Before your eyes -- A game that changes when you blink


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    Before Your Eyes is a first person narrative adventure which tells the story of a soul’s journey into the afterlife using a new and innovative form of interaction-your real-life blinks.
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    1. GoodbyeWorld Games

      Developers here! It's been amazing to see the reaction here in the comments. We are so touched by all of your responses. If you were moved, please still consider buying or gifting the game on Steam or Epic! It's $10 and contributes to us being able to make more games like this one.

      1. Hmm_m

        What a great game

      2. D̸o̸g̸e̸


      3. Something Random52

        I watched the stream and I want this game so badly. I think you did an excellent job developing it and it’s incredibly well made. I love the story of it and the art style is nice as well. Look forward to playing this soon!

      4. Serg Rodriguez

        Here before this blows up

      5. Krinky Stinky

        I cried

    2. Fabricio Silva

      Éeeeeee aiiiii dino na área

    3. TankRatt

      I have not sobbed like this before

    4. JAR

      How did he not ball his fucking eyes out I’m literally sobbing

    5. mademo iselle

      this made my depression worse lol

    6. Jorge Vera

      They should rename this game "before I cry"

    7. BhagYa DissanaYake

      From ManiYa streams 🥺❤️

    8. Rebekah Meyers

      I have something in both of my eyes.

    9. Caleb Mcintosh

      why is pewdiepie just so wholesome

    10. Irusha Henakaarachchi

      One of the best games I've ever seen, claps for the writer 👏🏻👏🏻

    11. scullema

      this is the saddest game i've ever seen, well done developers and a massive thanks to pewdiepie for playing it! And remember kids, whatever happens, you're not alone in this world!

    12. itsdat_ kneegrr1

      11:15 Pewdiepie: “don’t blink,no blinking” 1.5 seconds later:*

    13. Redub

      "I was hoping we would grow old, but I guess we never did.” Fcking hell man, i was just going through the videos that missed while i was away. Gorgeous game, beautiful story.

    14. Ella B

      [11:58] is taking about that plant which he will never be able to see bloom. i just realised after crying already to go back and read the comments damn

    15. Kc Lusha


    16. Kc Lusha

      Bruh I was scared if the thumbnail

    17. Gesshoku01

      I'm watching this 3 weeks later. My heart is broken I've been crying for 30+ minutes

    18. Alex Love

      Omg I can’t stop crying...( the song at the end is even making me sad) what great story...

    19. Struggles Real

      I’m watching this late this game hits bro. I didn’t expect him to die so young

    20. Trinity King

      as i currently fight my disease at 18 years old, im uncontrollably crying. i felt understood for once, through a game.

    21. imoron _

      This is really emotional

    22. Mike Morton

      I’ve been on that brink of not knowing if my health will be fine and on the cold dark drives back from my doctor I could see how drained my mom looked. It is crazy how much can matter in such little time.

    23. Cynthia Belarmino

      This shit made me tear up a little,just a little.

    24. mark khalvin

      Me after watching this 😥😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    25. T-Series Luymeng

      Nice I like your videos

    26. Wolfgineer

      "Dont blink" Aisawa: *"first time?"*

    27. 8illy

      i swear something flew in my eyes im not crying... big boys dont cry.

    28. m e

      The intro is so chill

    29. Yagurt Melon

      6:58 "im actually a master at not blinking" *blinks*

    30. Jeffrey Figueroa

      happy mothers day

    31. MylffieG

      NGL I CRIED. I think we need more games like this.

    32. Endeeer Draaagon

      imma mention the fact that 2 people donated over 1.5 thousand dollars in the chat

    33. Narciso Flores

      Man I played that piece in high school

    34. Komi

      Im not crying you are

    35. R1P

      that part where the pain stopped when Chloe came holy fuck my heart.

    36. Gavin Payne

      i cried

    37. Noah Loppnow

      Ngl that made me cry

    38. LongLostSouls

      I didn’t think I would be crying like this today

    39. Ella Lorick

      I have never cried so much over a game

    40. Juan Coria

      Felix whispering to Chloe at 31:22 and then at 34:43 when he decided not throwing the paper to his mom is the kind of immersion that makes him great, because even though they are games, no matter how silly or serious he takes them, he plays them like he’s in them... Edit: also check 38:15 & 41:59 for more

    41. hc25

      Dream cannot play this

    42. Gwyn

      so much heart and talent and skill were put into this game

    43. benton clark

      I'm not crying you are

    44. Emily Reith

      I just saw weests video of the stream he did, and now I'm here, ready to cry harder.

    45. Raymond Moralez

      I’m not crying you are

    46. Lily Winter

      The boat they're traveling on is the one out of his childhood right? With the screw thing on it

    47. Levonix

      My mom passed this year from covid. I'm a pianist and she's an artist so this hit home. I needed this today.

