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  1. Clarence Prieto

    0:32 that knife flip was sick ngl

  2. Lucky mark

    When youtube considers this #3 most viewed in "GAMES" (Ok youtube...?)

  3. foto

    it takes two incoming?

  4. Ichimatsu's Mom

    I'll take it

  5. Sushii Jett

    Pewds! SWORDFIGHT!

  6. Lucqs K

    109 million subs and his mic sounds like shit


    i love u

  8. Jaimin Salvi

    Why is this being recommended after 9 years?

  9. Kei Tran

    pewds eyes are so pretty in todays vid

  10. Lumina Solaris

    3:20 "Eeeeeyyyyyyyy, that's a huge m*therf*ckin dick. I like it!" - Felix, 2021

  11. Gerónimo Ramos


  12. ItzRiver Official

    Subscribe to peadiepie

  13. Yoo

    08:47 he actually wrote "pewdipie" by mistake just want to let the guy who did it know, if he read this

  14. king kudzu

    The edits in these videos are hysterical

  15. Wyatt Stamper


  16. Carlomaster 1O5

    I was scared and curious when I entered here but left disappointed and aad

  17. FlushFitment


  18. Jose Morales

    I am sad to the fact that Sive had to add another song instead of listening the flute and alphorn.

  19. Matt Gonzalez

    Bill Hicks is rolling in his grave

  20. Goran Novakovic

    11:41 ptooey

  21. Lego Mocs And more

    All I’m thinking about is how cool that knife trick was

  22. Gregfer G. Montilla

    Very dirty.

  23. SureCape82 875

    Wait Friday with pewdiepie is on monday

  24. Xander Downs

    Why am I getting recommended this lmao

  25. notfreebirds

    happy feelings be like "gg im out"

  26. Jsweizston

    Hot take..Felix casual Japanese voice sounds like George Takei. Chang My Mind.


    Wait when he said Fridays with PewDiePie does he record it in Friday? Or edited it in Friday? Or posted it on Friday?

  28. Pop Pop


  29. Blade Lucas

    I miss this PweDiePie 😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢

  30. MilesIron 64

    8bits Rick roll

  31. Demigod Shmurda

    I've been clickbaited.

  32. NightWink

    That was the coolest, most casual knife spin I've ever seen!

  33. BaBaBunny

    thats a sick knife move

  34. Slightly Seasoned

    All the dislikes are the people that didn't like the fact that Pewds said RickRoll is ded

  35. Brinaldo Ramziski

    I wonder if pewdiepie will be one of the greatest examples of capitalism of all time.... answer why

  36. SomeSkyrimFan - Home of unfunny jokes

    Pewds finally confirmed Photoshop Battles part 2

  37. Mark Eberhard

    Anyone else listen to Never Gonna Give you Up un ironically cause it kinda slaps? Just me?

  38. Unusual JMD


  39. Apple Jazz Fan

    And that’s the last time we hear that dog bark

  40. Yaya Lu

    Sometimes Pewds gets into a mood where he does weird ass shit to the camera and just forgets about it, leaving us traumatized with spit handshakes and forehead kisses.

  41. Hum -Bruh

    Fuck, the whole video was a Rick roll, he really is giving back to his fans

  42. Freek

    2:37 POV you did a good job

  43. TheCyberous


  44. Ayuni aot

    12:51 and I really appreciate it🙌 A really good game indeed. Thanks Pewds

  45. Tyler Tenkku

    Did he actually just dox Edgar's doggie diaper?

  46. hi


  47. Trixter's gaming pot

    Wiking can not make everything idiot They can not make u pc,camera, keyboard,mouse or your chair or headset,mike either console.

  48. Emma Farish

    i was watching cursed comments videos from pewds like 2 days ago! what a coincidence 🤠

  49. JonborgVA

    I like Rick

  50. Haris Umman

    0:32 The way Felix flipped that knife tho...

  51. Blade Lucas

    I miss this PweDiePie 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  52. FN K

    Does this mean he Rick-rolled us???

  53. The One Nugget

    11:40 spit

  54. Yeshua del Rosario


  55. robbo _96

    Wow what little respect I had left for Jared Leto has suddenly gone

  56. M Quigley

    You jerk THAT SHEEP!!!!!

  57. Nicolas D. K.

    Why youtube recomending me this in 20.04.20.? xDDD Pewds look cute like this tho! :D

  58. Apqles

    Wait people actually use the trending tab

  59. Elias Banjar

    PewDiePie is now logan paul cuz of the hat

  60. Leo

    That knife flip was really clean

  61. Elijah Miller

    I can’t believe this was 2 years ago I feel like this wasn’t that long ago

  62. Morse Joseph

    the new rickroll should be the tumor with teeth lol

  63. Roderick Burrows

    ITS......... PERFECTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. i am TRUCE


  65. Basicallyabush


  66. René Sivertsen

    9:56 here, it's for you

  67. Kevin Koger

    No freaking way!!! I’m so ready to get mega trollololololed!


    Mariza sounds like a kwaii girl

  69. XELA

    Caught covid on my bday, at least I got Pewds to brighten it up!

  70. Blade Lucas

    This has 1.7M Comments 👀

  71. Jundan Revito Mahardhika

    I get rickrolled

  72. Victoria Knight


  73. HBK

    Felix: Don't look up Teratoma Me: *looks it up*

  74. Jervy Films

    gerting rickrolled in lwiay: pewds: LWHY

  75. Angelo Bagtindon

    pewds: "don't google teratoma!" me: googles *toes has teeth* "marvelous"

  76. Gekido


  77. Jake


  78. Alucard

    Can someone @me what knife he has I need a cool knife just cuz

  79. Cohen Boonstra

    I love how Edgar is sleeping in a dog bed right under pewds and in the video he's wearing dog pajama shorts. It seems his naptime has been cut, SHORT