Amnesia Rebirth - Its been 10 Years..


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    we amnesia now bros
    check out amnesia rebirth for yo self:
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    1. EJ Sullivan

      Please finish this game pewds!

    2. Huzaifa Wajid

      Someone post about this on reddit.

    3. M0WFUE -

      Who else was 7 watching this with their big brother holding up a phone

    4. 로맨틱킹

      Where is mr barrels

    5. Me Me

      Pewds your my pillow 😍💘

    6. Me Me


    7. Leone Leone

      alright bros, just took shrooms. wish me luck fam hahah

    8. NiteRow

      Fukh you man I am disappointed. Did I subscribed for incomplete gameplay

    9. NiteRow

      "Going in the sun is bad idea" My potato pc with shadows off : THERE IS NO SUCH THING CALLED SHADE EXISTS

    10. Sliferrr

      Roses are red Violets are blue I’m still waiting for episode 2 And so are you

    11. MA4K

      סמים לא קול לא כיף להיות מסטול

    12. Milo Wirendal


    13. Devesh Promod

      Pewds please finish the game after the break

    14. stepan 01

      Pewdipie Is best

    15. Lee Tee

      I miss steve

    16. Edward Laurén


    17. name

      its been 2 months pewds.

    18. Rendell Morota

      Lol no part 2

    19. Milan Milić

      PART 2222²

    20. Mustafa Sinan Kınağ


    21. シブい


    22. татьяна позднякова

      кто русс

    23. Oasis

      6.2 million viewers, and yet no Part 2, thats just sad.

    24. Mike Pepe

      I miss the old Pewds... this honestly brought back a slight tear cause this was what led me to watching him... wish he would go back...

    25. breana burrows

      Are you gonna finish this one? It’s so good

    26. Eren Perçin

      Well this is just sad

    27. Logic Frog

      Man, that give some memories

    28. Virzo HD

      2 months later and I’m still waiting for part 2

    29. Rendang Chicken

      argh this game is bad 60% people says it bad cause its boring, and people also say its not scary and also theres less monsters its like you can wander all alone without danger. The developer said its horror is base on what you thought about the game if you think this is some alien invasion,it will not be scary

    30. JaggaTheBops

      23:28 You called?

    31. Laugh till DIE

      This Amnesia game is kinda boring af

    32. Diana Negan

      he didn't finish replay , why expect to finish this one :/

    33. Samantha Sengpiel

      Guessing no part 2. Shame :(

    34. Goku

      Is it that scary, Felix? Just one fücking episode. Pull yourself together, and finish the game. - pissed Norwegian

      1. Darek

        It's more annoying that he didnt at least said why he wont be playing it anymore than simply not recording more of it.

    35. Curl.Shawty

      Irl I would go thru the desert before I walk around in some dark ass tunnels

    36. Three Kings

      well done great work nice job

    37. Bible Prophecies

      9:49 PM

    38. lizzyy grayy

      play more

    39. the infected cowboy


    40. Trixie

      I hope he returns to this :(

    41. Hrld94mood _

      I guess he's not gonna continue

    42. HeftyBoiEthan


    43. NoHitboxForAsh

      can we get pewdiepie to play SOMA?

    44. Lorenzo Gerosa

      1 month passed by, we still have hope, don't abandon this

    45. CsabaTOn [̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅є̲]

      Who is this enber? you are

    46. Famous Bongos -

      If he doesn’t want to finish the game, that’s fine

    47. zo junior

      This is where everything begin. Bring back so much old memories

    48. Tangenic

      RIP Pillow

    49. Mahyo

      11:31 aaaaah i don't think that ... not this one

    50. Andreas Clemmen Bisgaard

      Come on pewds finish it!

    51. pranav rohan

      pichi vedava

    52. Legatus

      Continue the game :((

    53. chubbydarling

      don't worry, guys... Markiplier has more than one video!

