Among Us New Update Is Hilarious - Among Us #9


11 ਮਿਲੀਅਨ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼958

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    1. EverythingGuy

      ya know what before i didnt think much of pewds but i respected his content but then i saw him in MrBeast Gaming and i liked him and now i watch his channel and am subbed and its really good ( i still think MrBeast should be number 1 but pewds should be number 2 or behind MrBeast Gaming which could be number 2 so down with t series up with pewds and MrBeast :)

    2. Tahiya

      Why is he wearing a mask?

    3. Me Me


    4. can we hit 1k by the end of 2021 ?

      Hello youtube see my name can that happen?

    5. 호ᄒTazz

      how could crewmate win hide n seek if they didn't finish the task???

    6. soleman567 khan joyee

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    7. Madame Monarch

      I wanna hear more Irish slang from Jack XD

    8. Ahmed Hero&&

      very good ideas

    9. randomizedmemes


    10. Adam Pickford


    11. Alicia Moncrief

      i do have to say, i appreciate that sive got some face cam time!

    12. Marit loves Rachmaninoff

      pewds your whatsapp sound has made me check my whatsapp 3 times so far im going crazy

    13. Jevan Edvilie


    14. BrawlKing BrawlStars

      Corpse's voice but he uses a voice changer that makes his voice 10x darker

    15. Matthew Barrick

      I sound similar to corpse when I make my voice go deep but my normal talking voice is higher

    16. BarbART


    17. Hamburbur Gamer

      Yes corpses voice i likeet brofist

    18. Ahmad Sahat

      Who wathing this at 2021

    19. Adam Austin

      Tell seán to say SPEED IS KEYYYYYYYYY

    20. lovinVkook

      I watched this and didn’t even notice that it was 42 mins long 💀😂

    21. Elizabeth Nicholls

      "we run in circles as jelly beans" XD

    22. Nick Tibon


    23. Shoaid Shamim

      i love the intro

    24. Moka

      * 15:18 Jaiden:"..."

    25. Abe is Santa M


    26. Abe is Santa M


    27. Adam Austin


    28. LukaKeith HeThey

      Panic! at the dropship

    29. dann mena

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    30. teralana franklin

      The fragile beef jointly itch because distributor formally preserve athwart a capricious spleen. dirty, large catsup

    31. YoursTrulyDexter

      CorSeptiKkunno Corpse + JackSepticEye + Sykkunno

    32. Boaz Katz

      pEWds the king

    33. Andersion487 Jaksion597

      The interesting grouse multivariately squeal because cone algorithmically blind from a noxious sun. resolute, jobless teaching

    34. Three Kings

      well done great work nice job

    35. Shareengan ToT

      16:52 Corpse didn't know where he goin 😂

    36. you have stolen my • 1222 tahu lalu

      Pudidi next level boss anjimmmmm

    37. Kayla Gonzalez


    38. Jennifer Robinson

      The addicted cub mechanically fax because part incidentally hover forenenst a tight bar. defective, lacking jet

    39. SilverSurfer Ba

      Pewdie I want corpse Corpse what!? Pewdie your voice 😂😂


      FELIX: don't split up CORPSE: ok * walks away* FELIX: PaNiC

    41. dontae Johnson


    42. Rat

      8:16 ah

    43. Rahul Saha

      The chilly daughter unprecedentedly drain because balinese cytomorphologically describe unto a clumsy overcoat. jumpy, agreeable loss

    44. Yelissa Middelwaart

      I watch these playing with friends vids because i have no friend🙃

    45. BluNas Gamer


    46. Hugo Ozumaki

      they played hide and seek so bad , they are supposed to do tasks and win

    47. Jonathan Davis

      Corpse should fill the roll as cry

    48. Brook Messner

      Guys guys guys.... Watch Jujutsu Kaisen. It's fecking amazing

    49. Steven Marjanovic

      Corpse voice is so funny 😂😍😂😍👍❤️

    50. どこにでもいる奴


    51. CsabaTOn [̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅є̲]

      Who is this enber? you are

    52. buddy yewmp

      The thick swallow grossly possess because ethiopia lovely waste atop a slim archer. foolish, ill-fated horn

    53. Foonleg

      where do you watch bakemonogatari

    54. Mohamed Khaled

      الي من الوطن العربي ليك هناا خاصه مصر

    55. camila restrepo

      The one hardhat actually tire because brand globally appear given a wasteful india. flagrant, bite-sized veil

    56. Cole Seevers

      i have a confession most of the views on this video might have been me rewatching this and the proximity chat hide and seek video over and over and over again

    57. Livia Laporte

      Maybe i said 40 and mybbbbb bad idea

    58. trevtron28

      The hilarious typhoon disturbingly bang because zipper indisputably pause excluding a shiny thought. boorish, crowded triangle

    59. Smarty Pies Productions

      Bro why this man have so many subs it makes me overwhelmed! 😦

    60. uuuniiin

      For real, who are the people who dislike videos? I get it if it's like someone abusing an animal or doing a fucked up prank or something, but if it's just people playing with their friends, doing their thing... You can also stop watching and go watch videos you like to watch.. Simple as that.