    48. Lil Linguine

      I don’t know anything about music so correct me if I’m wrong but was her piece that he played in the beginning in major chord and then later when he was sick it sounded like it was in minor chord, like she said it was one note lower but completely changed the mood

    49. B8 - Enrico Esteban Jr.

      when i saw the title i just kept blinking

    50. Matrix Host

      I'm crying so hard

    51. GamingCentral

      never knew a video game would make me tear up

    52. D-Boy

      Damn, that was sad

    53. Luke O'Brien

      It’s pretty cool the boat that the wolf picks him up on is actually the first toy he paints.

    54. Brennan

      It’s sad that his dad was never really mentioned :/

    55. Porta Gabel

      6:58 "im actually a master at not blinking" then proceeds to blink

    56. Simon Bendix Borregaard

      I straight up started crying at the sight of the gatekeeper.. thank you for this upload, I promise I will try to write more in the future..

    57. vladimir lliych ulyanov

      Bruh I didn't realize I have downloaded a 1 hour long vid

    58. Spencer Hannah

      Dang bro didn’t have to make me cry 😢

    59. Zaketron Nexus

      its time

    60. Kevin Mikachi


    61. Jacques jacuzzi Jacquard

      What an amazing game to watch this is a game that truly makes you feel a way that you never would think a game would make you feel.

    62. Brian Mowery

      Realizes The Fairyman is anubis and you learned about who he is in the begining of the game !! @.@

    63. Degenerate Weeb

      This could be a depressing anime tho

    64. Quintin

      I feel really bad for Chloe! She lost both her mother and her first love.

    65. anthony k

      I literally haven't cried in like 1,5-2 years and this game did me that bad 😭 A piece of masterpiece

    66. Shriya

      now how do i recover from this???

    67. Numbazara de Zilva

      Did anyone notice that the boat their on is ben’s childhood toy

    68. Dominick Wyche

      I need to know what happend what the weird neighbor girl

    69. Funny Valentine

      I went from 😃 to 😧

    70. OsibTheSunbro

      Weird how it is, losing a loved one is as hard as it gets in my mind. But then again, when you are the one dying you are also losing all your loved ones at once. Makes me sad to know that inevitably one day I will be on my death bed, with or without my loved ones there.

    71. magenta blue

      Was anyone else triggered by his decision to go to the beach instead of sleeping? I wanted to see a good audition, Benjamin can go to the beach literally the next night lol Im definitely projecting but I got mad for like 20 seconds 😂

    72. That Guy

      Her little lisp is oddly satisfying

    73. ImOkayAtGaming

      im not crying, you are

    74. JAYBOSS


      1. JAYBOSS

        For when I come back

    75. Kyle Lee

      Asians are probably immune to this mechansim

    76. Timothy

      ​I think the pewdiepie things code is ​pewdieHead2 pewdieTorso2 pewdieLeg2 But i dont have a damn clue so

    77. Katsuki Bakugo

      Fuck you fellix I didn't wanna cry

    78. mr aliieng [ channel ]

      Follow me, I'm discouraged 😭😰😞

    79. BlackSheep Gaming

      That was a beautifully made game. Brought a couple tears to my eyes. Good job to the developers

    80. Дима

      So its SCP-173 but its a game and u dont get ur neck snapped

    81. I drink milk

      I’m so glad I believe in heaven.

    82. Hi Im Tristan

      This is the first time any tv/movie/game has made me cry

    83. Cool Guy

      I cried laughing and how didn’t it count as a blink 11:15

    84. Amanda Knight

      If you wear sunglasses,and it can't detect blinking.. what happens

    85. Mark Joseph Carungay

      Just finished the game and i felt nothing i want to cry but i can’t…

    86. olivia ingledue

      this is the type of game that just makes you want to hug everyone you know and never let go of them.

    87. mr rubarb

      that....i.....i wanna cry...that was so amazing

    88. Cheyanne Warner

      I loved this. That melancholy dragged my heart into a happy place. I needed this and I am so happy that I chose to come back to pewds at this time. It's been years since I've looked at a Pewdiepie video. This was a great game to come back to. Double bro fists, sir! There's a lot of ppl in the comments saying how depressed they got by the end of the game. God bless you guys. U are supposed to be happy. I was so very happy I just wept and yearned for that end for myself...I yearned for that so bad, I bawled. I'm so satisfied that this game didn't end in a fire-y pit of hell like I thought it would... Good job Creator

    89. Kill Karl

      If you'll all excuse me. I need to go hold my children and then cry myself to sleep for a while.

    90. Sachin James

      I blinked for a moment and Felix turned into Gandalf!!

    91. Cherry Rose Pa-as

      wow :(

    92. MDM

      this game feels real

    93. Katsuki Bakugo


    94. Trickle

      9 AM and I'm already crying, gosh this game was pure art.

    95. Katy Darling

      That was great until I started to cry so thank you for that 🥲🥲

    96. Stolas Medrano

      Damn dude... this game...

    97. iStrawberryKiwi

      I’m not crying, you’re crying

    98. clancy


    99. Papa P

      this made me cry, Thanks pewds. and Thank you for the creators / developers of the game.

    100. Troy Smith

      It's such a unique and thoughtful game, the devs have done so well and keep it up! :D