    54. Jackson Alexander

      i love ew pew pepe

      1. Jackson Alexander


    55. Abril Muchella

      will you make part two?

    56. Aupa Atleti

      I just had a legit dream of you uploading part 2 :(

    57. fromasz19

      More amnesia :D

    58. Chanel Clipston

      Finish the series bro

    59. XrisaGerry Portolos

      Pewds respect,brofist!

    60. Joysing Polash kumar876

      The miscreant motorboat histomorphometrically appear because lier natively tow for a quaint dentist. annoying, supreme tabletop

    61. Garrett Hlavaty

      Why god did you not finish

    62. Hella Bella

      this makes me so happy

    63. goble

      the guy is nate from fall out 4 lol

    64. Nitro5

      Where is part 2 lmao

    65. Owls n' stuff


    66. Petra Haiad

      THIS IS WHAT IVE BEEN WAITING FOR. I legit used to watch pewds play amnesia 10 years ago 🤩

    67. K4tlyn

      I saw this game had come out and I thought "pewds!" Can't watch anyone else play amnesia.

    68. xC0DEB10C


    69. Judaea Stiltner


    70. jan wilczewski

      wheres the part 2?

    71. Rosy And more Rosy

      where is part 2!! the wait is killing me!!!

    72. Lucas

      I knew lukas wouldn't make it 30 minutes in... We never do live very long in the movies or games

    73. Oasis

      Its been ONE month

    74. O'ren Benavides

      Watching this made me realize how old I really am .. n all the times I wake up to see you upload ... and then happy wheels came along😂. That was something...

    75. Maeve Beell

      * is in plane crash * Also pewds: *ooooooo chocolate..*

    76. CrushedDreams Podcast

      3:48 We have just entered the Twilight zone.

    77. Horhe Vamp

      Why isnt he playing the rest of this???

      1. Ishigami Yu

        I don't know😭

    78. Rabadatz

      Part 2!!!

    79. SKYY

      Has he posted the second part yet

      1. Ishigami Yu


    80. Arcane Frequency


    81. H1mikoYumeno

      im sad hes not continuing this. im considering just moving to markiplier.... this doesn’t feel the same anymore

    82. Ronja Rosén

      part 2?

    83. Mendes Nogueira

      wow i feel like im 12 again

    84. Colin Corrigan

      Please play entire thing

      1. Call Me Navi

        @yin sein it received pretty well, but it did have some criticism

      2. yin sein

        He won’t, game didn’t receive well.

    85. TheGaming Spade

      I was watching pewds from the beginning

    86. LightenUp!

      I hate to see you look so sad. And by the way dude, you can't just not upload 2 days after Thanksgiving without letting someone know that you took a break---we worry about you.

    87. Emily Amgad Samir Lotfy Motawashlah

      Screaming pewds gives me life

    88. Dżanek

      Tymczasem gimper który jest 12 lat na yt i nie ma 2 milionów subskrypcji 👉👈

    89. JEMJEM

      Damn I can't believe I started joining your channel when I was 11, now I'm 18.

    90. NatSaysQui


    91. Cheyb Ludick

      this is so awesome, pewds playing games.

    92. ReValid

      Still waiting...

    93. Lazy_Davidtc

      4:03 that's how I hate airplane

    94. Rocket BOOM

      If they don't add custom stories, guaranteed refund.

      1. Call Me Navi

        They added them a bit ago.

    95. Tadas L.

      Thats a comment

    96. Brix Farezzio

      it's not a compass.. 😐😂

    97. chiefsnivy


    98. DerpyUniverse

      The children run fast 乃ㄩㄒ 乇ㄥ爪ㄖ 尺ㄩ几丂 千卂丂ㄒ乇尺

    99. Adchuthan Premananthan

      Finish the fucking game

    100. CerLopez

      Dam I was expecting this video as soon as I saw the trailer and I must say I’m one happy guy, I remember watching pewds, stephano,BARREL!!!!! 😂😭