2020 Is GONE


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    1. The Sven

      Вечер в хату здарова всеи

    2. Janna Mohammad. Jamhour

      Maybe your goal is not to say bad words come one search up what they mean then you will know why you should not say bad words.

    3. Dylan prime

      2020 will always be gone

    4. bruh-i

      This is really good motivation ngl

    5. SuperAtheist

      It's time to get back to work dude. .

    6. Itjustmifdhal

      This vid makes me finished a 300 pages book in 18 days..Damnnnnnnn tq pewds:)

    7. ci ze bun su


    8. Riku

      Iha ok mut ootko kattonu simpsonit sarjasta jakson himo läski homer siinä esiintyy koko simpsonit perhe eli myös bart simpsons homer poika fanit saavat nauraa ja naurattaahan se myös vaikka homerin läski kuteet ja muut

    9. fabbebu plays

      i love your song ''Bitch Lasanga'' and Hej

    10. MD Pinecone

      Thanks Pewds! Been working out since new years and it feels amazing! You have a good new year too.

    11. FinnSwag


    12. Wolfy TEM

      He had to leave.. ;-;

    13. jelly beans

      I'm late as usual but I think new years resolutions are great, they've just got to be achievable and you have to not just rely on motivation, you've got to put effort into it in order to get results.

    14. YAEMZR

      108 million subs and 4.7million views, wut..

    15. S M I D VLOGS

      With 2020 PewDiePie is also gone

    16. Oliver Ayer

      So smart

    17. Ghapuchi love

      It was a good year 😂

    18. دنيا عبد السلام هاشم

      Thanks for this video man 🙏🏻 I appreciate it

    19. It's Aby!

      Yes ok

    20. B&B creations

      To late but happy new year

    21. Livan Khan


    22. Isak Rosenstedt

      I know 2020 is gone

    23. Glitch 504

      А тут полно фонатов Пьюдипай Угражай Кана А4

    24. Noelle Isabellia

      I know he’s been gone but these are still my favorite types of videos like hit us w philosophy stuff it’s so interesting and motivational

    25. вождь LAL

      TI TOP

    26. This ISFrank

      Я ВЫПУСТИЛ новый трек).Может кто оценит?

    27. David Noone

      Why are there dislikes on this ? This has been a purely positive video

    28. homebaked cake

      I'm doing the wim hof breathing, so far it's going good, really helps with my workout and also helps me to calm down, i recommend it, like pewds said, it's just for 20min per day

    29. Gladiator 2


    30. Zack Heim


    31. Ms Beast

      when he pauses after the question i like to talk picachu and then be like "whoa, did you just understand me?"

    32. John Wicc


    33. Sandra McMurray


    34. Nyasia La Luz


    35. animekid 100

      Hey pewds bro question what is your Favorite gaming console of all time man

    36. Its SyKe


    37. Lucas Bouchard

      We need meme review ft.Markiplier

    38. Tigo Tigers


    39. Robert Hernandez

      I didn’t like 2020

    40. Yahia Ayash

      make reaction video of zakir naik and listening to quran ,,, please we luv you

    41. Yahia Ayash

      make reaction video of zakir naik and listening to quran ,,, please we luv you

    42. Yahia Ayash

      make reaction video of zakir naik and listening to quran ,,, please we luv you

    43. Yahia Ayash

      make reaction video of zakir naik and listening to quran ,,, please we luv you

    44. mathias huhtakangas

      2 weeks ago for the last video, i hope you doing well, no need for stress for making videos, i will wait for new videos even if it takes years to wait, 👍👍

    45. PrimeHipster !

      if you're homeless... just buy a house?!?!


      0:30 I live in Iraq, I think that is the answer

    47. Tripzz

      Did he just call the guy epic tit us?

    48. TheFuber

      *Sexy pewdiepie and Bee*

    49. Kleeto

      Subscribe to my PAprom channel for pewdiepie to notice you!!!

    50. Paintopwn

      I liked the pewdiepie from 2020 better.

