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  1. 2K Subcribers With 1 Video Challenge

    PewDiePie: called My Hero Academia as One Piece MHA fanbase: "so you've chosen DEATH"

  2. Nectanebus

    iS tHaT onE PiEce

  3. Arianna G


  4. Julissa Ramirez

    Ded wtf when she sliced his hand I was like Edward scissor hands is that you what up bud

  5. Dolly Games

    i really want a creepy doll now!

  6. Baluyot Joshua Rodell

    Fun Fact: the butterfly knife orginated in the Phillipines to help cut things like fish, ropes, and other stuff. Thay call it a balisong

  7. John Afable

    Finaalllyy,Felix now knows what the red area means SHEHEHHEEHHESSSHHH

  8. William LaCasse

    scariest part of this was pewds' sneeze

  9. Pretty Cool

    the intro threw me into a nostalgic nightmare

  10. 2K Subcribers With 1 Video Challenge

    Pewds saying MHA “Is tht one piece?” All of pewds fans - There's a war coming

  11. Coyotte

    Hi, I'm from Brazil but since I liked your videos my dream and having you as a subscriber to my humble channel I love you

  12. TheRave

    I realized this video's first comment was "lol :p" by Be.Random! He is a true OG Legend.


    Pewdiepie: What is the different about the goose and the geese? Me: goose is alone and geese has friends

  14. Cloroxflavoredjoolpods _

    You could take a screen shot any time when outside and instantly have ur computer background


    The mystery anime is My Hero Academia

  16. sne3zy bo1

    How old is edgar btw

  17. Chicken John Entertainment


  18. Killian Baker

    Thank you pewdie

  19. Dian

    7:16 pregnant?

  20. hypermug1

    Why am I here

  21. DARK ART

    I want to see dantdms pug and pewds pug fight

  22. Emere

    i don't even think that ethan can reassamble his hand again XD

  23. Evilpolaroid

    I downvote bcuz pp my hero academia

  24. Alperen Akpınar


  25. 2K Subcribers With 1 Video Challenge

    That random F in the title is just PewDiePie showing his distress in a way that isn't obvious...

  26. Drew Ferguson

    News article: Pewdiepie said he would stab baby cancel culture triggered

  27. WaterBiscuitYT

    *adger always depressed*

  28. FPuserPower

    Boku no Hero Academia

  29. murpledurp0

    I like how half the comment section is people talking about how pewds mixed up my hero academia and one piece. But seriously tho I am hurt

  30. Soulex gaming

    Wtf bro why are you making f w f in tuesdays

  31. Neeru Sharma

    12:40 My Hero Academia.

  32. TheRave

    0:00 the king of PAprom was born

  33. zach5350 zach5350

    Old Man Edgar is here

  34. Hoohooloo

    12:40 Just look up mha that’s the anime

  35. KaBar41

    4:22 That's not an insult. That's a compliment. Every home should have a gun.

  36. jender gaming

    WOW 2 month 2M subscriber

  37. Youssef Eleraki

    Here while the typo still exists, I WAS HERE

  38. WaterBiscuitYT

    adger always have life crisis 😂

  39. リグビーRigby


  40. $BillionGoal

    Thank you, I am proud to say today that youtube has changed my life, showing all my result on my channel!

  41. Guido Holzmann

    i ve taked a shit in a shower once too. its a whole new experience

  42. Ishaan

    That's my hero academia (Boku no hero academia) pewds

  43. Qinsester

    7:41 lol

  44. Beatrizbetty B

    EdgarS so kawaii

  45. R-Thur Senpai

    Dan kalian pun jdi G4y

  46. Roger Cool

    Hey do Minecraft plzzzzzz !!!!!

  47. Dead_Pool

    So the healing juice sewed together the fabric as well??

  48. Radisa Gunawardane

    Alright you anime lords , please keep pewds out of the whole "Is this one piece" mistake ok !! He ain't perfect but he's perfect than you !!! So stop bullying him , if you are a REAL BRO *Wishes a nice and pleasant day to anybody who reads this comment and leaves to watch pewds re8 stream

  49. EvanturesTV

    I’m just here for the fishing ... I had to wait 2:25 ... but it was well worth it

  50. Rena Black

    I'm so happy for them I literally grew up watching pewdiepie and marzia You're so awesome Keep being you

  51. Moot

    Can we get an Edgar simulator

  52. Louis Hernandez


  53. Soup Gaming

    "Hackedf Me"

  54. VanixYT

    Where is set india diss track 😭😭

  55. Salah Uddin

    U got 1.7 million comments

  56. Melissah B

    Leave Edgar aaalllooonnneeeee.

  57. GayFreak

    LWAIY but its hosted by edgar

  58. why not

    That is My hero academia

  59. 2K Subcribers With 1 Video Challenge

    *The hacker is must be a hater.*

  60. cosmopudin

    "is that one piece?" the mha fandom: *runs rampant*

  61. Shade465

    I have over 100 tabs open

  62. Nikushimi Hisan

    Of course all the comments are about him saying One Piece. Can't you damn weebs talk about something else?!

  63. APPL3

    This Will be the most liked comment on the history

  64. Jesus Gomez

    This hits different after stevie T almost got deleted by the hacker

  65. Christian Ron Q Valencia

    Kristian ph like u piediepie 😊

  66. Pyromaniac 096

    Edgar is officially the God Father

  67. JAW BL4Z3R

    We want you laugh you lose

  68. Javs Javs

    I took a break from youtube because I was a bit too addicted and I recently came back. It's nice to see Pewds doing as good as always! What's the biggest news I missed for the past 6 months?

  69. マイコ

    poods for the love of god, turn controller acceleration off lol

  70. AlakepJ

    “Is that one piece” jsjsjajshjssjhshsjs

  71. Swirldog81

    5.4M dislikes. 110M subs. He is more powerful than anyone could ever imagine...

  72. Copyrights Jukes XD


  73. Counters Numbers and Things

    Congratulations PewDiePie for passing T-Series

    1. hypermug1

      Other way around ??????

  74. DeaDly DuDes !

    I love your intro hahahaaaaa

  75. cong zhang

    PewDiePie cocomelon beated you

    1. JustinRay 2711

      domestic abuse?

  76. Gyro Zeppeli

    Pewdiepie making bad decisions when talking to the deviant bothers me

  77. Ana Sifuentes

    I love when we get surprise visits from Edgar ❤️❤️

  78. The Limbo Chimp

    Pewds from 3 years ago sounds like roomie official

  79. Amir Zamani

    Rick rooooooool