Being Shy is a Superpower..


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    1. Amos Sutherland

      "ANd ONE dAy aT SchOil He RuNS InTO HiSS BroTHER" dude its his brother he lives with him

    2. julie anne

      Dhar Mann is the most inspirational person, and I watch his videos all the time. He’s a true genuine person.

    3. Obama Bin Stalin

      You are a doush pewdiepie

    4. yur_fav_tostito


    5. yur_fav_tostito


    6. Tetherin Tetherball

      pewdiepie kills memes

    7. Ammar Barazi

      22:02 just wait until he realizes that faze rug has his own g fuel flavor chug rug

    8. Ammar Barazi

      But mrbeast does giveaways

      1. Ammar Barazi

        Ya but I don't get why he said it was a scam

      2. Joke Man

        But Mr Beast needs the money bc he donates a bunch of money to charities, Rug just buys another Lambo

    9. Melissa Haxhiaj

      "Being shy is a superpower" Introverts: *Everyone applaud my supreme power*

    10. Melissa Haxhiaj

      Just me or does the "shy" guy look like Michael Jackson after the surgeries

    11. Noel.p


      1. Nazuk Muskan


    12. Ali Baseer Awan

      Dharr Manns Newest title be like: Pewdiepie Reacts to my video InStAnTlY rEgReTs it

    13. Anthony The Best

      7:34 Anyone else heard that ouw that pewdiepie was laughing about😂

    14. Austin Bowman

      Hahahaha what a loser tryna hate on a positive group to push away your flaws smh

      1. Joeliroy Video

        I'm a former dhar mann fan i left dhar mann because his videos are repetitive and unrealistic and predictable and exaggerated that most people can't relate to the videos

      2. Maham Omar

        It's not positivity, it's toxic positivity. Literally dhar man's vid doesn't even make sense

    15. Jadolive-Rüzgar #saveralph

      Brother, are you 110 million?


      Patiently waiting for a Dhar Mann and Pewdiepie collaboration

    17. Shreya

      13:01 pewds are you ok

    18. Palix Tobin

      Welcome to the Dhar Fam, Felix.

    19. Shrey Sharma

      I couldn't bear the cringe. I have failed.

      1. Yombo

        "Everything is cringe" 🤓☝️

    20. Luther Wills

      Kens story at the end was the best

    21. Claire Wycoff

      Kids, never sign anything before talking to a lawyer

      1. Claire Wycoff

        Look at what happened to Smosh

    22. Nonsticklizard

      Me fixing to take notes on his advice Him: unzips shirt being shy is a super power Well I’m scared better start paying attention in school

    23. AFC

      Dhar Mann’s Videos Make NO Sense.

    24. SA20c Jacquline Nilsson

      HAHAHA LOL THE SUBTITLES AT 13:00 "but fazedrug has a girlfriend"😂

    25. MiscellaneousVids 06

      Yes, the quiet kid is cool for shooting up my school

    26. BakedAsHell

      Lol remember when piewdiepie said the n word

      1. Joke Man

        Lol remember when it was years ago and the black community forgave him and little white kids were triggered, get over it kid

    27. the reaper

      jesus , what a great meme 🤣

    28. Ugh

      I once went to my friends house and they made me watch this channel

    29. Oh Yeah

      All the dislikes are people who bought the "Being shy is a superpower" tshirt

    30. Flat Pepsi

      these pro gaming clans are so fuckin' cringe...

      1. Yombo

        "Everything is cringe" 🤓

    31. ricktroller64 Legacy

      i keep getting recommended ken videos and i keep watching them

    32. Mico Carlo Adrian Ruiz

      Sorting the comments on newest first on this video is like turning on Discord light theme

    33. Justin Amon

      I've so bin waiting for you guys too do a review on this channel videos.