    51. Elma

      Ben elma

    52. gunthr ul

      I love your self help comments. Its just like my dad says, sometimes its the little things you say that go a long way and I have found your words on stream or in regular vids particularly helpful. Looking forward to book review. Take care

    53. Dominick

      where did he go

      1. kasen


    54. An Angry Goat

      2020 is gone and so is PewDiePie😐

    55. rusmarioeduard2018 and friends

      crab rave

    56. Wwe all matches Ssk

      Can you gave me a heart on comment

    57. طبخ# وحلويات# HOLLYFOOD


    58. z dong

      you have 60 million less subscribers than T-Series why do you even bother

      1. Camsports22

        Um maybe because he has over 100 million subscribers lol

    59. Yugenxkamii


    60. Juan Gimenez

      Suscribete to the channel MrstivenTc

    61. Let's just hope that 2021 will be better than 2020

    62. 김인디라

      love you bud

    63. Alex Tapuy Vlogs

      Soy el unico comentario en español...?

      1. random edits_srk


    64. M Vitto C

      Haha i got this cool not cool idea of mine to rewatch all his 4,2k videos while Pewds taking 2-3 weeks break. I dont think i can do it

    65. Chika Jessica


    66. It’s Fakies

      no way this millionaire just said sometimes life is good like nooooooo reallyyyyyyyyy

    67. Jeanpierre Franco

      Why do you read my mind lol

    68. suerte로또분석가 수웨르떼

      Faliz ano nuevo

    69. Lucky number Kalyan

      Nice video ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

    70. potato

      Pewdiepie doesn't realize this but he's making everyone's quarantine better.

      1. Shelby Violet

        nah he up and outed on us

    71. vex gg

      Que fue lo que dijo

    72. czonik

      This comment will probably die in the pile of comments, never to be seen by anyone and especially pewds blah blah but I gotta say I miss you man. A bit selfish for me to say, I know, but I'd like you to never stop posting videos, even if it is one video a week or one a month. As long as I know for sure that I'll see you again, I can withstand anything. No homo.

      1. Izuku Midoriya

        Thanks for clarifying "No homo"

    73. _Bladigo_

      Lets see how much Subscribers I get on my channel by Commenting on this video... YES

    74. Kiri Seliger

      My news years resolution is to help more people

    75. wolfshot_k

      Haha felix is a tsundere who would've thought! Y-you cant just say you like us?! Baka!! 🤣 Happy new year peewds! You're channel inspires me to keep going! So keep up the amazing content! 🙌🏽

    76. vicke10

      me when pediepie uploads 1 vid per day :)))))))))))))))))) w hen he stoped 1 month: where did he go is he dead????

    77. VGamerPlays

      has pewds fallen off the face of the planet again?

      1. izzran


    78. Blox Watch

      And so is mrbeasts simp card

    79. Toby Walsingham

      Actually really glad that pewds taken a break he deserves a break, always does, should be a normal thing for him

    80. Smallhawk86

      Subscribe to PewDiePie Unsubscribe to T Series! Trust me, its for the greater good!

    81. Reddit_Life

      Best intro yet

    82. Azaan Khan

      Love you brother I'm from Pakistan

    83. IXUS[GD]

      Мне не хватает 1 подписчики

    84. Rukshan Jansen

      Miss you man!


      It's not be a better year!!

    86. •king trollex games•

      Wtf the intro😂

    87. Abod Dff

      في عرب

    88. zSaalso -

      Ig : zfxia

    89. Dimitrije

      Ko je sa balkana breeeee

    90. beep


      1. Obi Rodriguez


      2. Izuku Midoriya


      3. Roboticol


    91. OP /\ Blazer

      Peudipie doosent repluy me juset i not have taluont 😢😥😰😭😭

      1. Roboticol

        so deep i cried 😢😭😭😭

    92. sepanjang channel

      happy new year

    93. Hanzo Hattori

      Hey pewds tomorrow's my birthday 🎉hope u will upload tomorrow

    94. Mateusz Antoniewicz

      pewds: sets a new profile pic me after one week: damn its actually him

    95. Big Guy Ruiz

      No bad words

    96. Vanlal Nghaka

      It like cocomelon it funny the bee

    97. Checkmate Lover

      Pewdiepie OVERRATED

    98. Rawan Youssef

      يارب اتوسل إليك يا الله بحق إسمك الاعظم ان ترزق صاحب اليد التي تظغط لايك واشتراك فرحة يسجد لها باكيآ ورزق لا ينتهي]اللهم امين يارب العالمين //

      1. Roboticol


    99. The Nd

      I havnt read a book in 13 years lol

    100. Martin sand

      Cool hoodie