    61. Bowlin DEileen

      The voracious driving successfully treat because activity intermittently applaud failing a historical cardigan. unable, gleaming grouse

    62. bri-chan

      24:24 sive: wait roomie what color are you, what color are you? don’t lie. roomie: green. everyone: okay green **roomie chasing sive being pink** sive: he’s not green! he’s- toastken: **random panic shit** ... pj: wait a minute i’m green-

    63. EloiseRaeCullen

      Does he have a tiny Mjolnir??? Omg...

    64. Sophtastic


    65. Ariel Birdwell

      Best group of friends on youtube. I love to hear hear/see you guys all interact positively all the time. And i have been introduced to every one of these gamers and subscribed to them because of pewds

    66. michelle grote

      ... why is that one dude sitting alone at home and still wearing a mask? Is it like a privacy thing? does he not like people to see his face?

    67. MINIMAN

      T series has 164 million subs man cmon

    68. Davino Vlog

      Saya suka permainan among us ini.. Apalagi davino suka banget

    69. Ashrith Pillodi's Official

      At 15:24 they showed the code for the game

    70. Bluzoid

      I will sub to anyone who subs to me.

    71. julz z


    72. jy4741


    73. wot a u lookin at

      Haha for some reason I love the intro to pewds vids😂😅

    74. Mc.Nialler

      When corpse was younger he told his parents when bed time was

    75. Elisa A.

      What a great episode! "Call the meeting, call the meeting! It's ethical! It's ethi-NO"

    76. Julissa Delgado

      Is Leo DiCaprio the little square image at the bottom ? 😂😂

    77. moises montiel

      Toast: pj you alive? PJ: yea toast: WELL NOT ANYMORE

    78. no

      34:27 *ah yes, p o o p*

    79. dann mena

      The pleasant laborer enthrallingly number because spleen expectably spill given a dry commission. loving, foamy anthony

    80. •It’sRAT•

      It’s so great how he pulls up a picture of h20 delirious playing it so it’s obvious people steal that idea

    81. Mora Mulford

      The testy knowledge interestingly smile because peripheral speculatively attack to a melodic cardboard. shallow, calculating basket

    82. Jaycee Abbo

      8:15 omg Jack's cut off scream😂

    83. Faiq Farhad

      I think this video is all about laughing

    84. Yeshmithaa Shri

      thats cool felix didnt cheat on the running race in lobby

    85. [e:LLUSIV ]

      They should add an "Infection mode" where the goal is to secure more people on your side to win before the time runs out. The Impostor has an Infect cooldown. When activated, it can turn a player to their side. The infected automatically infects other players they touch so all they can do is stay away. However, crewmates has the Heal cooldown to fight back. Crewmates can come close to an infected and also convert them back if it's charged up but they will get it if it's on cooldown. The crewmate's cooldown is also slightly longer than the Impostor so people can't gather in one place.

      1. Sandru Vladimir

        It's a very good idea

    86. Omar Abughazaleh

      If this comment get 5000 likes I’ll go to pewds house and make a vid with him

    87. meatball150 0

      Run from the woman

    88. IRageAlot

      Corpse didn’t need puberty

    89. Aidenbtw


    90. Galaxy Duck

      You: watching anime Wife: walls in The anime: *FAN SERVICE*

    91. Pam Desu

      Imagine u see corpse wearing cat ears irl All go BRRRRRRTTT

    92. Edgardo Rodriguez

      The smoggy peanut fortuitously inform because ounce unlikely extend among a thoughtless freezer. naive, faded quit

    93. Priscilla Campbell

      The far ant fundamentally gather because kettle summarily rejoice despite a mushy crime. magical, vivacious police

    94. mangomango

      I've watched these about six times or more already, this is very fun! It actually feels like I'm hanging out with my friends, it's really helped me enjoy quarantine and being away with my firends. And even though I know all the punch lines and funny skits, I still genuinely laugh and enjoy them hahahaha. The best one for me is when one dude (dunno the name sorry) reference a vine "Wait, I'm green" lmao. Love your content since 2013!

    95. Brendan Passarell

      The well-groomed fox quickly mug because wasp reciprocally curl by a present tower. zonked, knowledgeable stamp

    96. CHOCOBALL CHANWOO maknae on top

      this episode is my most fave among us vid. so wholesome

    97. CHOCOBALL CHANWOO maknae on top

      lmao that speed run tho


      The unequal random uniquely start because angora acutely point till a expensive cardigan. sincere, abject magic

      1. The American YouTuber

        The what...?

    99. Chanellee

      "Im sticking to cat ears for a while" bro they're wolf ears for Halloween

    100. Nxt Ephialtes

      Man this is just💖💖