    34. Noah Davis

      REDICILOUS UTTERLY REDICILOUS *eats nuggies from chick-fil-A madly😾*

    35. Matt Sims

      26:15 “24 and me”. That might be a problem

    36. Yash Ghai

      "I am also shay"

      1. Yombo



      ken: starts speaking pewds: AND THEN I

    38. J V

      This is too much cringe i have to stop the video at 2:55

    39. Sonora

      why is this so 2010 in the worst possible ways

      1. Maham Omar

        lmao fr

    40. Chris Cox

      Triggered fazerug fans, why are you here? Go watch lower quality videos designed to appeal to your weak sensibilities instead. These videos hold no truth, but cling to them while you can, life's going to come at you fast if you believe it works like these vids

    41. Mateja O


    42. Bardh Baftiu

      your name is felix just like the ketchup in sweden hahahahaha

      1. Hairshard


      2. Mico Carlo Adrian Ruiz

        Well Felix is swedish so thats pretty convenient

    43. Bardh Baftiu

      if you say that video i bad then your actully dum

      1. Yombo

        It doesn't make sense tho

    44. Bardh Baftiu

      your trash youtuber faze rug is the best youtuber

      1. Joeliroy Video

        @Just a Gamer I'm a former dhar mann fan i left dhar mann because his videos are repetitive and unrealistic and predictable and exaggerated that most people can't relate to the videos

      2. Just a Gamer


      3. Gabrielle Christie

        Is this dude for real

      4. Cookie405

        Cry some more kid XDD

    45. Bardh Baftiu

      don, dont t talk about faze rug that way

      1. Maham Omar

        @David Sucks LMAOO

      2. David Sucks

        santa isn't real

    46. Rebecca Solanky

      Unsubscribing you won't really make a difference to you... but honestly watching this video was like you're just demotivating the PApromrs.. very bad pewds

      1. Joeliroy Video

        Demotivating their channels will make their influence die down and decline which is very beneficial for humanity

      2. Joeliroy Video

        I'm a former dhar mann fan i left dhar mann because his videos are repetitive and unrealistic and predictable and exaggerated that most people can't relate to the videos

    47. ali toqueer

      pewdiepie os just a karen and a simp b

      1. Joeliroy Video

        @Maham Omar I'm a former dhar mann fan i left dhar mann because his videos are repetitive and unrealistic and predictable and exaggerated that most people can't relate to the videos

      2. Maham Omar

        @Joke Man aight I don't like rug but I'm gonna have to disagree w u on that one

      3. Joke Man

        Rug just wants his Lambo kid he really doesn’t care about you, whereas pewds give thousands and thousands to charities

      4. Cubical Tom

        Uhm karen is a word for women get educated and learn how to spell

    48. The Biskee Boyz

      He goes to school then leaves

    49. Heather McFarland

      This is so similar to the one he did with Sssniperwolf. In a nutshell, here’s a kid being bullied for wanting to be a gamer. Bam, they meet their favorite PApromr and suddenly they become a successful gamer and collab with said PApromr. Both videos same thing

    50. Megan Renee

      damn everyone in high school really loved me 😭

    51. Yasser Yak


    52. Alper Genceroglu


    53. SSAshton

      I knew his brother was gonna pull up in one 😂

    54. SSAshton

      Kid tries to flex his followers when I have 10k 😂

      1. SSAshton

        @Yombo Bro chill that’s why it was a joke 😂

      2. Yombo

        I'm not seeing who asked

    55. llub888

      "24 and me" Ken's got some extra chromosomes apparently

    56. Kim Phillips

      Felix: has a breakdown about gfuel Ken: Use code pewdiepie Ken is a real one

    57. Ghost

      Being shy isn't a super power, never took a chance with the girl liked throughout school.

    58. Domestic Light

      Nervous and shy are 2 different things

      1. Yombo

        There's also something called social anxiety


        Press X to doubt

    59. Taylor Tori Ireland

      I study Lifespan Development at Uni, and being shy is composed of two significant factors. It is partially a result of the genes you inherit, but it's furthered and influenced by behaviors. This is especially so when you begin to socialize and your prefrontal cortex develops further.

    60. Ømëñ

      not to be a boomer or anything but the brother is not wrong XDD that guy even got popular just because he met faze rug...if he didnt he just get depression all the way.

    61. Savanna Cordova

      I've won a few giveaway on PAprom lol

    62. Kirill Danilov

      please, that's too much cringe for me

    63. Manarpan Kaur

      Wait, how's the brother the bad guy here? He genuinely gave some good advice to him.....

