholes employed at that location. Very rarely would they have someone who is genuinely kind working that position.

    43. 2021 P5B 27 TUNG HO SAN

      the bread is scary, i am trypophobic


      ᴵ'ᵐ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉˢ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ!!!

    45. Dementry

      I hate it when I have to go poop and when I get to the bathroom I don't wanna poop

    46. Le'ona Perry

      America is the reason I'm a far leftist. Also a anarchosocialist

    47. Sami


    48. Gagan  singh


    49. Aphelions Gate

      lmfaoooo in arizona lunch money is $3.15

    50. Israel Cortes

      The dumbest thing literally is when yous typing and. Then the period. Comes out of nowhere man.

    51. Sara Lynn

      I work at a pizza place and people will come in or place an order at 9:55 knowing damn well we close at 10 and it takes 15 minutes to make and cook

    52. Loogi Balloogi

      3:41 ah... 2010...

    53. Sara Lynn

      Is that a mini key board or are your hands just that BIG

    54. Cyberpunk 2077

      Felix, pretending to not know what littering is when he lives in the UK. I swear at least where I am In the UK compared to where I grew up in Wisconsin, there's soooooo much litter.

    55. Grapefruiter 146

      When pewds says shut up in the child labour apple factory thing imagine Anthony saying that

    56. Meow

      Dude I remember being in elementary school and not having money to pay because my dad got laid off (this was 2008) and the lunch lady took my food and threw it away

    57. Megan Buechner

      Pewds: THe haIR iSn'T EveN CovErInG tHe ScReEn! Us: .............. No, But the Plane is GOING INTO FUCKING OUTERSPACE!!!

    58. Tiktoks ETrends Video

      Following at my canal, Funny TikTok Compilation😂😂😂 good luck..

    59. 콩나물팔아서1만명찍기

      콩나물 사세요 100%국내산입니다

    60. Low n Slow Basics

      Did you try turn it off and on again?

    61. Oh Boy

      Swiss bread

    62. BAKERAP22

      This video helped me realize how fat us Americans are, and why too.

    63. Uzumaki Sasuke

      Sou brasileiro

    64. Charlie de la Liche

      "ads based on your history" youtube: "this guy's canadian, let's give him weed ads"

    65. King cat Memes


    66. Andria A.

      19:27 now I can say that I know someone that has more alarms than me.

    67. STATIC FL4ME


    68. T_happy0

      More videos with daddy ken?

    69. David Almeida

      Segue lá neu novo integram: David_cv0

    70. 『Atomic After Show』

      Hey pewds, they're paying the McDonald's workers less than minimum wage, at least in America. 11 or 12 is the minimum, but they are paying them 8 dollars an hour

      1. 『Atomic After Show』

        @Luckysquirrel1256 facts

      2. Luckysquirrel1256

        Depends on State. Minimum wage is as low $7.25 in some states as that is the Federal Minimum Wage by law.

    71. theTurbanMan

      20:28 shit man, I work in a hospital and I make less 🤣

    72. ISuckAtGaming

      Double tapping the spacebar will automatically give you a period. I. Hate. It.

    73. Red Panda Rampage always.type .full stop instead of space button.

    74. 홍리보이

      Omg smosh

    75. Jamie

      19:10 Sooooo... My alarms are set up like that from like 5am to noon. I have them set up every 2-3mins because I somehow can turn off alarms when they ring (not snooze) without waking up. So I have to turn on alarms to go off every 2-3mins for about 30-45mins before I need to be awake or I just don't wake up. And it's 5am to noon because I've previously had to get up a little before 6am to get to school on time but then on weekends if I don't put alarms I could sleep until like 5pm. Although, recently I stopped using the regular alarm app and downloaded one that requires me to answer math problems or do a puzzle or something similar to turn it off. It sounds exaggerated but it's been almost life changing for me. For some reason I hadn't realized until recently that there are apps like that.

    76. Anahita Singh

      Me getting ads about cars and perfume. Which I have never searched . Whyyyy

    77. Jeremy Baker

      "greeting them. Not welcoming them" is a good thing. Cause saying "welcome to best buy! While smiling everytime at everyone is agonizing.

    78. Philip Ingvar

      Tip: if youre looking for transparent images and dont want the weird checker thing, click on the ones with a white background and when they enlarge, if they have checkers, theyre transparent. If you see them with checkers before expanding them, theyre fake.

    79. Cat Velvet

      the smosh edit was sending me

    80. Astelle Lim

      20:00 i kinda agree with the lower wages tho; you wouldn't ask the younger kid to work more difficult tasks or lift heavier stuff than the older one. Also, they require more guidance and the patience to explain even for those simple tasks. I'm saying from the experience of holiday jobs starting at the age of 15 until i finished diploma and work full-time.

    81. Jay

      People in America have a lot of garbage in their cars.

    82. officialtoadchild

      Pewds. It cost 55 bucks a month for school lunches. Haha! Now I'm homeschooled and I don't have to deal with that *Ș̴̫͚̻̲̿͗̈́̒̃H̵̢̫̎̒̔I̶̬͂͌͊̕͠Ṭ̷̨̖͒̐̏͛-*

    83. TGMinnieeMee

      I *LOVE* the fact that Felix is an Android user

      1. SARITA ARCE

        Yu ar beri beri biurifol

    84. Stevenaro

      Why do these guys hate America so much? A lot of false stereotypes...

    85. BumbiLicious

      Felix, it sounds like your fridge just is alittle unbalanced. A fridge should be tilted just a litte bit back. You can try this by opening your fridge door just a bit and let go, if the door keeps open or opens even more, then your fridge is umbalanced.

    86. V3sco

      Ken:u hever had American bread. Felix:u see can ken i am PeSqUiTaRiAn i don't eat bread cuz it made out of wheat and animals eat wheat and if i eat it animals don't so then they have no food 🙃

    87. Ethan Bowes

      Where's cry n minx

    88. Ethan Bowes

      Omg it's Ken

    89. clara anastasya

      h - hai

      1. Rehan Novrian

        gini doang?

    90. Walking the Tightrope

      The Smosh clip 😢😢

    91. Avox SE

      you know you have OCD when 19:53 literally gives you anxiety LOL

    92. Alex lol

      These videos suck, it's always just ken agreeing to pewds ignorant comments lmao

    93. Amogus


    94. be curious

      can i get a shoutout pls

    95. Faye Weather

      That's what my clock looks like

    96. Friendly Neighborhood Cthulhu

      Having the both of you together, been following you both forever ... this is legend.

    97. LevaiiMC

      Bread 👍

    98. Deadmoo5e One

      I like tortles

    99. krunkkknobb

      Someone do that ritual to summon cancel culture

      1. soiung toiue

        Got one of the nearly nude ads while watching this 😂

    100. cpsl tsubaki

      I get fucking tampon and pad and birth control ads I Don’t Want To See That Fucking Bulshit

      1. soiung toiue

        Whose all watching this