A Horror With A Twist..


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    1. [GD] yLighT

      this intro was the funniest shit ive ever seen

    2. Oskar Enefjord

      Name of the game?

    3. Mark's Watermelon


    4. Seigfred Ajero

      What's the name of the game?

      1. Terraria Enthusiast


    5. What Gaming

      This agme also makes sooooooooooooo hungry and it didnt make it better that he ate a banana

    6. T S

      Happy Wheels Pewds, on cocaine

    7. 李威志

      Mark: beep boop coming through Felix: **anime noises intensify**

    8. FENIX

      this is the zerg's secret weapon XD

    9. thedelusivecoil

      I can smell ur banana and I'm in arkansas

    10. Not found

      I was playing carrion and I told my brother “this game reminds me of terraria” and he answered “If you think about it, this can be the beginning of the red biome”

      1. Terraria Enthusiast

        The flesh of Cthulhu or some shit

    11. Verysour

      That video makes me hungry

    12. slime fan uwu

      I still fuckin love this game

    13. IAM-db 2379

      If I die you die. If you die I die. How is that for a twist.

    14. Alpha Lax

      3:49 "I'm spreading" - Felix Ulf "PewDiePie" Kjellberg, 2020

    15. Robert Hughes


    16. Matthew Seth

      “I control the minds of the innocent” - pewds 2020 Wut if him is Illuminati and pledge vow to satan to bring the second coming and seems like this friendly man but in reality was sus in simp clothing

    17. GAMES T

      The intro so sans :DD

    18. Grace Angeli Manaloto

      What game is this?

      1. Terraria Enthusiast


    19. Shena Adriano

      THIS IS PURE NOSTALGIA from year 2077

    20. Diego Ramirez


    21. Coconutify

      The intro is so cursed

    22. Abram menil

      Pewds:im not gonna shoot him guy: (Died) Me:LOL

    23. Mike10673

      The thumbnail is what doctors see when a child is being born

    24. Renske Nijs

      I would LOVE this game

    25. Me Me

      Babe I don't think people taste like nanas although I do like nanas, I think people would taste yuk. And yes you do have big genius brain 🧠 which then thats what makes you my big 👽 head whom I love so very very much much. I appreciate everyday and I'm so thankful that your in my life babe. 💘

    26. Emily & Mark Reading Show


    27. Wandering In Solitary

      This gives me nightmares- I dream of the game- and that I'm like the human- and then ,.,


      so we aint talkin about the markiplier thumbnail?

    29. shop10

      Is this what will happen in 2021

    30. Radisa Gunawardane

      good gameplay pewds, keep it up peace

    31. FireNetLord Fire

      Pewdiepie to mat pat: "You need to link the game" Also pewdiepie: Doesn't links this game

    32. Fabienne Schaller

      This is the making of the super gore nest pre- Doom Eternal

    33. Rafael Magalhães


    34. Skulli

      Please make more videos like this! This was a fun gameplay

    35. Maria Estigarribia Coronel

      Amigo eres Genial

    36. Milo Peck

      and LOVE the intro

    37. Milo Peck

      the meat monster is geting revenge for his human classmates saying and beating him

      1. Milo Peck

        charlly is getting REVENGE!!!!!!!!

    38. pamera-chan

      "I'am innocence'

    39. Jay I am


    40. sally salry

      You u27282882899

    41. Joel

      me eating spaget while watching this😳

    42. Suranjana Chatterjee

      From now on whenever I'll watch some alien movie, I'll feel like Felix is controlling it.

    43. EL MiSHiFUS 22

      Like solo por la intro lo demas no entiendo un pedo

    44. HARITH

      Game name?

      1. ONNI R

        Carrion you idiot it says it in the beginning

    45. 로블록스를 사랑하는 잼민이


    46. Irondestroyer31

      Yo is dis game fun

      1. Terraria Enthusiast


    47. Bon Dato-on

      what game is this?

      1. ONNI R

        Carrion bruh wath the beginning of the video

    48. Kassper

      What game?

      1. ONNI R

        Carrion watch the beginning of the video bruh

    49. Iman Iman

      did he stream it?

    50. Gutsu sama

      biggest youtuber on the planet just ate a fucking banana on camera... A MAD LAD INDEED

    51. سَبسْكرَايِبٓرّ


    52. Mylifeis funny


    53. BeanKid

      Corona virus be like. Bruh

    54. BeanKid

      When people ask me what pewds vids are abt. 19:33

    55. BeanKid

      Pewds "nom nom nom" Door dash ad: hows it goin bros

    56. Loidjie Espiritu

      What game is this pewds

      1. ONNI R

        Carrion Bruh it says it in the beginning like are you fking blind or something

    57. MasterChief III

      Reminds me of "Inside" by Playdead

    58. Regina C.

      Nice intro

    59. Aleksendero

      Привет инглиш Ютуб

    60. lowky

      i dont know y but this is oddly satisfying

    61. ana

      the flamethrower part was so good

    62. Reagan P21

      Remember when pewdiepie hated barrels

    63. Bluerainbow 18

      This is very interesting

    64. Rÿgūÿ Døłłł

      F for the barrel

    65. Vitanimat0r

      6:09 Hmmmmm Among Us is a copy cat game?

    66. Silas Sue

      omg that intro was awesome

    67. Ron Ragas

      5:41 *_"F'S IN THE CHAT FOR BARREL"_*

    68. MafloBLITZ !

      F for barrel

    69. Daniel Locdfari

      nice video

    70. kraken skull

      That's Terraria's crimson biome you're spreading.

    71. King Henry VIII

      What game is this

    72. Fiqry Muhammad Fadilah

      Almost a month and still there's no part 2

    73. Cakey Wakey

      *day 351 of asking pewdiepie to build a ship for boat cow*

    74. Lil Dental Insurance

      white: red is clear red:

    75. Aditya Pharande

      how nice of you to link every other thing that you own or the things you make money out of, but not the credited link to the game you are playing? every video. like games made your channel grow and these days you don't even give credit to the games that creator invest years in making ? and you make money of playing them for an hour?

    76. Dr. Yummy tidepod

      f for barrel and also i bought this game cuz of u it epic

    77. origami 229

      Next episode when??? :

    78. Mr.Sandle

      whats the name of the game?

    79. E.M. Creations

      This is just ASMR I swear omg

    80. Cinnamon Toaster

      Dat intro do

    81. Tony Hatcher

      awesome game please play more

    82. 砖时Tiamond

    83. mack2692 mack2692

      people watching:WTF

    84. 미카엘라

      *pewds eating everyone yes yes beautiful

    85. Niran CraftGaming


    86. ds

      cacopewsans is'nt real he cant hurt you cacopewsans:the intro

    87. wild willy

      I remember when mark played it

    88. Ethan Tai


    89. Vin _

      Pudidi its you

    90. yaiza fernandez

      mucho cocomelon por ahora Xdddd

    91. SAM HDF

      Oi topa

    92. Mega Gengar Gamer

      The intro is amazing


      such a chad.

    94. Nick Fury

      RIP favourite Barrel

    95. MLG GAMER

      I wanna see more of this game. One of the few horror games where you can be the monster and cause Carnage everywhere you go. The fact that it had different abilities at different sizes is pretty neat and that it can spread it biomass in different places and then comeback for more if needed makes it a pretty powerful horror monster

    96. MLG GAMER

      By far my favorite intro so far. I love Sans

    97. Mariel Abella

      That's just dope

    98. fockin great

      Something about Felix just shrieking with zero expression change after being lit on fire really cans my beans, you know?

    99. My Rebel friend addiction

      Big gamer

    100. Human too

      This was actually nice