      1. Maham Omar

        @Yombo I mean he was telling the truth in the first minute or 2 but when they realised he was supposed to be the bad guy they made him throw his ipad in the trash XD

      2. Yombo

        It's the delivery of it

    64. Thisara Warnakumara

      U better not tell any thing to them Btw mrbeast has less subs and has billions of more views than u

      1. Thisara Warnakumara

        @Joke Man I know but pewdie pie 🤣 Is so mean

      2. Joke Man

        Didn’t ask, beast is a fan of pewds

      3. Gabrielle Christie

        Who cares

      4. David Sucks

        I don't think he cares

    65. Mluleki kevin Nobakada

      Yo pewdiepie more like poodiepoop you freaken loser just because you have a lot of subscribers it doesn't mean you have to be mean to have a cold heart or maybe you don't have a heart guys if you are reading this unsubscribe

      1. Cubical Tom

        They're just joking loser

      2. chokochoki

        stop being so soft dude they're just joking 😂

    66. Chico & Mo

      you talking crap abt their video but you wear a cat ear Mic😹

      1. Cubical Tom

        Pewdiepie can buy your whole family

      2. The Soviet-Afghan War Guerrilla Fighter

        and? do you actually think pewdiepie cares?

      3. David Sucks

        he can buy you

    67. Enrique Munoz

      I hate him now

    68. Ivan C

      This is why t series has more subs

      1. The Soviet-Afghan War Guerrilla Fighter

        @Yombo And even i manage to be more intellectual than this joke lmao

      2. Joke Man

        Maybe it’s because India’s population is 1.3 billion and Internet is cheap there? Idk man just saying

      3. Yombo

        @The Soviet-Afghan War Guerrilla Fighter You have a lego pfp bro...

      4. The Soviet-Afghan War Guerrilla Fighter

        @Ivan C Nah man, get out of here you triggered faze rug fan. you are probably like 10

      5. Ivan C

        @David Sucks fucc up

    69. iwantpizza

      I love how they tried so hard to make this about being shy, yet don't even explain the advantage of being shy

    70. iEatKids

      “don’t you want a boyfriend?” 🖐🙄 maybe he likes MEN

    71. Nyamal Hoth

      I hope you get instant karma

      1. Hairshard

        He did, he lost the cocomelon sub war :(

      2. chokochoki

        for what?? for understandably reacting like he did to a cringey video that has poor delivery of the message?? right

    72. Teresa Stalker

      Faze rug is better than u

      1. Joke Man

        @Teresa Stalker 110 Million subs (Pewds) VS 20 million Subs(FazeRug), I rest my case

      2. Cubical Tom

        Probs cant count

      3. David Sucks

        @Teresa Stalker did you not see how much subscribers pewdiepie has?

      4. Teresa Stalker

        @David sucks he has more subs, he’s nice, and he spreads positivity

      5. David Sucks


    73. ExoticGaming

      Pewdiepie ur garbadge

      1. ExoticGaming

        @Cubical Tom :)

      2. Cubical Tom

        Lol "garbadge" learn how to spell

      3. The Soviet-Afghan War Guerrilla Fighter

        @ExoticGaminga keyboard warrior is much superior than a waste of human life you are lol

      4. ExoticGaming

        @The Soviet-Afghan War Guerrilla Fighter lol keyboard warrior

      5. The Soviet-Afghan War Guerrilla Fighter

        @ExoticGaming Love how you say that while you say ''pewdiepie ur garbage''. sit the fuck down bitch

    74. Mrjoker YT

      U r gay

      1. Maham Omar

        @Cubical Tom lmao

      2. Cubical Tom

        If he is gay explain how he got married to marzia

      3. David Sucks

        no you

    75. Your local Izuku Midoriya

      “Why are people still giving away” Me: WHY PEOPLE STILL ACTING CHILDISH 😀

      1. chokochoki

        they doing it in exchange for subs, that's what pewdiepie had a problem with, and understandably so

    76. Lady MF Unicorn

      I feel so attacked. I am a shy social butterfly. Although, I will fuck these jocks up. Do not touch my electronics! Yes, How? Lol Why he didn't use being shy to get popular. Just saying.

    77. pablo Galindo

      Next distract is about give aways

    78. Jesus Ortiz

      Ima just unsubscribe your PAprom channel 🤦🏽‍♂️ don’t go for faze rug like that 🤬

      1. Joke Man

        He has 110 mil subs I don’t think he really cares

      2. David Sucks

        You probably never knew who pewdiepie is until rug made a video about him

    79. Bamboo Gecko

      you made mr beast cry pewds

      1. Joeliroy Video

        Mrbeast does it for the benefit of the people but rug does it for views

      2. David Sucks

        where the vid tho?

    80. sakura heartfilia

      23:00 woow those maths lmao, awesome hhh~

    81. sakura heartfilia

      22:06 what a very entertaining mental break down haha~! 22:13 that was really smooth Ken~ 🤣❤💗


      youtube and streaming is terrible now, read books and invent shit my guys and gals.

    83. berenice anderson

      That was a stupid video. 🤦🏽‍♀️I agree with what you guys said.

    84. Selena Smith

      If shyness is a superpower, then having social anxiety makes you a *god*

      1. Nope films

        copying comments is fun

    85. Selena Smith

      Its so true. If you werent a nerd, you werent cool. It transitioned in the middle of my high school days. It was so weird. I went from a loner to someone ppl looked up to and it was so strange lmao

    86. svetlio videnov

      f u pewdiepie

      1. Maham Omar

        @David Sucks ur a true one, replying to every hate comment XD

      2. Cubical Tom

        Can't swear weak

      3. The Soviet-Afghan War Guerrilla Fighter

        wow the roast of the century

      4. David Sucks

        why are you here then?

    87. Kimberly Davis

      Sorry but this video is just straight ignorant. Stop acting like you're better than other people. You must have been a bully growing up. Their video was to try and help people that are shy and get bullied. Grow up!!! 🙄 Go back to doing your gaming videos 🙃

      1. Joke Man

        All I see is salty Rug fans, here’s the reality kid, rug doesn’t care about you guys, all he cares about is his Lambo and his new mansion

      2. chokochoki

        they're kidding my dude, and if you think that they're being too mean then you clearly haven't watched other youtubers like pyrocynical lmao, the guy also made a vid about dhar mann's videos and believe me he's harsher than pewds and ken 😂

    88. MIKER

      Pick me



    90. ••Ashley•• Cordero••

      From my point of view all I can see is YOU making fun of Faze rug for no reason.

      1. David Sucks

        its a joke loser

    91. YRN Taliq

      first time watching pewdiepie and won't again LMAOAOOOAOA

      1. Maham Omar

        don't see anything funny here. also he doesn't care if u watch him or not, he has 110 mil :)

    92. Tiger Boom

      Let's make a petition giving Ali his own favour

      1. chokochoki

        please don't 😂

    93. ACE Dodo

      Pewdiepie: I can't believe people are still doing giveaways. Jimmy: Boss, you killed a child.

    94. Bob Ross

      Quick story, there was once a girl in my third grade class. She was a dumb blonde. I also HATED this girl. she was really annoying. Anyways one day I went to the bathroom to “refresh” from class. The. This dumb blonde comes in the bathroom and starts talking to me. We started talking about how we sometimes come in the bathroom just to hangout. Then this dumb blonde (her name was Milly) said that she was a loner and that’s why she hangs out in the bathroom. I told her I’m sorry to hear that and then she looked me in the eyes and said “You seem like a loner to!) I looked at her and almost punched this girl. Instead I VERY sarcastically said thanks Milly for the ego boost. She then said YOUR WELCOMEEE!!! GIRLLL HOW DUMB CAN U BE

      1. Maham Omar


    95. JCSniper2010

      Me reading the title: Very much so for soft people No wonder i can't get ps fucking 5s they always scam people with giveaways

    96. Shlok Harsora

      i was laughing so much i started crying

    97. ELENA F

      Bro stfu

      1. David Sucks

        facts rug sucks

    98. Lt. Stoner

      This feels like a modern take on all the worst cliches from 20 years ago

    99. steve

      Remember when pewdiepie said that he gomma disabled the comments Bcz he was offended

      1. steve

        @Malik's World LOL

      2. Malik's World

        @steve what do you mean thats a lie? he literally said it in the video.

      3. steve

        @Malik's World Thats a lie He also said he gonna keep them off forever Yet here we are

      4. Malik's World

        he said the reason he was gonna turn them off was because it got filled with spam, self advertising, and people just trying to provoke others, not that he was offended by constructive criticism.

      5. steve

        @Malik's World Lookup: Goodbye comments Minute 4